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Kaeser & Blair: Instant Earnings

By Kurt Kaeser on 2012-04-03 in Sales & Marketing

One of the many benefits of working with Kaeser & Blair, one of the top leaders in the promotional products and advertising specialties industry, is that we provide our dealers with security. We provide security by ensuring that our dealers always receive their order earnings promptly and regularly. Kaeser & Blair dealers do not have to constantly wait for their next paycheck, once our dealers make a sale; their earnings are paid by ACH direct deposit into their bank accounts daily.   No other distributor in the industry pays faster!

We frequently hear from our dealers that our “upfront earnings” is one of their favorite things about Kaeser & Blair. By providing our dealers with a stress-free environment it makes their jobs truly enjoyable. Kaeser & Blair also has the highest paying earnings in the industry!

It's true, top producing Kaeser & Blair dealers earn 65% of the gross margin on sales. Click here to listen to Dennis talk about years of service with a competitor and only being able to reach a 50/50 split. Moving to Kaeser & Blair earned him an immediate bump to 65% of earnings.

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