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Meet Denise May, Kaeser & Blair Dealer

Learn How This Business Owner Works from Home

Prior to joining Kaeser & Blair, Denise May worked in the promotional advertising industry for over 20 years. When the owner of the company she previously worked for retired, she decided she was not yet ready to move on from her career. She made the switch to Kaeser & Blair and has never looked back.

“They’ve got my back,” Denise says. “They do my paperwork; they do my invoicing. They do the receivables; they have all the computer programming. I have no overhead. The profits are bigger than they were at the other company I was with before. I work from my home office now. We go on vacation; I take my computer. I can go on vacation and I can still work with Kaeser. It’s perfect.”

Along with the ease of working with Kaeser & Blair, Denise says she has seen a massive growth in profits since making the switch. “Before, I didn’t see the financial benefits that I have with Kaeser. They pay immediately. At my previous company, I only got paid thirty days after my customer paid. When I took an order, it could be three months before I saw the commission. With Kaeser, it’s immediate.”

If you’re like Denise and searching for a way to get your promotional products business off the ground, consider switching to Kaeser & Blair! Get started with a Free Trial Kit or jump right in with the Business Owner Package that fits your needs.

We don’t want you to jump into something you’re not sure about. Find out if we’re the right fit for you by speaking with one of our representatives! Interview us and we’ll answer any questions you have about Kaeser & Blair!