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Part Time Work from Home Tips

Part Time Work from Home Tips

Part time work from home sounds like a dream come true. That is, it sounds great until the dog won’t stop barking, the kids are screaming, and you find yourself staring at the computer screen without any motivation. Part time work from home is a great opportunity as long as you know how to do it.

If you’re interested in part time work from home, check out these tips below!

Structure your day like you would in the office. If you’re used to taking your lunch at 1:00, don’t change that routine! If you typically save your phone calls for the afternoon, don’t start doing them in the morning. The more you act like you’re in an office, the more productive you will be.

Don’t stay at home. The best thing about part time work from home (other than getting to stay home) is not having to stay home! If you find you’re not being productive at home, you can pick up your laptop and drive to the library, coffee shop, or other location.

Make it harder for yourself to get on social media. Social media is great for promoting your business, but before you know it, a few minutes turns into an hour. Put your phone in another room, set goals for yourself to complete before you can pick your phone back up, or try another technique to keep you on track!

Work when you’re at your most productive. Not everyone is a morning person. If you’re more productive in the afternoon or evening, build your schedule around those times. Part time work from home allows you to work when you want!

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