Leveraged EQP Pricing Equals Higher Profits

Kaeser & Blair has a long list of suppliers who offer EQP (or similar) pricing. Our rock-solid history, reputation and financial stability allows for group buying discounts and specially negotiated deals. We pass these savings along to our business owners so that you have the opportunity to strongly compete on price for a sale or to secure higher profits for yourself.

Kaeser has a D&B rating of 5A1 and industry-specific AS1 high credit score, further strengthening vendor relationships and securing optimal pricing and priority production attention for our business owners.

Best Buys and Windjammers (monthly specials) printed and online product catalogs are a result of the solid relationships Kaeser & Blair has formed with vendors and generate millions of dollars in annual volume for our business owners.

D&B Credit Rating
5A1 Credit Rating