Referral Program

Business Owner Referral Program

This program provides active business owners the opportunity to profit by introducing other new business owners to Kaeser & Blair. It’s an opportunity to grow business and a great way for business owners to earn profits by working smarter, not harder. As a business owner your income is limited to the amount of time and effort you spend on the business personally. When you refer others the time and effort they spend earns you more money!

This opportunity is not multi-level network marketing. The Business Owner Referral program is offered to business owners as an incentive to recruit and support other talented business owners and to provide an additional income stream. It is based only on the override principle and the business owners you referred earn the same as they would without your referral. The override expense is 100% funded by Kaeser & Blair!

Benefits of the Business Owner Referral Program

Unlimited Profits

Without additional personal sales! If you recruit a competitor who is doing $150,000 in annual sales to sell with K&B, you will make about $5,000 in overrides a year. There is no limit to how many business owners you can recruit to your network.

Increased Equity

You increase the equity in your business with the Business Owner Referral Program. Your business becomes more valuable on the open market with each additional source of income.

Double Your Income

You can double your earnings by recruiting five new referred business owners who do about the same sales volume as you.