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How to Take Advantage of Social Media for your K&B Dealership

By Kurt Kaeser on 2013-01-22 in Kurt's Blog

As a Kaeser & Blair dealer you have many promotional products and advertising specialties to promote, but have you ever considered more non-traditional forms of marketing focused towards your clients and leads? In this article we have provided you with some tips to hopefully push you towards "spreading the word" through social media.

Think about this: a lot of people get more news today from sites like Facebook and Twitter than anywhere else. This and the fact that Facebook is now adding a new graph search feature will increase usage and relevant information for these sites creating even more traffic. What a great opportunity to jump on and play to your advantage!

However, there are some ideas and rules to consider before just posting everything in hopes of attracting followers and clients.  The first piece of information that you need to know is that people don't like to read long posts! Keeping things short and simple is your best bet. If the viewer needs to click "Read more" on Facebook your post is probably too long! But definitely consider taking advantage of promotion and product knowledge by linking back to the K&B website as a form of demonstration for potential customers.

Secondly, if you want to start promoting more on social media from a business standpoint it may be a good idea to keep the more negative personal posts to a minimum. No one, especially business associates, really cares to hear about what a miserable day you are having or if you are in a fight with someone. Over-sharing is a huge problem for social media users, and has gotten a lot of people into trouble. Don't forget that some information is viewable to the public so don't talk bad about work related matters.

The last two keys that we think we should give you as you start this new form of marketing for your dealership is 1. Stay positive and 2. Set relevant and reachable goals for your social media. You must be aware that in the beginning you may not receive much feedback, but by continuing in the process you could gain a lot of rewards. Also, the main benefit is that promoting through social media is free and so you are not hurting yourself, or your wallet!  Plan for the first couple months to post one business item a week, and when you find this to be successful increase your postings!

The times are always changing, but keep yourself up to date and try this new (and most popular) form of business advertising today! You would be surprised to find how you can allow your dealership to grow by taking the 10 minutes to post.

Making the Sales Presentation Count

By Kurt Kaeser on 2012-11-16 in Kurt's Blog

Many Dealers think the sales presentation is the easiest part of their job, but there is some strategy that must take place behind the scenes for your presentation to be successful.  

Use these tips the next time you have an important pitch, and you will be sure to land a great deal!

Probably the most overlooked detail of a sales pitch is time. Clients are up against deadlines and don't have all day to participate in presentations.  Ask in advance how much time you will have to speak/present to your audience.  Only use 75% of the allotted time to allow for questions and explanations at the end.

Make sure your presentation is organized and easy to follow visually and verbally.  Many times a deal is already lost within the first five minutes of the sales pitch because it is too hard to understand. Today's clients are used to short messages filled with the assistance of images.  It's easier for our brains to digest and analyze.   A simple fact to remember is that 93% of information is learned non-verbally with the assistance of secondary content; it is not always about the perfect words!

Another common mistake in presentations is that they are so information rich that they leave no time for listening.  Make sure to add time in your presentation for dialogue and discussion time.  Be sure to listen to the clients comments and needs before going on and on about benefits you can provide.  

Be mindful of your non-verbal messages and physical appearance and make sure your presentation allows you to make adjustments if necessary during the presentation. Using common courtesies and these simple tips will help you to stay on top of your game.   

Perks of Working from Home

By Kurt Kaeser on 2012-10-31 in Kurt's Blog

One of the greatest advantages of being a Kaeser & Blair Dealer is the ability to choose where you work and when you work.

More than 85% percent of Americans drive to work every day with an average commute time of approximately 25 minutes per commute. Think of the gasoline and time you could be saving by not having to "drive" to work everyday.

A typical worker would save nearly 109 hours a year by being able to work from home. Think about how much more time you would have to spend with your family, on the golf course or even doing charitable work. And the savings are more than just time. An average commuter spends about $1500 a year on gas, an in today's economy that number is only going up.

As a Kaeser & Blair independent promotional products dealer you have the ability to realize some of these time and financial savings because you can choose to work where you want. You are the boss and can schedule your time as you wish. There are maybe times you can run out to visit with a good customer or make a sales presentation, but ultimately you are in control of your schedule of in-home base office time and appointments.

Studies show that people who have to commute to work daily have higher BMI's, waist circumferences, blood pressure and higher levels of stress. Plus studies also show that people who work out of their home are not only more productive, but generally more healthier.

So when you consider your career in the promotional products and advertising specialities business with Kaeser & Blair, take the time to consider the other perks and advantages of working from and out of your home.

Reasons for the Right Choice

By Kurt Kaeser on 2012-10-09 in Kurt's Blog

I'm still living in the "after-glow" of the 2012 Kaeser & Blair Dealer Convention, or "reunion" as I like to call it.   Even though its been nearly a month since the Convention, I'm still inspired by the hundreds of dealers that participated and their stories of success and happiness.  

As I listened and learned, several key themes kept resonating from the dealers on why the Kaeser & Blair, Inc. self employment opportunity was right for them and I wanted to share these with you.  

One of the biggest reasons that resonated, was the ability to control their own success.  Many said that the decision to own their own business was terrifying at first, but at the same time fulfilling.  Dealers said that they know that when they achieve that first sale or their first BIG sale, that they "own" that success.  Giving them a great sense of pride, accomplishment and power.  

Many spoke about how their Kaeser & Blair dealership has allowed them to "experience their family more" and be a part of things that they previously may have missed. More importantly they mentioned that their kids and family got to experience their successes and see their dreams unfold.  Many dealers mentioned the importance of their kids learning that success doesn't "just fall from trees."

Several dealers talked about their ability to work when they want, with whom they want, and on industries and market segments that they cared about or inspired them.  But probably the comment that stuck me as most significant, was when a dealer mentioned how Kaeser & Blair was helping them to "make a difference" and how their business was helping to complete the big vision they had for their life.  They mentioned how they went to bed every night knowing that what they did matters and is in complete and total alignment with who they were as a person and what the purpose of their life was about.   

Seize the Moment

By Kurt Kaeser on 2012-10-01 in Kurt's Blog

How many of you ended your day yesterday by saying, "I didn’t have time to do this. I wasn’t able to do that.  Or I couldn’t get around to it.”  

The simple fact is that these statements almost always are NOT true.  The truth is that YOU made a decision or a choice not to do them or make them important enough to get done.  Maybe you choose to do something else for very good reason, but the honest answer is that You had a moment where you could have worked on that goal, and you chose to do something else.

For most people there is an extraordinary gap between goal commitment and goal realization.  Most people believe because they “really want it”, that is what matters most.   They have the commitment, but don’t take the actions they need to take.  

Look at the obstacles that prevent you from what you want and seize the opportunity to actually make your goal a reality.  

The Kaeser & Blair self-employment opportunity fully understands these realities.  That’s why we help you, to know how far you need to go.  We motivate you and let you know how you are doing.  We give you the resources, you need,  to succeed and achieve your goals.

Our opportunity is filled with optimistic honesty.  To succeed in the promotional products industry, you don’t need to be perfect from day one.  You only need to get better over time.  Our expectations are that you enjoy what you are doing, ensure that it’s interesting, and that it impacts your life in a positive manner.  

So go ahead and seize today.  It only takes a few short seconds to fill out our online dealer application.  

Six Questions with Kurt Kaeser

By Kurt Kaeser on 2012-08-22 in Kurt's Blog

Kurt Kaeser works every day, to preserve the Kaeser & Blair traditions that are responsible for the longevity and success of the company.  His belief in doing the right things for the Kaeser family of dealers, its employees, and the community has been firmly intertwined in Kaeser & Blair’s rich history.  To help you better understand the Kaeser opportunity, we asked Kurt a few questions.

What is the Opportunity?

We offer an opportunity for you to start your own independent, self employment business of running and operating your own promotional product advertising business.  Sell advertising specialties and promotional advertising products to businesses and organizations and earn rewarding profits.

Does anyone use promotional products?

Yes, promotional product advertising is a $20 billion dollar industry.  Promotional products are everywhere.  Look around your own home - magnets on your refrigerator with an advertising message, pens printed with a business name, dealer decals and licence plate frames on your car, calendars from a local business or bank, and imprinted t-shirts just to name a few.  Check out our Best Buys catalog to get an idea of the many products available.

Can I make any money in this business?

Absolutely.  Every business and organization is a prospective customer and the uses and applications of promotional products is virtually endless.  You will receive profits and earnings with each order and with every reorder.  K&B currently has Dealers that constantly earn in excess of $100,000 a year in earnings from their own Dealerships.

Why Kaeser & Blair?

K&B is a leader in the industry and has over a century of experience helping and supporting Dealerships.   Our whole focus is providing the material, training,support, and services to help Dealerships grow and prosper in this industry.  As a leader in the industry, we have established great relationships and priority pricing advantages with leading suppliers.

What does the future look like?

We can not imagine a world without promotional product advertising.  Overall we have experienced great industry growth with the use of promotional products and believe this growth will continue.  More and more businesses and organizations are learning and seeing the value and advantages of using promotional items to advertising and build their businesses.

Can I test this opportunity?

Absolutely.  Fill out the request for additional information and we will send our complete Dealership information package complete with one of our current Best Buys catalog.  Take the catalog to some business owners you may know and tell them you are investigating a promotional products business and ask them to look over the products and pricing.  Ask them, “if I get into this business of these products, would you consider ordering your promotional items from me?”  Their response will give you an insight and understanding if such a business will work for you.

Kaeser Convention 2012

By Kurt Kaeser on 2012-08-14 in Kurt's Blog

It’s that time of year again!  The annual Kaeser & Blair Dealer Convention is just a few weeks away.  This year the convention is being held September 14th & 15th and you still have time to become a dealer and participate!  I look forward to this weekend more than any other weekend of the year.  While the event is technically called our Dealer Convention, for years we’ve informally referred to it as our “family reunion”, and many of our dealers refer to it that way too.  This weekend is just one of the many ways we go “over-and-above” for our dealers.

The Dealer Convention is a valuable and purposeful event that helps our dealers to grow and earn more business.   It’s also an opportunity to meet with other dealers, trade tips and suggestions, and form lasting friendships.  Providing events such as the Kaeser & Blair Dealer Convention, is just one of the many ways we’re committed to helping our dealers succeed.

The Convention kicks off with an private trade show, this event is exclusive to Kaeser & Blair dealers.  With more than 155+ vendors already signed up (and more signing up everyday), it’s one of the largest private trade shows in the industry.  Supporting our dealers with an exclusive trade show allows our dealers to review the newest and hottest products on the market and to have dedicated quality time with the vendors they do business with.  We’re proud to offer this exclusive benefit to our dealers, we’re committed to your success.  After a busy day on the Trade Show floor, we’ve scheduled a special “African Safari” evening event filled with great food, quality entertainment, fun and good friends. 

Saturday is Education Day!  We’ve packed the day with informative sessions and speakers to help you be more effective and profitable in running your Kaeser & Blair dealership.  This year speaker Bryan Dodge will talk about “Good Life Rules, 8 Keys to being your best at work and play.”  You’re going to learn everything you ever wanted to know about the awards and recognition market from David Saatzer, and then Joe Shaffer will chat with us about one of the hottest markets out there, Wellness.  Plus, Promo Marketing will provide information about a dealer branded website opportunity.  It’s going to be an exciting and informative day.

Top top it all off!  Saturday night we’re going to hand out some cold hard cash at our Annual Awards Gala where we’ll recognize our top performing dealers .  Nothing makes me more proud, than to be able to recognize and reward these very deserving promotional product and advertising specialty professionals.  They really are the best of the best.  

There’s still time to get your new dealer application in and then make reservations for this very special event.  I can’t think of a better way to kick off your new business than the Kaeser & Blair Annual Convention.  No one in the business provides as much support and capability.   I truly hope you’ll take the opportunity to participate in this exciting, informative and fun filled weekend with our dealer family.   So fill out your dealer application and then visit www.kaeserconvention.com to get registered for the Dealer Convention. 

The Kaeser & Blair Difference

By Kurt Kaeser on 2012-07-17 in Kurt's Blog

The greatest thing about Kaeser & Blair’s independent dealership opportunity is that it enables you to put yourself in control and provides you with the opportunity to invest your time and efforts towards growing - you.

With today’s high unemployment and disruption in every market and industry, Kaeser & Blair’s dealership opportunity provides the security you need to accelerate yourself in a new career in today’s competitive world. 

Promotional products and advertising specialties are used by every business and in every industry.  This simple fact enables our dealers to be nimble and adjust to the ever changing market conditions in real time.  Kaeser & Blair dealers and the products and services they provide are not dependent upon any particular industry or market segment.  If the auto industry is down, our dealers can sell to the tech industry.  If the tech industry is down, they can sell into the travel industry.  If the travel industry is down they can sell into healthcare.  You see the point.

Kaeser & Blair dealers are entrepreneurs who run their own business and have made the decision to invest in themselves, develop their own professional networks and have leveraged their risk by joining our family of dealers in this $19 billion dollar promotional product and advertising industry.

We provide a significant competitive advantage to our dealers because of our size, volume and industry leading reputation.  We help our dealers strengthen their professional networks by providing leading tools, education, and insight.  Our family of dealers provide not only the value and benefit of experience, but bring a spirit of community and camaraderie.

We’re passionate about helping people to realize the career that they’ve been dreaming of.  Our opportunity takes hard work and effort on your part, but we’re here to help you.  I encourage you to contact us today and let us show you how to be in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

Lead Follow Up

By Kurt Kaeser on 2012-07-10 in Kurt's Blog

Getting leads isn’t an easy task and when you’ve put forth the effort to generate new leads, you don’t want to risk losing a single one.

Following up with leads is one of the single most important tasks you can do to ensure the health of your Kaeser & Blair dealership.  While this may seem obvious, many Dealers fail to properly follow up with their leads.  Make a plan for following up with leads and stick with it.   If you have trouble reaching or connecting with a potential lead, be creative and resourceful.  Use the telephone, email and even a handwritten note if necessary.  Try varying the times of day when you try to reach the lead.

If you have other people in your dealership, make sure everyone uses the same follow up methods.  Put a process in place to ensure that nothing gets missed and that you have standardized methods for identifying leads as qualified or unqualified.  Consider using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool or calendar reminders to help you make certain no leads get missed. 

It’s also important that you keep track of how many leads you are generating a month and where they are coming from.  How did they hear about you? What email did they respond to? Where did you meet them? Who referred them to you?

It’s also crucial to establish if the leads that you are bringing in are qualified. Does the lead have a need for what you are selling?  Do they have the money?  You want to make sure that leads are qualified because you want to make sure they’re worth your time.  Put together a list of 3 or 4 items or questions that you want to measure each lead against to “qualify” them.  This will really help you to make the best use of your time and efforts as you operate your promotional products and advertising specialty business.

6 Tips for Starting Your KB Dealership

By Kurt Kaeser on 2012-06-12 in Kurt's Blog

1. Make a Plan

We know that many new Kaeser & Blair dealers are so eager to begin their new promotional products and advertising specialties business, that they’re tempted to get started without putting together a plan.

Taking the time to write out a simple business plan, forecast and marketing strategy will greatly benefit you as you begin to grow your new dealership.  The training and support offered through Kaeser & Blair can be of great assistance in helping you get started.

2. Do Things Differently

The great thing about being your own boss is that you get to do things the way you want.  While previous experiences certainly provide value and insight into how you approach things.  Don’t be afraid to do things differently than you’ve done in previous life experiences.  Understand that market landscapes, customer needs, and service expectations are constantly changing.  Your Kaeser & Blair Independent Dealership needs to be prepared to meet the needs of a market that is continually in flux.  Go ahead think outside the box.  The dynamic nature of promotional product is what makes industry fun and exciting!

3. Selling to Friends & Acquaintances

Friends and acquaintances are potentially great resources for new business and sales.  Successful Dealers form bonds and make fast friends with many of the people they interact with everyday.  Generally this is a positive trait and can make running your Kaeser & Blair Dealership more enjoyable and fulfilling.  But it can also potentially cause some difficult situations when running a business.  What will you do if there is a problem, how will you handle it, and what impact could this have on your friendship?  So think twice before committing to a business transaction with friends.  Being prepared and addressing the issue up front will go a long way towards preventing any issues in the future.

4.  Don’t Discount

Kaeser Dealers know that putting more profit in their pocket is important to their successful dealership.  Being eager to win new business, many Dealers are tempted to heavily discount their prices in order to win business.  While acquiring new customers and clients is essential to success, attracting new business at unsustainable pricing is a recipe for failure.  Remember, it’s always harder to raise prices in the future.  Focus on providing more value and service to your customers while promoting a responsible price.   It’s you, not necessarily your price that makes the difference.

5. Stick To Your Plan

In the excitement of running your new Dealership it’s easy to get wrapped up in every new opportunity, but be careful and don’t lose focus.  Stick to your plan.  Moving forward is important and constantly switching directions can keep you from meeting your goals and objectives.  Carefully evaluate each opportunity and make sure that it fits into your vision and goals for your Dealership.

6. Rejection Happens
Be prepared and understand that rejection and failure will happen.  Your new promotional products business will have highs and lows.  It’s easy to get stressed and discouraged, but you can’t let rejection prevent you from realizing success.  Use rejection and failure as a learning opportunity.  Take what you learn from these experiences and discover what works.  With a little experience and practice, you’ll soon learn that you’ll have more success than rejection.  It just takes time and practice.  Also, don’t forget that as a Kaeser & Blair independent promotional products dealer that you have access to Kaeser University and some of the best sales training tools and courses available in the industry.

Be Aware and Celebrate National Pet Month

By Kurt Kaeser on 2012-05-25 in Kurt's Blog

While the month of May is nearly over, a friend made mention the other day that May is National Pet Month and that their company has been recognizing and celebrating pet ownership.  Animals in the workplace, especially dogs, is a growing phenomenon and this trend offers a number of selling opportunities for Kaeser & Blair’s independent promotional product and advertising specialty dealers.

Pet ownership is huge and pet owners don’t mind spending money on their animals.  Nearly two-thirds of American households have pets and those owners spent more than $50 billion feeding and caring for their animals last year .

A good place to reach this crowd is within companies and organizations that embrace pets in the workplace.  Also veterinary offices, which, like doctor offices for people, offer plenty of opportunities for promotional products and advertising specialities.  

So remember every Spring to be on the lookout for companies that are pet friendly and don’t forget about the opportunities and products that can be pitched to those companies and veterinarians.

Kaeser & Blair Fits Your Lifestyle, Fits Your Time

By Kurt Kaeser on 2012-02-28 in Kurt's Blog

We all know how quickly life changes. We know that in today’s reality, we are all  going to have different career needs at different points in our lives. Some people will have full-time careers but need part-time earning opportunities. Or someone may be looking to start a new career or needs to flex between full-time and part-time.  No matter what your needs are, Kaeser & Blair has the right opportunity for you in the promotional products and advertising specialties business.


Kaeser & Blair’s dealership opportunities are flexible and can accommodate what you need.  This is one aspect that differentiates Kaeser & Blair from its competitors. Kaeser & Blair understands that you have a life and we want you to be control. That’s why our dealerships are independently owned.


Although you are in control of your own advertising specialties and promotional products business, we will be there to support you every step of the way. When you sign-up to be a part-time or full-time dealer, Kaeser and Blair will be ship you your own Dealer Success Kit. The Dealer Success Kit is a collection of training, selling materials and promotional product samples that represent the best selling and most popular promotional products around.


Whether you’re a part-time dealer or a full-time dealer, you will receive:

-Total ownership of your accounts

-Earnings paid daily

-EQP pricing from more than 200 suppliers

-24/7 information on accounts, orders and earnings

-Pre & post sale support


If you’re ready to jump into a full-time or part-time career, Kaeser & Blair has made it easy. Kaeser & Blair provides its dealers with the support and security needed to launch a full-time career.

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