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Stay at home mom jobs

The Best Stay at Home Mom Jobs in the Promotional Products Industry

Kaeser & Blair has the best stay at home mom jobs in the promotional products industry. From unmatched profit potential to a full suite of training videos, no other stay at home mom job gives you more support.

Profit Potential

Your profit potential with Kaeser & Blair is unmatched in the promotional products industry. Your income is based solely on how much time and effort you put in. The more you work, the more you make. You have the potential to make up to $20,000 annually, with no cap on your commission, when you work part-time.

Promotional products are everywhere. In fact, if you look around you right now, you’ll probably see several pens, t-shirts, or mugs. The demand for these products is high. Over 50% of people keep and use their promotional products regularly! The profit potential for these products is through the roof!

In-Depth Training

Most stay at home mom jobs leave it up to you to teach yourself the ropes of the industry. Whether you’re selling promotional products or working another job from home, you deserve the best chance possible to be successful.

Kaeser & Blair offers back office support unlike any other at-home business. With a detailed training course covering everything from the industry as a whole to specific sales techniques, you won’t feel like you’ve been pushed into the business with no one to help you. For specific questions or general support, our back office team has consistently made magic happen for all of our business owners. We want you to have the best chance at success!

Get Started Today

If you’re ready to start your stay at home mom job today, simply purchase one of our Business Owner Packages to get access to training materials, vendor relationships, and more. We have packages for as low as $25!

Gain experience from a respected company in the promotional products industry. Start your stay at home mom jobs with Kaeser & Blair today!