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Unmatched Earnings Program: The Referral Program

As a Kaeser & Blair Business Owner selling promotional products, you are aware of what you can sell with the effort you decide to put toward your goals. However, are you aware that you could potentially double your income?

As a dealer, you know of Kaeser & Blair’s superior rates, higher margins from factory pricing, and industry-leading bonus. All these benefits are unmatched within the promotional products distribution industry. Utilizing the Business Owner Referral Program offers unlimited profit potential without additional personal sales. Sounds too good to be true? It’s even better: it’s not a multi-level network marketing program.

How does the Referral Program work?

With the Kaeser & Blair Referral Program, you can make income equal to 100% of your gross margins. For example, if your personal sales volume is $200,000 a year, this gives you an average gross margin of 36%, making your gross profit $72,000. Kaeser & Blair will pay you about 65%, or $46,800.

If you decide to take advantage of the referral program, you’ll earn overrides on other salespeople you have referred. If you refer 4 salespeople doing roughly the same volume at the same gross margin rate, your override profit would be approximately $28,000 paid at the beginning of each month. Take your $46,000 profits on your own personal sales plus the $28,000 in overrides, and your total earning would be $74,800! This is more than your total gross margins of orders. You are earning a figure that is 100% (or more) than your gross margins.

The Benefits of the Referral Program

The Referral Program offers superior cash bonuses and incentives with the potential to earn up to 2% of sales, paid once a year. There are also short-term contest and incentives periodically throughout the year including a Sales Leader Summit.

The earnings split with Kaeser & Blair sets each Business Owner up for success! Your earnings potential is limited ONLY by your effort. Kaeser & Blair’s payment program is the most lucrative payment program in the industry. The more you sell, the greater percentage of the margin you are able to earn. If you earn over $50,000 in annual sales, you can apply for the Premium Profit Program designed to award a higher split of the gross profit.

Learn More About the Referral Program

If you’re interested in learning more about the Referral Program, don’t hesitate to contact Dealer Support or check out our Referral Program page. We’re always happy to help you earn more and get closer to your goals.