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How to make extra money for private school tuition

By Kurt Kaeser on 2014-03-10 in Editorial

How to make extra money for private school tuition

You’ve already made the commitment to private school education for your children, but costs keep rising and it gets tougher each year.

Can you continue?

In your heart, you want to continue the path. Providing children with an excellent education has always been an integral part of the American Dream. When your children are thriving in a private school environment, you discover, as parents, that you have a high threshold for personal sacrifice to keep your children enrolled. 

But in your mind, you have doubts when you’re feeling the financial pinch.  How do you make extra money to fill in the tuition gap?

Get hired for a traditional job

Working for someone else outside the home is the solution that many people think of first. But it often results in extra child care costs, commutes, transportation and lunch expenses.  After you’ve earned enough to pay for all of those things, will there be enough left over for it to be worth it?  It’s difficult to make a good wage unless you are qualified for a specialized position and your skills and experience are up to date.  This is unlikely for a parent who has been home raising young children.  And it can be difficult to re-enter the traditional workplace after an extended absence to stay at home with young children.

Another roadblock is finding a flexible position. What extra schedule sacrifices are you willing to make? What day-to-day family activities and experiences are you willing to miss?

Buy an existing business or franchise

Buying an existing business or franchise can provide a turnkey way to make extra money, but it can take time to realize a profit and requires a huge upfront investment in the tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.  This can be a great opportunity, but is the timing right? It would likely be more than fulltime – leaving little time for proper, involved parenting.

Invent or make something and sell it 

Taking your idea for a better mousetrap and bringing it to market is an exciting proposition.  But the runway needed to develop a new product so that it is ready for the store shelf is usually long, very costly and filled with hurdles that can derail your efforts before you ever make a sale.  The path of an inventor is risky and not for the faint of heart.  An alternative is to find a craft or other homemade product that you can create on your own time and sell for a profit.  But it can be difficult and time consuming to find something you enjoy doing and are good at, that is profitable enough and has the demand to generate a significant level of income.

Seize a part time business opportunity

More and more savvy parents are choosing is to start a part time business working from home.

This option can have less consistency than a traditional job that provides a limited pay check every two weeks, but it is very flexible and there is no limit to the supplemental income you can generate.

The key is finding an opportunity that is appealing to you, profitable enough to meet your financial goals, and will generate enough supplemental income to pay that private school tuition, and fits with your family culture. 

The marketplace is crowded.  It can be difficult to distinguish a legitimate business opportunity from all the noise of entities – some more valid than others - clamoring for attention.  

Kaeser & Blair Inc. is a trusted family-owned company that has been in operation for over 100 years. Their independent dealerships allow parents to make extra money and “be in business for yourself, not by yourself.”

You own it. You run it. They help.  And it’s a professional business opportunity with great earning potential. Your target customers are the businesses and organizations all across your community.

Once you make a sale, you are paid within 24 hours of order entry via direct deposit.

And once you enter the order, they handle the order processing, from billing and financing through direct shipment to your customers, leaving you time to sell and earn even more.

Let Kaeser & Blair show you the advantages and benefits of being in control. Become a dealer today and begin living a lifestyle and earning income you can be proud of.

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In business for over 100 years, Kaeser & Blair Inc. helps individuals seeking to make extra money by providing them with resources and training, supporting their efforts to do work they feel passionate about.  Our authorized dealers work with schools, social organizations, non-profits and for-profit businesses of all shapes and sizes providing them with creative tools for building awareness and communicating their messages in a powerful and meaningful way.

Learn more about how the Kaeser & Blair business opportunity can provide you with the chance to make extra money.

This article was contributed by Michelle Spelman on behalf of Kaeser & Blair.

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