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By Kathleen McManes on 2012-07-31 in News

People are always asking what makes our independent promotional product and advertising specialty dealers so capable.  The answer is simple, we provide them with the resources, capabilities and support personnel to make them the stand out. 

Our dealers know that the best product selection and pricing is only part of the equation when it comes to servicing their customers.  That’s why Kaeser & Blair goes out of our way to help service our family of dealers.  Every Kaeser & Blair dealer has a team of professionals dedicated to helping them answer questions, conduct research and assist with orders.  We’ve supported dealers, their customers and suppliers for more than 100+ years. 

This experience gives our dealers an advantage in the marketplace, that helps them to provide a higher level of customer service and capability.  Because our dealers and their support teams work so closely together, many times our dealers are able to “pre-think” and plan around issues that could pose a headache or hassle to less experienced organizations.

We know that the better support services we provide to our dealers has a direct impact on the success of their business.  It’s our responsibility to do all that we can to support every dealer in our family.  We’re constantly training, researching and improving our processes for the betterment of our dealers and their customers.  We’re very proud of our dealers accomplishments and the role we play in supporting the growth of their independent promotional products and advertising specialty businesses.

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