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Kaeser & Blair: Simple, Flexible, Supportive

The Kaeser & Blair business owner experience can be summed up in three words: simple, flexible, and supportive. From unmatched back-office support to virtually no paperwork, we aren’t just another direct selling company. Our goal is to help you establish your own promotional products business!

However, we don’t put all of the hard work on you. We provide exceptional back office support so you never have to worry about invoicing, billing, or keeping an inventory. Don’t believe us? Hear from some of K&B’s most successful business owners below!

K&B is Simple

“We had grown our business to a pretty good size, and we were running over half a million dollars a month in accounts receivable. In this business, no one pays their bills in 30 days, so it was a constant hassle for me to chase the money. It had gotten in the way of my personal sales.

One Monday morning I came in, and as usual, our computers were all screwed up. We paid a lot of money each month for IT people to come in and fix them. I called Kaeser (after reviewing other companies like them), and they were the best fit.

The first week we sent in a quarter of a million dollars’ worth of orders. We transferred everything to them at that point. Within two years we were able to transfer our offices to our own homes, and we never looked back.” -Barney Howard

K&B is Flexible

“They’ve got my back. They do my paperwork: my invoicing, they do the receivables; I don’t have to do any of that. They have all the programming, I have no overhead, and the profits are bigger than when I was with my previous company.

I work from my home office now.

I go on vacation, and take my computer, and I am still able to work with Kaeser.

It’s perfect.” -Denise May

K&B is Supportive

“The back-office support and knowing that if something does go wrong, they’ll help me fix it, and I am not accountable for some huge order that could go wrong. And, they’ve been in business for 125 years, so they have a name in this industry, whereas little Sally Anderson from Georgia doesn’t have that name but as a part of Kaeser & Blair I definitely get those perks of going with Kaeser.” -Sally Anderson

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