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EQP Kaeser & Blair

End Quantity Pricing (EQP) – the Kaeser & Blair Advantage

Kaeser & Blair offers great pricing on hundreds of items with the Best Buys Catalog and Windjammer publications. Additionally, we also offer End Quantity Pricing (EQP) with many suppliers. Utilizing Kaeser & Blair publications along with EQP suppliers’ catalogs places a Business Owner in a very competitive position when giving pricing to clients.

The extensive list of EQP suppliers can be found on Kaeser Central and is updated as needed. When working on quote with a client, if the price point becomes an issue, a Business Owner can show the client the quantity price for the item and then offer the next higher quantity price. By utilizing the EQP strategy, a Business Owner can offer a “discount” and still make more profit as long as it is not at the EQP column quantity.

For example, the customer is interested in a Paper Clip Dispenser and the minimum quantity is 150 units with a catalog price of $1.98 each. With EQP, the Business Owner can sell the item using the end quantity price of $1.48 each using the 2500 quantity price for a minimum order of only 150 giving the Business Owner enormous selling power to close more orders and gain more clients.

Imagine the huge profit possibilities with another example. A customer is interested in the same clip dispensers, and wants 150, but hesitates at the 150-unity price of $1.98 each. A Business Owner can offer the item at any price down to the end quantity price of $1.48. For this example, a Business Owner can use a discounted selling price of $1.88 resulting in higher commission. If the Business Owner is on a regular commissions 50/50 split, the commission for this example offer would be $74.40, or 26.3% of the selling price of $282. Consider the potential with this possibility – a Kaeser & Blair Business Owner has the power to negotiate price and increase personal earnings.

EQP can be a confusing concept, but by utilizing it correctly, you can earn more for the same amount of work. Contact Dealer Support if you have any additional questions.