Double Your Income with Kaeser & Blair

If you’re already selling promotional products, you know what you’re capable of selling. But with Kaeser & Blair you may be able to earn even more from those sales. We offer superior rates, higher margins from factory pricing, and industry-leading bonuses.

Industry-Leading Profits Paid Faster than Anyone in the Business

  • Generous earnings paid up to 65% of gross margins (see chart below)*.
  • Profits paid in advance daily via ACH upon order entry with customer-approved credit on factory-ready orders.
  • NO extra charges for processing or transaction fees and universal rates regardless of method of payment or how quickly customer’s payment is received.
  • Upfront, straightforward profit program based on a share of each order’s gross profit without fees or charges.

Annual Sale Volume


$50,000 – 99,000

$100,000 – $149,000







*Calculated Business Owner Profit – percentage of gross margin

Superior Cash Bonuses and Incentives 

  • Potential to earn bonuses totaling up to 2% of sales, paid once a year.
  • Fun, short-term contests and incentives offered periodically throughout the year, including the Sales Leader Summit.
  • Bonuses awarded annually based on increase in earning for businesses with less than $500,000 in annual volume.
  • Volumes of $500,000 and above bonuses paid based on chart below.

Annual Sales






Incentive Bonus






Most Lucrative Referral Program in the Business

  • Earn profits based on the business volume submitted by each referral introduced to K&B.
  • Referral profits are around 4% of sale price and paid completely out of Kaeser & Blair’s share of the order profits.
  • Referral profits paid once per month and continue for the duration of both referring and referred businesses.
  • On average, referring 5 new dealers who do about the same sales volume as you will double your business earnings through our exclusive referral program.
  • Flexible, user-friendly system – complete with access to e-reports that offer order acknowledgments, earnings payment notices, order status notices, shipping notices and billing notices.
  • Access to the “My Account” section online to track orders and get snapshot of your activity.
  • Online order dashboard to manage orders in process and order entry.
  • Order entry system custom designed for and by K&B business owners includes special process options for multiple vendor orders to increase ease of use.
  • Large array of marketing tools from strategic Industry partnerships with ASI, SAGE, and Zoom.

[00:00:00] My name’s Kurt Kaeser, I’m the third generation and the current CEO of Kaeser & Blair Inc.

[00:00:05] Kaeser and Blair’s unique referral program, you have an opportunity to make income that’s approximately 100 percent of your gross margins.

[00:00:12] For example, say your personal sales volume are $200,000 a year at an average gross margin of 36 percent. Your gross profit would be $72,000. We will pay you 65 percent, which is about $46,000. Typically, that is paid upfront when the order is entered and paid to you within 24 hours via direct deposit.

[00:00:35] What makes our program so unique is that we have a referral program that allows you to earn overrides on other salespeople you have referred. Say you refer four others doing about the same volume at about the same gross margin rate. You’re override on those sales would be about $28,000 paid at the beginning of each month.

[00:00:53] Take your $46,000 in profits on your own personal sales, plus the $28,000 in overrides, and your total earnings would be about $74,000—a bit more than your total gross margin of orders. You are earning a figure that is 100 percent or more than your gross margins and getting all that back office support functions free—no charge! Like accounts receivable, accounts payable, access to a large list of suppliers with preferred pricing and services, access to a business management software package, and we also collect the sales tax and delivery methods.

[00:01:29] We also have another program. It’s our Incentives & Rewards program. It pays a reward for people that have increased their volume or are doing substantial volume. Somebody doing $500,000 in volume will receive a $10,000 reward at the end of the year. If they’re doing $750,000 they’ll receive a $15,000 reward. They’re doing a million, they receive $20,000, et cetera.

[00:01:50] If somebody is doing under $500,000 in volume, the rewards program is based on an increase in earnings. If they increase a certain level, they get their $3,500 incentive paid at the end of the sales contest of each year.

[00:02:04] We also have our VIP Trips. Our VIP Trips go to resorts around the country and we do that once a year, and it’s all based on sales volume. If somebody is doing $350,000 or more in volume, they’re invited to a rewards trip. Normally what we do is we include about 14 of our vendors and they do presentations in the morning to provide sales assistance to the dealers attending. And then the afternoon, that’s free time where dealers go out and have fun playing in the ocean or doing different activities. And then in the evenings, we usually have a social hour and it’s a lot of fun and a great camaraderie. It’s really unique and it’s really nice to see that our dealers come together as a family. They’re sharing ideas, they’re sharing approaches.

[00:02:45] I think what makes Kaeser & Blair a unique opportunity for salespeople in our industry is the fact that we have the dealer referral program, the opportunity to make 100 percent or more of your gross profits. We also advance commissions upfront when the orders are entered. We pay a higher rate of commissions and we do it via wire transfers done within 24 hours of the order submitted. It’s done upfront on qualified orders.

[00:03:07] So if you’re currently selling in this industry and selling for another distributor, or working on your own, I would encourage you to explore the Kaeser & Blair opportunity to see how we can provide you with 100 percent of your gross margin. Nobody else in this industry can offer that.

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