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2024 Success: Proactive Planning, Creativity, and Client Collaboration

This post is based on a topic covered in one of our Friday Flashback newsletters. Friday Flashback is a weekly newsletter from Kaeser & Blair Director of Sales Liza Sachs. Each edition contains valuable insights and updates for the promotional products industry.

Reflecting on the Past Year

With the year-end hustle to wrap up orders, I’m sure you’re all doing an incredible job. However, as we approach the end of the year and finalize the budget spend, I thought why not use this moment to shift gears and start planning for 2024.

Creativity is Key to Selling

In the coming weeks, as you engage with your clients, consider infusing creativity into your interactions to truly set yourself apart. Stand out by being more than just a supplier – become a valuable resource and partner in their promotional endeavors.

Moreover, take this festive season as a golden opportunity to reach out to your customers and build rapport. Extend warm holiday wishes and, more importantly, initiate conversations about their plans for the upcoming year. Encourage them to share their goals, strategies, and any specific themes or events they have in mind.

Building Strong Customer Relationships

This is the perfect occasion to propose the idea of creating a collaborative “shopping list.” Ask your clients to share their wish list of promotional products and marketing materials that could elevate their brand in the coming year. Suggest that they jot down their preferences, desired themes, or any specific items they’ve been eyeing. Make it collaborative by sharing the best sellers and most coveted items from the Kaeser & Blair Best Buys guide.

Why not take it a step further? Encourage them to provide this list before industry trade shows like PPAI or ASI. By having this curated shopping list in hand, you can navigate the show floors with a purpose, actively seeking out the latest and greatest ideas that align with your clients’ visions.

Proactive Planning for 2024

This proactive approach not only demonstrates your commitment to their success but also positions you as a strategic partner invested in their brand’s growth. So, seize the moment, spread the holiday cheer, and pave the way for a successful and innovative 2024!

Ready to learn more?

Need more guidance on how to make 2024 your year? Kaeser & Blair can help! We offer a number of support tools for our Business Owners. Plus, our team of experts is always here to lend a helping hand when you need it. So, what are you waiting for? Get started today!