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By Scott Graber on 2012-07-24 in News

Capital is the lifeblood of any business and access to capital continues to be a significant challenge for many entrepreneurs and small businesses. Kaeser & Blair knows small companies need capital to invest, expand and create jobs. And the economy needs a healthy small business community to bolster and sustain its recovery. 

Kaeser & Blair is helping to unleash the power of small business.  We’re doing this by helping our independent family of promotional product and advertising specialty dealers use our capital and clout to help them grow their K&B Dealerships. 

As a Kaeser & Blair dealer you never have to worry about capital and funding, because we handle it for you.  Our AAA credit rating is among the highest in the industry.  Our payment history with suppliers is so established that many industry suppliers fill our dealers orders first, because they know how quickly they are going to get paid.

We know the best way to support our family of independent dealers and their small businesses is to let them focus their efforts on providing industry leading customer service to their clients, while supplying innovative promotional products and advertising specialties.  We know that our financial backing provides our dealers a level assurance and confidence that helps them to focus on what’s important - their customers. 

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