The Best Exit Strategy in the Industry

Getting into the specialty advertising/promotional marketing industry is fairly easy today, but it’s not always as easy to get out. Without an exit strategy in place and access to superior resources, you will never get the value from your distributorship that you should if and when you choose to leave the business.

Kaeser & Blair has the best exit strategy in the industry – making it easy for independent business owners to both enter and leave the promotional products business in a simple and lucrative fashion.

Don’t get fooled by advertisements from companies pretending to want to buy your business. If they hide behind pseudonyms in an attempt to trick business owners into speaking with them, why should they be trusted at all?

We are the original, the very first promotional distributor, and the largest organization of independent business owners in the industry. Let us show you how you can get substantially more for your business, receive additional bonus revenue, and have some fun while you are making the transition.

If you intend to exit soon or simply want to plan for the next few years, contact us for a confidential conversation and more information about the transition to Kaeser & Blair.