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Why Start an Advertising Specialties Business?

By Kurt Kaeser on 2015-09-29 in News

Opportunities promoting the ability to “work for yourself” or “be your own boss” exist everywhere today.  It truly is difficult to decipher the real from the phony, and the ones that make empty promises from the ones that deliver.  Starting an advertising specialties business with Kaeser & Blair Promotional Products is a risk-free, reliable opportunity with a company that has over a century’s worth of experience, and a reputation for delivering a superior product, superior customer service and equipping its business owners with a superior tool set for continued success.  As an advertising specialties business owner with K&B, you also get a few other added perks that many other opportunities simply don’t offer. 

A Product that is in Constant Demand

Demand is a great driver for many to start an advertising specialties business with Kaeser & Blair.  When starting a business of any kind, it’s important to take into consideration the demand for the product(s) or service(s) that you are selling.  The promotional products industry is a $21.5 billion industry, and one that continues to expand at a steady rate.  Companies of every size use promotional products to promote their brand or reward employees, and when you start an advertising specialties business, you can tap into this demand and use it to your benefit.  When you start an advertising specialties business with Kaeser & Blair, you can rest assured that the demand for your product will remain long into the future.  

Independence and Flexibility

Another driving force behind many who start an advertising specialties business with K&B is the flexible schedule.  When you start your advertising specialties business, you are your own boss.  You are in complete control of your schedule and you decide how much or how little you want to work.  You schedule meetings at your convenience, and you answer to no one but yourself and your clients. You get the clients, take the orders, and we do the rest. 

Additionally, unlike other opportunities, with Kaeser & Blair, there is no recruiting, no delivery and no inventory to maintain, allowing you to work from virtually anywhere that you want to call your office.  You simply get the orders and K&B does the rest.  We take your order, process your order, factory-produce and ship products to customers, and handle customer billing and payment collection.  

Earning and Career Potential 

Starting an advertising specialties business through Kaeser & Blair offers individual business owners almost unlimited career and earning potential.  As a business owner with K&B, you have the opportunity to work as much as you want, acquire as many clients as you want, and ultimately earn as much as you want. Part-time business owners on average earn up to $20,000 annually, and full-time business owners earn as much as $185,000.  The possibilities truly are endless.  

We even offer starter packages to help you get your business up and running.  The Standard Business Owner Package ($85) is the basic package, and the new Premium Package ($335) is a more comprehensive version designed for increased success. We help you get started and equip you with the tools you need to succeed, and where you take it from there is completely up to you.  

For those who are entrepreneurial in spirit, the opportunities to be found within an advertising specialties business are especially enticing.  If you are in the market to start an advertising specialties business, or just want some more information about the opportunities at hand, look no further than the Kaeser & Blair Promotional Products Business Owner Program.  Kaeser & Blair is an industry leader with 100 years of experience with turning ordinary individuals into successful entrepreneurs. 

The Mass Appeal of the “Work for Yourself” Lifestyle

By Kurt Kaeser on 2015-09-22 in News

If the opportunity to work for yourself presented itself, would you take it?  Nine times out of ten, the answer would be a strong, excited “yes.”  So why is there this innate desire within all of us to be self-employed, and why is this desire to work for yourself so strong?  Simply put, that drive exists because the opportunity is pretty awesome – for a few reasons.


When you work for yourself, one perk is that you have the ability to set your own schedule.  Working for yourself allows you to dictate when you want to work, when you need a break, etc., often allowing the opportunity to work unorthodox hours if you choose to do so. This flexibility makes the “work for yourself” lifestyle increasingly appealing to those with shifting priorities or a demanding life outside of work.  

Earning Potential

The fact that you set own schedule, create your own rules and ultimately work within the parameters that you set allow for near limitless earning potential when you work for yourself.  This is not to say that you will be a guaranteed millionaire if you work 14 hours a day and are constantly networking or in pursuit of new leads; but you do have the option to make more than a salaried position if the drive and desire is there. 


Quite possibly the most enticing aspect of going to work for yourself is the independence factor – knowing that you are working for yourself and not for an authority figure in some archaic hierarchical system.  If you work for yourself, you have no boss to answer to – no superior to ask you to forego family events to work on a weekend, etc.  At the end of the day, you answer only to yourself and your clients.  As long as you and your clients are content, then you can consider your business a success. 

If you have a desire to work for yourself and achieve this combination of flexibility, independence and unlimited earning potential, consider the opportunity to be a business owner with Kaeser & Blair Promotional Products. K&B offers its business owners the flexibility, earning potential and independence that comes with any work-for-yourself opportunity. Our honest, straightforward and proven approach has helped thousands achieve and realize the career, earnings and work/life balance they deserve.

A Promotional Products Business Opportunity Unlike Any Other

By Kurt Kaeser on 2015-09-17 in News

Kaeser & Blair offers those with the entrepreneurial spirit a promotional products business opportunity that surpasses the competition.  Through the Kaeser & Blair Promotional Products Business Owner Program, you have the opportunity to own your own business, be your own boss and have access with the industry-leading support provided by Kaeser & Blair.  Though there are many promotional products business opportunities out there, Kaeser & Blair is the superior choice for more than just few reasons.  

Simple and Lucrative

Unlike many other promotional products business opportunities, this opportunity to be a business owner with Kaeser & Blair is incredibly easy and potentially very lucrative.  As a part-time business owner, you can make up to $20,000 annually, and as a full-time business owner, up to $185,000 annually.  All you have to do is seek out clients, secure the sale, and then K&B takes over from there.  They process the order, coordinate orders and pay vendors, issue invoices and collect payments and pay you – the business owner – industry-leading profits within 24 to 48 hours. 

Minimal Start-Up Cost

This promotional products business opportunity with K&B is also distinguished by a minimal required investment to get your business up and running. There are two packages to choose from to get started.  The Standard Business Owner Package is only $85, and contains all of the essentials you need to take full advantage of this promotional products business opportunity, including product samples, a Best Buys catalog, numerous supplier and manufacturer catalogs with promotional products to sell and access to an abundance of training assets and resources.  

The Premium Business Owner Package ($335) includes the Standard Business Owner Package, along with additional tools and resources to help make your promotional products business more successful.  All you do is purchase the starter package of your choice, and you will be equipped with all of the essentials to take full advantage of K&B’s promotional products business opportunity. 

A Risk-Free Opportunity

This promotional products business opportunity with K&B truly is risk free, which is a rare find in the industry. If you decide that this promotional products business opportunity isn’t for you, return the package within 30 days for a full refund.  Additionally, the $85 portion of each package is refunded after your first $1500 in sales.  

For those who choose to take advantage of the promotional products business opportunity with K&B, they can be assured that there is no inventory maintenance, no deliveries to make and no purchases necessary.  K&B also offers you the options to try this promotional products business opportunity before you commit with the FREE Trial Launch Program.  

Kaeser & Blair offers a simple, lucrative and risk-free promotional products business opportunity that easily surpasses the competition. K&B has been an industry leader for decades, with quality products, prices and business owner potential beyond compare.  When you partner with K&B, you know you’re working with the best. 

Cash in on Home Business Opportunities

By Kurt Kaeser on 2015-09-14 in News

The digital age that we live in makes it easier than ever to take full advantage of home business opportunities that arise.  An increasing number of companies are allowing their employees to work from home, and even more people are starting small businesses from the comfortable position of a home office- or even on their living room couch.  

Though it sounds far more convenient and appealing than sitting in hours of rush-hour traffic and dragging yourself into an office suite five days a week, it is often difficult to healthily juggle home and work life when both exist under the same roof.  We have assembled a few tips for making the transition and ultimately capitalizing on a home business opportunity. 

Keep Work Separate.

The healthy takeoff and maintenance of any home business opportunity requires the separation of work and home, both physically and mentally.  When your office exists within the walls of your house and not elsewhere, it is incredibly difficult to keep your professional life from infringing on the lives of those within the household.  You can minimize this by setting aside a space designated solely for work.  

Create a home office space, and limit your work only to that home office.  Do NOT take your work into the living room, as this would violate the sanctity of the space.  Your entire home would become a single office, and where then would you go to escape it all and give yourself a mental break?  This separation is vital to both the state of your personal life and the ultimate success of the home business opportunity that you want to bring to life. 

Set a Schedule.

Capitalizing on home business opportunities and being successful—without imposing on the lives of other members of your household—requires setting a schedule and sticking to it.  Schedule when to work, and work only within those hours.  Don’t let your work dictate the schedule of those within your household.  

Schedule meetings with clients, when to make calls, when to send out emails and even when to pursue potential leads.  This not only encourages productivity, but also helps isolate certain tasks that tend to be pushed back to time that should be designated for other activities.  In the long run, this will minimize the impact that your home business opportunity has on those around you, as well as increase the likelihood of making it a success.  

Use Technology to your Advantage.

Technological progress is making it easier than ever to bring home business opportunities to life, and make them increasingly successful.  Certain websites and apps cater to clients who desire to do business virtually, specifically from a location other than a conference room.  It is now possible to “attend” e-meetings with clients from the convenience of your own home, and to interact with them as though you are face to face.  

In addition, social media platforms are making networking and business promotion a much less daunting task.  A simple Tweet or post about the services offered by your business is often all it takes to get your friends and other members of your network talking.  

When attempting to capitalize on home business opportunities that cross your path, it truly is all about balance and adequate use of the resources at your disposal.

If you are looking for a way to make money and better balance home and work life, consider becoming a business owner with Kaeser & Blair Promotional Products.  K&B showcases only high quality products, competitive prices, quick turnaround time, easy online ordering, great support, and fast payment.  

In addition, as a business owner with K&B, you avoid:

-Inventory purchasing and maintenance (no extra money or space needed)

-Product delivery (we do the heavy lifting) 

-Collecting money and credit hassles (we’re your in-house accountant) 

-Party hosting (because hosting parties isn’t all tea sandwiches and spritzers)

We’re an industry leader with a proven 100-year record of helping each of our 2,000 business owners truly live the American Dream.  To learn more about home business opportunities with Kaeser & Blair, click here.

Small Business Opportunities for Women are Boundless

By Kurt Kaeser on 2015-09-11 in News

As of 2014, it is estimated that there are nearly 9.1 million women-owned businesses in the US, according to the “State of Women Owned Businesses Report,” commissioned by American Express OPEN.  What does this statistic reveal?  Quite simply, it reveals that small business opportunities for women are abundant, and an increasing number of women are capitalizing on them.  It’s just a matter of identifying an existing void in the market, and determining how you can apply your skills to uniquely and seamlessly fill that void.  


Starting a blog sounds like far from an ideal or lucrative small business opportunity for women; however, blogging can be a rewarding endeavor—both intellectually and financially.  Many question how it is possible to make a living simply from blogging, but it is now easier than ever to turn what was once considered a hobby into a small business. 

To run a successful blog, it is vital that you find your niche.  We aren’t talking about generic niches like “cooking” or “organizing.”  If you’re interested in cooking, narrow the focus of your blog to a specific type of cooking- vegan, Indian, etc.  The most successful blogs and ultimately best small business opportunities for women are those that are incredibly specific, almost to the point that many question why people would have a desire to read the content.  This will not only gain you a more loyal following, but will also set you apart as a form of expert in the field.

Selling Handmade Goods.

There are a variety of small business opportunities for women within the realm of handmade crafts/goods.  With the rise of industrial techniques, mass production and outsourcing, demand for unique, hand-made, high quality products has never been stronger.  Consumers are becoming more informed, reading labels and are expressing genuine concern and interest in the origins of the products they purchase.  

For this reason, a product with a story, or one with unique, hand-made origins is growing increasingly desirable—and increasingly rare.  What were once considered to be “hobbies” are thus turning into awesome small business opportunities for women.  Websites such as Etsy make it simpler than ever to market and sell products from the convenience of your own home, without the necessary upkeep, building fees and overall maintenance costs that an actual store would require. 


One of the best and most flexible small business opportunities for women is photography. The primary investment required to step into the realm of professional photography is typically the purchase of a good camera, so if you already own a camera, then you’re one step ahead.  

The next step necessary to get your small business in photography started is to expand your portfolio, and work feverishly to hone your skills.  Start by doing simple headshots or portraits for family or friends free of charge.  You’ll find that many individuals are willing and eager to jump on an opportunity to “model,” and will do so with unrivaled enthusiasm. These portfolio-building portraits can be taken in public locations—assuming the lighting allows it—and typically require no money for additional lighting equipment or venue rental. You could ultimately aim to expand your small business and run a studio from home, or you could opt to continue with on-site shoots.  

Direct Sales. 

A great small business opportunity for women also lies within the diverse and vast world of direct sales.  In a direct sales role, you are the vendor, selling directly to the consumer.  There is no need for a retail location, which saves a substantial amount of money in the long run and allows you to invest more heavily in your business.  

The small business opportunity found within the direct sales world allows for a flexible schedule, and bends with the trade winds brought on by a busy personal life.  With sales, you often have the ability to be your own boss, create your own schedule, and ultimately, to earn however much money you want.  A direct sales lifestyle thus fits seamlessly into a busy woman’s daily life.  

If you are considering pursuing a small business opportunity in direct sales, look no further than Kaeser & Blair Promotional Products Business Ownership Program.  

Unlike other small business opportunities for women, as a business owner with K&B, you avoid:

-Inventory purchasing/maintenance [no major damage to your pocketbook]

-Product delivery [we do the heavy lifting]

-Collecting money and credit hassles [we’re your in-house accountant]

-Any emphasis on recruiting and uplining [no pyramid scheme here]

-Party hosting [because hosting parties isn’t just tea sandwiches and spritzers]

For more information on the K&B Promotional Products Business Ownership Program, click here.

How to Identify Solid Part-Time Business Ideas

By Kurt Kaeser on 2015-09-08 in News

Let’s be honest.  We’re all looking for ways to make some additional money and take advantage of any opportunity to do so when it arises.  Starting a part-time business is one way to do just that.  So what does it take to distinguish the good part-time business ideas from the bad?  It simply takes the ability to recognize a good opportunity when it reveals itself.  

Here are a few things to consider before bringing any of your part-time business ideas to life.

Is your part-time business idea part of a successful industry with in-demand products and services?

Consider the market.  What are people demanding, and is this demand going to exist even a single year into the future?  Does this industry have a successful track record that has been able to withstand the tests of time?  Will it exist long enough to make your part-time business ideas become more than just ideas? 

Take, for instance, the Kaeser & Blair model.  As a part-time K&B Promotional Products business owner, you would be part of a successful framework that has been around for over 100 years. The promotional products industry is a $21.5 billion industry, and one that continues to expand.  The demand for these products isn’t disappearing anytime soon.

How much up-front investment is required by you to get your part-time business idea up and running, and what is the financial risk involved?

You must strongly consider the amount of time, energy and money that will be required to bring your part-time business idea to life.  Think of each of these elements as investments.  What ultimately becomes of your part-time business idea is your return on investment.  You want to maximize your return on investment, or at least ensure that the risk doesn’t outweigh the ultimate return.  

With the K&B Business Ownership Program, there is no risk.  The Standard Business Owner Package is a small $85 investment, and will be refunded when you make your first $1500 in sales.  While most part-time business ideas require a substantial and potentially risky investment up front, becoming a part-time business owner with Kaeser & Blair does not. 

Are there potential customers in your area to support your part-time business idea?

With any successful business venture, the presence – or lack of – a demand for the product or service that you are offering must be considered.  Every business in your area, no matter how small or large, is a potential customer.  The question to ask is if they are willing to “buy what you’re selling”.  

The promotional products industry hit a record high in 2014, with sales over $21.5 billion.  That steady upward progression demonstrates that demand for promotional products will continue long into the future.  Though the types of products in demand can (and will) fluctuate with time, people will continue purchasing branded items to grow their companies.  

Does the part-time business idea require a lot of inventory, space or specialized equipment?


You MUST take logistics into consideration.   Consider the amount of space, equipment and time required to bring your part-time business idea to life, and also the process of bringing the products to consumers.  Truly put thought into the amount of time, energy and equipment to not only get your business up and running, but also to maintain and deliver quality goods and services.  

Consider K&B.  Unlike most part-time business ideas, being a K&B business owner requires no specialized equipment.  Additionally, there is no need for additional space to manage inventory, and the business owner does absolutely zero delivery. 

For a part-time business idea with a timeless model and history of success, consider becoming a Kaeser & Blair business owner.  K&B showcases only high quality products, competitive prices, quick turnaround time, easy online ordering, great support, and fast payment (profits are paid upon order entry). We’re an industry leader with a proven 100-year record of helping each of our business owners truly live the American Dream.

Jobs for Stay-at-Home Moms – Overcoming the Obstacles

By Kurt Kaeser on 2015-09-03 in News

Being a stay-at-home mom is a tough gig.  Between taking the kids to school, taking care of the house and taking care of yourself (rinse and repeat), there is little time left to do anything that is truly for you.  Pursuing a new career – yeah, that’s definitely off the table, right?  Wrong!  The number and types of jobs specifically for stay-at-home moms are actually growing. 

So what’s standing in your way?

Obstacle 1: How do I find time to work when my kids are home with me throughout the day? 

Jobs for stay-at-home moms require flexibility.  Look for a position that does not require you to be sedentary or focused for hours at a time, but that allows for you to change a diaper or give a bottle between tasks.  Most jobs for stay-at-home moms allow you to maintain your current schedule of activities/responsibilities while also furthering your career.  For stay-at-home moms, job opportunities that allow you to work unorthodox hours are ideal as well.  Flexibility is key.  

Obstacle 2: Many places sell the “work at home” dream, but don’t deliver.  How do I distinguish a good opportunity from a scam?

Oftentimes, jobs aimed specifically at stay-at-home moms make overly ambitious claims to bring abundant wealth to those who choose to partake.  These claims tend to make people skeptical.  If they promise a grand reward or luxurious lifestyle at a speed that seems supremely unrealistic, there is probably a reason for just a tinge of skepticism.  

To avoid scams, look for jobs for stay-at-home moms that have a proven history of success.  And if the company boasts awards or client testimonials, it greatly enhances their credibility and ultimately, your chance of success.   

Obstacle 3:  I don’t have much money to invest or put into an opportunity.  

Jobs for stay-at-home moms that require a large up-front investment are rarely a worthy or viable investment.  Many companies promoting a “great opportunity” for stay-at-home moms require a hefty initial investment, and oftentimes you don’t get to see a sufficient return on investment.  This is something that you neither have the time nor money to risk.  After all, with only one member of the family in the workforce, the ability to fork over a substantial amount of money without a guaranteed return is often highly unlikely.  To avoid this, look for jobs for stay-at-home moms that require little up-front investment, or that offer a risk-free opportunity.  This would ensure that you do not waste your money or get in over your head financially. 

If you’re a stay-at-home mom looking for a flexible, risk-free job opportunity, look no further than Kaeser & Blair.  Through the Kaeser & Blair Promotional Products Business Owner Program, you are your own boss.  You determine when, where and how much you want to work, and there is little investment required and zero risk to get started.  

As a promotional products business owner with K&B, you can rest assured that you will be partnering with an industry leader with an unrivaled history of turning everyday individuals into successful entrepreneurs.

Need a home business idea? We’ve got one for you

By Kurt Kaeser on 2015-08-31 in News

Do you have the desire to work from home, but need a home business idea?  With so many offers out there that sell the “work from home” lifestyle, it’s difficult to sift through the real and the fake, and those who deliver on their promises from those who don’t.  Luckily, there’s a company that is taking the guesswork out of it.  Kaeser & Blair Promotional Products Business Owner Program offers a lucrative entrepreneurial opportunity to those want to work from home, but need a home business idea that possesses certain characteristics.  


The opportunity with K&B is perfect for those who need a home business idea that offers a product in constant demand.  The promotional products industry is a $21.5 billion industry, and continuously growing.  Virtually every business uses promotional products as a means of advertising, primarily due to the fact that they are so effective.  Much like the effectiveness of the product, the demand is not going away either.  Instead, it is expected to only increase in the future, making it a potentially incredibly lucrative opportunity and a great home business idea. 


The opportunity with K&B is also perfect for those who need a home business idea with added flexibility.  As a K&B business owner, you are your own boss. You determine the hours you work, the clients you serve, where you work and ultimately how successful you are.  Stay-at-home moms, those looking for a career move and those who simply desire to work at their own convenience find this aspect particularly appealing.

No Risk

K&B Promotional Products Business Owner Program is perfect for those who need a home business idea that is also risk-free with little to no start up cost. To get started, you have the option to choose between two starter packages: the Standard Business Owner Package ($85) and the Premium Business Owner Package ($335).  Each of these packages provides a variety of tools that will ultimately aid in your success.  If for some reason you decide that it isn’t for you, return the package within 30 days for a full refund.

If you find yourself in need of a home business idea, look no further than the Kaeser & Blair Business Owner Program.  Kaeser & Blair provides each business owner the information to not only get started, but be successful in the promotional products industry.  Kaeser & Blair has a long history of success, and a track record of turning ordinary individuals into business owners.  So don’t just sit around thinking about how you so desperately want or need a home business idea. Let Kaeser & Blair help you make it a reality.  

The Many Advantages of a Flexible Work Schedule

By Kurt Kaeser on 2015-08-28 in News

A job with flexible hours- that’s the dream, right? While most would be hustling to outmaneuver rush hour traffic to and from work, you would have the ability to escape and avoid the annoying hassles associated with it.  The ability to choose the hours that you work is a feature that is becoming a bit more common across today’s business platform.  Besides just convenience, there are a few other personal benefits and advantages of a flexible work schedule that are often overlooked. 

Work When You’re At Your Peak

One advantage of a flexible work schedule is that it allows people to work when they are at their personal peak. Though studies frequently reveal that people are in their intellectual prime about two hours after waking, this is not a universal phenomenon. Not everyone performs at his or her best during the hours demanded by a “typical” workday.  Many people are actually the opposite and subsequently benefit from the many advantages of a flexible work schedule.  For example, self-described night owls prefer to work at night, and oftentimes produce superior work when given the ability to work when they choose and during hours in which they are at their individual best. 

Juggle All of Life’s Responsibilities 

Another advantage of a flexible work schedule is that it allows for those with priorities outside of work to regularly tend to those while maintaining a job.  A flexible schedule is ideal for those whose everyday life demands their attention at odd hours, often sporadically.  The advantages of flexible work schedules often benefit stay-at-home moms, people with family members that require extra care, etc.  They are often able to juggle their extended list of responsibilities when they have the option to work flexible hours. 

Enhanced Quality of Life

Another advantage of a flexible work schedule is an overall increased quality of life.  Those who are able to create their own hours and choose when to work are generally more satisfied with life – both at work and beyond.  People who take advantage of a flexible work schedule have an increased sense of control in their lives, which in and of itself is a form of empowerment.  Empowered people are happy people, and happy people both produce higher quality work and demonstrate higher job satisfaction overall than their less empowered counterparts. 

If you want to experience the advantages of a flexible work schedule, Kaeser & Blair Promotional Products Business Owner Program is the perfect opportunity.  K&B offers individuals a flexible, risk-free opportunity to be independent business owners in an industry that does over $21.5 billion in sales each year. Getting started selling promotional products is simple and easy, with business owner starter packages beginning at $85. Click here to find out more about declaring your independence from the typical 9-to-5.  

Promotional Products Careers – A Great Future in a Growing Industry!

By Kurt Kaeser on 2015-08-26 in News

Every day thousands of Americans start their own business with promotional products careers!  Promotional products careers are a great way to tap in the 20 billion dollar promotional products advertising specialties industry.  It’s a stable, growing industry that sells products that businesses and organizations use to promote their brand, products and events.

Is it time for you to find a new career?

If you are underemployed, thinking about retiring or looking for a new line of work, promotional products careers may be the answer!  The advantages of choosing one of the many promotional products careers include:

You own your own business

You set your hours

You choose your territory & customers*

You can work from home

You can make an unlimited income in a 20 billion dollar industry

You sell to business and organizations – with no home parties or multi-level marketing**

Promotional products careers provide the opportunity to own your own business without expensive franchise fees or upfront expenses.  Getting started in your new promotional product career can be fun and exciting and you’ll find helping businesses and organizations grow very rewarding.  Promotional products careers give you the freedom and flexibility to choose when you work and enables you to find financial security on your terms.

Your new promotional products career is waiting!

Find out more about promotional products careers at www.kaeser-blair.com.  With over 100 years in the promotional products industry, Kaeser & Blair can help you find a new career with a one-time investment of $85, which is refunded with your first $1,500 in sales.  They offer training, support and a great reputation with both their dealers and the industry.  There are no gimmicks, upfront investment in products, fees, sales requirements or territory limitations.  You’ll sell interesting and useful products to businesses, churches and organizations with no limit to your income potential. Don’t wait. Start today!

*As a leader in the promotional products advertising specialties industry, Kaeser & Blair sets no territory limits or restrictions.  If you are choosing from all the available promotional products careers, just remember that not all promotional products distributors offer this to their dealers!

**Kaeser & Blair is not multi-level marketing.  You work directly with Kaeser & Blair without sharing your profits with other dealers.  If you are choosing from all the available promotional products careers, just remember that not all promotional products distributors offer this to their dealers!

Promotional Products, one of the best part-time business ideas.

By Kurt Kaeser on 2015-07-30 in News

In today’s economy, potential business owners are being frightened away due to big franchise fees and startup costs, regulations, insurance, etc. There are many part-time business ideas out there and the promotional products industry is one of them.  Virtually every business advertises with them because they are so effective.  The promotional products industry in 2014 hit a record high of $21.5 billion in sales.  A promotional product can inform, remind, and persuade new and existing customers to use their product or service. According to Kurt Kaeser, the CEO for Kaeser & Blair, “This is the only type of advertising where the end user thanks you for your advertising message they receive.”  Promotional products create a deeper connection to the brand.  Loyalty can be gained simply through the act of giving. 

Are you a stay at home mom and your kids are in school? A promotional products business provides great part-time employment for anyone looking to make some extra cash.  This part-time business idea offers flexible work hours, which puts the owner in control. This is a great part-time business idea because business owners have no sales quotas, no inventory to buy or maintain, no delivering of products and no collecting money from customers! If you’re a motivated individual, this is a golden opportunity for a great career whether full or part-time. Kaeser & Blair also pays your profits in advance upon order entry, which is the fastest in the industry.

What is the investment to get started in this business? The startup kit is only $85, and after an owner makes their first $1,500 in sales your $85 is refunded. Also, an owner has 30 days to try it for free. If you decide it’s not for you, send your startup kit back and your $85 is fully refunded. 

Probably the greatest benefit of being a Kaeser & Blair small business owner is the flexible work schedule and profit potential. Small business owners work when they want, where they want, and how they want. It’s up to the owner to set their appointments with clients and prospects. The best part...you will never have to worry about missing a big family event or one of your kid’s school activities because of work. 

Here’s how a promotional products business works with Kaeser & Blair in seven easy steps. If you’re looking for part-time business ideas and want to be your own boss, why not look into Kaeser & Blair? The flexible work hours and profit potential are more than enough to entice even the skeptic. Not sure? Try this risk free business idea for FREE!

The Promotional Products Industry is a lucrative small business opportunity for women.

By Kurt Kaeser on 2015-07-17 in News

According to the Small Business Association, small business opportunities for women are on the rise. Women owned businesses are the quickest growing sector of new business in the U.S. economy.  With the economy still fighting its way out of a recession, the best small business opportunities for women who want to own their own business should involve minimal risk and start up fees, but offer high levels of potential growth.  

One of the best small business opportunities for women is becoming a promotional products business owner with Kaeser & Blair.  The promotional products industry hit a $21 billion record in sales in 2014, and is expected to keep growing.  Kaeser & Blair provides the greatest profit potential in the industry. Their reputation is the strongest in the industry and Kaeser & Blair Promotional Products is ranked in the top 1% of industry distributorships.  They have the largest group of independent business owners and have an A+ accredited listing by the Better Business Bureau.

Kaeser & Blair understands small business opportunities for women.  With all of the daily demands of being a busy woman, owning a business can seem daunting. They offer as much guidance and assistance as needed, but allow you to be as creative as you want with your business.  With Kaeser & Blair there is no inventory to buy or maintain, and no delivering of products because they are shipped directly to the customer. There is no tiered marketing or “upline” approach and no recruiting is required.  They have a profitable referral program that is unmatched in the promotional products industry.

Whether you are looking for a new full time career or a stay at home mom looking to make extra cash, Kaeser & Blair offers the flexibility needed to foster anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit and creativity.  One of the best small business opportunities for women is becoming a promotional products business owner with K&B.  There are no sales quotas or minimums and no binding contracts or agreements to sign, and Kaeser & Blair also pays faster than anyone in the industry with advanced payment upon order entry.

As a promotional products business owner for Kaeser & Blair, you can make as little or as much money as you want.  You own your own business. You run it, and K&B helps.  Part time promotional products business owners, with Kaeser & Blair have the potential to earn $7,000 - $20,000 and full time owners can earn $60-185,000 a year making one of the best small business opportunities for women.

There are two packages that Kaeser & Blair now offers to help you become successful in the industry.  The Standard Business Owner Package is only $85, and has all the tools you’ll need to be successful.  It contains the online training tools, the Best Buys Catalog, numerous manufacturer and supplier catalogs of promotional products, as well as a large assortment of best-selling product samples.  

The newest package is the Premium Business Owner Package.  For $335, it includes the Standard Business Owner Package, but gives you even more tools for success.  The Premium Business Owner package includes your own personalized website with a unique URL/web address hosted by Kaeser & Blair, a personalized email address, 50 Best Buys Catalogs, 1,000 personalized business cards, and 100 Javelina tropical pens with your own custom printed message promoting your new promotional products business.  The personalized website features the best-selling products from the Kaeser & Blair Catalog and includes a digital copy of the Best Buys Catalog.  The website will also feature your company’s name, logo and brand message on the “about us” page.  After the initial $335 investment, there will be a yearly cost of $200 to host the website and receive your email address. 

It’s within every woman’s grasp to own their own business. With the growing number of accessible small business opportunities for women, there has never been a better time with Kaeser & Blair. There is a NEW FREE TRIAL PACKAGE that is ideal for an entrepreneurially spirited and social woman. The NEW FREE Trial Package includes the best-selling JAVALINA TROPICAL pen and Kaeser & Blair’s Best Buys Catalog.  It gives you the opportunity to show the pen and Best Buys Catalog to your friends, family and targeted prospects whether you are at church, a soccer game or a night out with girlfriends. You can also refer them to kbbestbuys.com if you are communicating via social media or email. You have the chance to ask them if they use promotional products at their business or organization.  If they do, ask them if they would purchase them from you.  If they do not, suggest they consider using promotional products to inform, remind and persuade potential customers to use their product of service.  Tell them you are considering starting your own business and ask them if they would consider buying products from you or would they refer others to you? Ask for the sale. If they have a need, chances are they will buy! This is a great opportunity to test whether or not starting a promotional products business is right for you.  There truly is no better time to start your promotional products business today.  Go to https://www.kaeser-blair.com/ to learn more about this lucrative business opportunity.

Do People Hate Advertising or Just Think They Do?

By Gregg Emmer on 2015-06-19 in News

How ironic that an industry dedicated to communications, public relations and identity building has a public perception of its honesty and ethics equal to stockbrokers and members of Congress! In November of 2012 Gallup polled people on their impression of different occupations and industries. Only 11percent said they gave advertising high marks. 36 percent gave low marks and 50 percent were in the middle with little opinion either way.

This negative sentiment has been reinforced over the years by comments from influential people. Will Rogers said, "Advertising is the art of convincing people to spend money they don't have for something they don't need." H. G. Wells was a bit more blunt, he said, "Advertising is legalized lying." So that the average person regards advertising in a negative way is not surprising at all. But do they really hate advertising?

The best answer is sometimes. Early in my marketing career I came up with a simple definition: Advertising Informs, Marketing Motivates. The problem is that people only want to be informed when they want the information. Simple right? But advertisers have no idea when a consumer wants information so they constantly bombard them with the information, hoping that at some point there will be a moment when the advertising information is wanted. And that moment will come – but up until that point and again once that point is passed – advertising is annoying, intrusive, condescending and many times embarrassing. Advertisers try to create entertaining ads to overcome the general desire to ignore the ads by flipping pages past them, pushing the fast forward on the remote or switching to the "other" station on the radio.

But something amazing happens when a consumer is ready to accept the information. For example, Tom and Jane are looking for a new larger car because they are expecting their first child. Instantly every car ad is being scrutinized, diaper ads are really interesting and investment ads about future security make a lot of sense! If only advertisers could know when their ads will be accepted and important to people, then they could avoid wasting time and money pushing information to disinterested consumers. Enter big data.

Big data or the process of collecting information about a consumer, electronically digesting that information and then pushing out ads that may be interesting to the consumer based on the data collected – is the latest concept. And guess what the reaction of consumers is to being bombarded with targeted ad? They hate it! Even when the ads are very much in line with a current interest of the consumer, the invasion of privacy and ad clutter can have a negative impact. Just go online and search for something – say hiking boots. For weeks following that search you will get hundreds of ads for hiking boots even if you made a purchase the same day you ran your search. The fundamental dislike for advertising is not changed by the technology, people still only want the information when they want it. So what is an advertiser to do?

By using promotional marketing/specialty advertising exclusively or as a component of a marketing campaign, a basic message will simply be handy for a consumer to react to when they are ready willing and able to respond. For a start, promotional marketing/specialty advertising is the only non-intrusive advertising and people appreciate that. We don’t interrupt the TV program they are watching or break up the article they are reading or take up a full 1/3 or the air time on the radio. We don’t even interrupt the scenery along the highway with billboards and flashing lights! It is also the only advertising that people thank you for!

In the bigger picture where advertising will be readily accepted and appreciated because a consumer is interested in receiving the information, specialty advertising is more accurate and more immediate than “big data”. Delivery of advertising after data is collected and processed is reactive. The consumer is already actively gathering information. But if a message delivered by specialty advertising prompts contact between the consumer and advertiser, that advertiser gets total access to the consumer to deliver the information. The tangible aspect of a message delivered with a specialty item also reinforces an affinity for the merchant that a fleeting banner ad can never provide.

Now the best part of all of this – people don't hate specialty advertising even sometimes – but they hate every other method more often than not. That is an extremely important point to discuss with your clients. The idea of breaking through ad clutter with entertaining ads, celebrities, outlandish antics or over the top claims are unnecessary when consumers will happily wait in line to take your message away with them on an interesting, useful or decorative "gift" – a well selected specialty advertising item.

I'm hopeful you have realized that this article is about promotional marketing/specialty advertising and not promotional products. If you confuse what we do with what we use and all you find yourself doing is selling promotional products, then accept my apology for wasting six minutes of your time!


The Perks Of Being A Kaeser & Blair Salesperson

By Kurt Kaeser on 2015-06-16 in News

Kaeser & Blair has a proud history in the Promotional Products industry and a stellar reputation. There is no other distributor in America that pays more in commissions on a regular basis to it’s salespeople. Kaeser & Blair has been around for over 125 years providing it’s dealers with outstanding service and profits beyond compare. Kaeser & Blair is responsible for many outstanding careers in Promotional Products sales with several dealers selling over $1,000,000 per year. We treat our dealers like family, and they feel the same about us. The relationship that Kaeser & Blair fosters with its’ dealers is at the core of both their success. No one will treat you better than Kaeser & Blair.

This year, Kaeser & Blair took that relationship to a whole new level with the first annual Kaeser & Blair Sales Leader Summit. Kaeser & Blair treated it’s top sales people to a two day getaway to Galveston, Texas, at the Hotel Galvez Resort & Spa.

There, the sales people could relax, “talk shop” with their peers, and even spend some one on one time with several of the industry's top vendors.

Everyone arrived at the hotel on May 31st, 2015 and were treated to a spectacular cookout by the pool on the hotel grounds. About 500 feet from the shores of the Gulf. On June 1st and 2nd, the morning was spent meeting with Vendors, getting up to date information on the latest products, and conversations about what can be done to help the salespeople in the field.

Each afternoon, Kaeser & Blair’s top sales people could do what they wanted. They could spend it at the pool, the beach, or touring all the amazing sites around Galveston. Kaeser & Blair also had some tours set up for them if they wanted to participate, including a historic tour of the island and a cruise with dolphins.

Each night, a fabulous dinner was served. The final dinner was a formal recognition for some of the sales people, as well as the announcement for next year’s summit.

The event was a huge success and was very well received by everyone.

“Thank you so much for a wonderful trip and all the hospitality. I really liked this format. Every supplier had an idea for me. Hotel was beautiful.” -Sue

“I really appreciate the setup for the Sales Leader Summit and we were in wide agreement over the success of the event and the selected suppliers” -John

“I thought it was a great event. I learned so much more than at a normal convention. We were able to have contact with them and learn more about when they can do for us. It was a wonderful trip. I really appreciate all that Kaeser and Blair does for me.” -Stephanie

“Thank you so much for an amazing time...we really enjoyed it so much! I was able to enjoy and learn from the vendor presentations and have some pool time to relax.” -Scott

Kaeser & Blair is proud and honored to have helped each of these industry professionals succeed, and that they have chosen us to work with. Kaeser & Blair puts their success first, and they know their business is being handled by the best distributor in the industry. How successful are they? Several of this year’s attendees already qualified for next year.

Are you an experienced Promotional Products sales person? Are you looking for a better opportunity in the industry, with a company that has a solid track record? 

Look no further than Kaeser & Blair.

Make Extra Money and Find a New Career!

By Kurt Kaeser on 2015-06-09 in News

It’s amazing how many Americans are looking for ways to make extra money today. For many, what started as a way to make extra money turns into a lucrative career and a great way to work from home. 

If you are looking for a way to make extra money, whether it’s for a vacation, home improvements or debt repayment, a business in the promotional products industry is an easy way to get started. The promotional products industry is a $20 billion industry – and growing. As America recovers from the recession, businesses are turning to tried and true methods to advertise and grow their business – and promotional products are one of the best and most recognized forms of advertising. You’ll be helping businesses grow and you’ll make extra money!

Imagine - finding a great opportunity to make extra money, and with a little networking and calling on local businesses you find a great way to work from home and own your own business! You’ll meet the need to make extra money, find a new career in a lucrative industry, and work as little or as much as you like!

The best part about selling promotional products to make extra money is that you can often start selling immediately to businesses and organizations that you patronize. Some promotional products distributors make it easy to sign up and will send you all the necessary materials quickly – and at little or no cost. You’ll soon find that selling high quality imprinted products is fairly simple, because the products practically sell themselves. Items that are imprinted with a company’s logo are unique and useful to both the company and the recipient. 

Do you think the promotional products industry is for you? If you are looking to make extra money and would enjoy helping businesses and organizations grow, consider starting your own Kaeser & Blair Dealership. Start a new career in the promotional products industry, own your own business and take control your income and future. 

Get more information about one of the best promotional products distributors in America – Kaeser & Blair. It’s a great opportunity for anyone looking to make extra money and can be a full time or part time business. With over 100 years in the promotional products industry, Kaeser & Blair is one of the best direct sales opportunities in America, and requires only a one-time investment of $85 that is refunded with your first $1,500 in sales. They offer training, support and a great reputation with both their dealers and within the industry. There’s no gimmicks, upfront investment in products, fees, sales requirements or territory limitations. You’ll sell interesting, useful products to businesses, churches and organizations, and find there’s no limit to your income potential. Don't wait! Start today!

Embrace your entrepreneurial spirit with the best small business opportunity of 2015 and become a promotional products business owner.

By Kurt Kaeser on 2015-05-29 in News

Are you looking for the next small business opportunity for 2015? Promotional products are an effective way to generate sales because providing a potential customer with a free product creates instant gratification! In 2014, the promotional products industry hit records sales of $21 billion dollars and Kaeser & Blair Promotional Products was ranked in the top 1% in the industry. 

With Kaeser & Blair, customers are provided the greatest profit potential in the industry with earning potential of up to 65% of gross margins! In fact, Kaeser & Blair has one of the strongest reputations in the industry, the largest group of independent business owners, and an A+ Better Business Bureau accredited listing.

What makes Kaeser & Blair unique is their flexibility for you! There are no franchise or upfront fees, and the price of the standard Business Owner Package of $85 is refunded after your first $1,500 in sales. With Kaeser & Blair there are no sales quotas or binding contracts. They also offer the best industry support and resources to energize your entrepreneurial spirit!

Another great thing about Kaeser & Blair’s small business opportunity of 2015 is profits are paid in advance of production, upon order entry with the customer and are direct deposited via account wire transfer every working day. Kaeser & Blair offers great bonuses and incentives and a profitable referral program that is unmatched in the industry. You are protected against bad debts and product liabilities. There is no inventory to buy or maintain and no delivering of products because Kaeser & Blair ships them directly to your customer!

The Standard Business Owner Package is only $85 (refunded after $1,500 in sales) provides everything you need to become a successful promotional products business owner. It contains online training tools, the Best Buys Catalog, numerous supplier and manufacturer catalogs of promotional products to sell, and a large assortment of product samples. Also, if you decide this small business opportunity of 2015 is not for you, simply return the package within 30 days and the $85 will be refunded.

The benefits of the Kaeser & Blair small business opportunity of 2015 far outweigh the small $85 startup fee. However, if you still aren’t convinced, the flexible work schedule should do the trick! To stay competitive and engage the best talent, more companies are offering a flexible work schedule. Flexible work schedules benefit both companies and employees and can increase productivity and retention. 

Flexible work hours reduce stress and increase job satisfaction because employees feel more control over a career therefore reporting greater job satisfaction. Flexible work hours also increases the productivity of employees. The hidden costs of unscheduled absences are high and studies show stress and personal demands are most often cited as the reason for missing work. 

If you think this could be the small business opportunity of 2015 for you, don’t waste another second! Go online to learn more at: https://www.kaeser-blair.com/

Kaeser & Blair Promotional Products Owner Success Story: Sally Anderson; career stay at home mom with flexible working, flexible hours.

By Kurt Kaeser on 2015-05-19 in News

Guest Blogger: Sally Anderson

Many of us dream of the day when we can have time off or not have to worry about missing the “big game” because of some activity at work. Either there is a time off issue, or I may be running late because of a management meeting; but many moms, to make ends meet have had to sacrifice family time for their jobs.

Kaeser & Blair offers the perfect career for the stay at home mom with flexible working, flexible hours. Being a promotional products business owner, one of the key perks is making your own schedule! My name is Sally Anderson and I am a stay at home mom with a husband and two kids. After having my children, I took three years off from the career world to enjoy my life as a full time mommy.  Once both were in preschool, I learned about the Kaeser & Blair’s promotional products business opportunity. I was skeptical at first, and so was my husband but I signed on! Five years later, I would never have dreamed the success I am having as a career stay at home mom. 

I didn’t have any personal experience in the promotional products industry, whatsoever, but Kaeser & Blair was the opportunity I needed. It’s the perfect career with flexible working, flexible hours. In my video testimonial, I explain how with Kaeser & Blair I am able to enjoy the perks of work, but at the same time have the flexible working, flexible hours to make my own schedule. I liked the idea of not being pinned to an office. The important thing about making your own schedule is being able to schedule family events and still make extra cash.

Because of Kaeser & Blair’s flexible working, flexible hours, I have the ability to work when I want, and from anywhere with my iPad or iPhone. I never have to miss out on time with family because I have to work late. I never have to miss out on my kid’s activities because of flexible working, flexible hours. I never have to worry about when I’ll take my next vacation because I can go anytime I want!

Because of flexible working, flexible hours I can still make sure my customers are taken care of without ever missing another precious family event. Unlike other promotional product businesses, Kaeser & Blair has the strongest reputation in the industry. They have been around since 1894 and have the highest D&B credit rating available. This helps me in two ways: 1) I know I am in good hands with a good company. 2) With setting my own schedule, I have time to network in my free time; in other words I can work without being at work. Lots of the people I meet or come into contact with are potential customers and I don’t even have to go out of my way to find them!  In fact, one of my more recent new customers was a fellow soccer mom who saw me working while our daughters practiced together!

Are you a college student looking to make extra cash? Look no further than becoming a promotional products distributor.

By Kurt Kaeser on 2015-05-14 in News

Millennials and college students are always looking for quick and easy ways to make extra cash.  Becoming a promotional products distributor is a great way to do that.  College is a great place to start a promotional products business to make extra cash and embrace your entrepreneurial spirit.  The Kaeser & Blair Business Owner Program is part of a $20 billion and growing promotional products industry and promotional products can be found all over college campuses.

Colleges are filled with potential customers of promotional products.  Universities are a petri dish for social events and groups all promoting themselves with freebees and promotional items.  Whether it be a philanthropy club, honorary or fraternity, there’s always an event happening on campus. If you’re in a sorority or fraternity that makes items like koozies or t-shirts for bid night or date parties, you can be the one who provides these and make extra cash.  If you’re not in Greek Life but in an Academic Honorary or on an Intermural Sports team, K&B has a variety of promotional items that your teammates and fellow college students would love.  

As a promotional products distributor for K&B you can choose your own hours and schedule to make extra cash. For a college student or Millennials this is key.  If you need to make extra cash for books at the beginning of the semester and need to make extra cash for Spring Break, being a promotional products distributor can help you can do that.  If a college student has a lot on their plate such as exams and papers, no problem, they can focus on school and sell in their free time.

When you start a business with K&B, it is risk-free.  The Business Owner Package is only $85! It is the starter kit to kick off your new business and it has the tools to help you be successful.   The program is risk-free because your $85 will be refunded when you make your first $1,500 in sales. If you decided the business is not for you, simply return your kit within 30 days and your $85 will be refunded.

How does a promotional products distributor get paid? You are paid when orders are entered!  Yes, you make extra cash in advance of product production and delivery. Pretty great! Kaeser & Blair deposits the money you earn directly into your account allowing you to make extra cash quickly.

For College students who want to embrace their entrepreneurial spirit in an area where there is an abundance of promotional products, look no further than becoming a promotional products distributor for Kaeser & Blair to make extra cash.

Apply basic gardening principles to cultivate your small business opportunity

By Kurt Kaeser on 2015-04-30 in News

Have you been told you have a green thumb?  

Is a garden bursting with beautiful flowers, fruits and vegetables something that just comes naturally to you?  If so, you already have many of the skills needed to successfully cultivate a small business opportunity.

Launching and growing a small business is very much like growing a garden.  The best harvest requires planning and preparation.  You must be diligent in tending to your garden regularly. You must be patient while the fruit of your labor ripens. And then you must be ready to harvest at the moment of perfection.

Choose your location

Location, location, location.  If you are going to work from home, find an area where you can set up an efficient work space.  Make it cheerful and, if possible, choose a spot with a window that supplies plenty of natural light.  Keep your space organized and clear of clutter. If you must choose a spot that is small, look for ways to maximize the space to avoid feeling cramped.  Bring in a fan to keep air moving and hang a beautiful piece of art to inspire creativity.

This is your home base. This is where you are going to grow. Make it comfortable and conducive to productivity.

Choose your crops

A good gardener begins browsing seed catalogs during the dark, cold winter months, long before planting time.  They think about what they will plant, how much they will plant and how long it will take to see results.  Do the same thing for your small business opportunity.  Take the time to think about what you want to accomplish and how long it will take.  Set specific goals and then make a list of tactics you can implement to reach them. 

Gardeners are deliberate about color schemes, types of plants and look for varieties that grow well together and complement one another.  Do the same thing with your business.  What will be your sweet spot – what is your specialty, your niche?

A gardener learns from trial and error which plants do well and which are not such a good choice.  It’s the same with your business.  Try different things. When you find something that works, repeat it.

Till the soil

Before you plant anything, prepare the environment to create the optimal growing conditions.  Make yourself a subject matter expert.  Research your niche and understand best practices and tools and materials.  Just as a gardener becomes an expert at growing a specific plant, you can educate yourself to become an expert on your niche specialty.  This might mean taking a class on a certain topic. Or it might be as simple as doing online research to learn more about a certain area. 

Just as a gardener turns over the dirt to loosen it and incorporate oxygen into it, your small business opportunity will benefit from fresh energy that you gain from opening your mind to new ideas.

This will allow you to create an environment that has ideal growing conditions.

Scatter your seeds

Look for opportunities to network in your community.  Attend events. Do volunteer work.  The key is to get involved so that you can get to know people, and they can get to know you.  

Each time you connect with someone, you have an opportunity to show an interest in what they are working on.  You have a chance to show that you care about others.  That is a seed.  

As you go along, you will have chances to share the things you are working on with your business.  All these interactions – even if they don’t always feel directly related to your core business activities – are little seeds that you are scattering. As time goes on, they will begin to sprout.  

Just like in a garden, not every single seed sprouts.  But if you are patient, you will find seeds germinating when you least expect it.  

And just like in your garden, the discovery of a new seedling is very exciting!

Fertilize and water – regularly

You have to show up every day.  Look for ways to be helpful. Share information openly and willingly. Feed your relationships. Tend to them with a note, a brief call, through social media sharing or an email.  Touch base with people periodically so you stay top of mind with them.  

Just as a garden needs to be fed and watered, so does your small business opportunity. And you must do it regularly.  

You can’t plant a garden and then walk away for an indefinite amount of time and expect it to stay alive.  It’s the same with your business.  You must tend to it consistently.

Pull the weeds and ward off pests

It’s important to keep your garden tidy. It’s also important to do the same for your business.  This means regularly pulling weeds and eliminating distractions that threaten to choke your growing business.  Keep your work environment orderly.  Maintain trigger habits to help you stay on a reasonable work schedule.  

Just as bugs and diseases can threaten your garden, so can toxic thinking and toxic people threaten your business.

“We can complain because rose bushes have thorns,

or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.”

– Abraham Lincoln

Look for ways to maintain positive energy in your daily routine.  Seeing things from an optimistic point of view can go a long way toward attracting the opportunities you seek to grow your business. 

Be patient and wait for things to grow

Seasoned marketers know that it often takes several touch points – as many as seven times and often twice that - for a prospect to become a buyer of your product.  

Just like each type of seed has its own germination period and growing cycle before it produces fruit that is ready for harvest, so too do your prospective customers.  Keep communicating and sharing what you are working on.  Over time, people begin to recognize and remember what they saw from you and respond when they are ready to buy.  

Reap the fruits of your labor

After all your hard work cultivating your garden, you wouldn’t dream of just leaving the fruits on the vine to rot, would you?  The same goes for your small business opportunity.  Once your prospects express an interest in what you are doing, don’t forget to ask for the sale. 

Timing up the “ask” is one of the trickiest things to learn when it comes to sales.  It can feel awkward when you are first starting out.  It can be difficult sometimes to pick up on the signals from your prospects that they are ready to pull the trigger on what you have to sell.  There will be times that you will misread a buying indicator. It’s a door that opens briefly and can close again if you don’t catch it at just the right moment, causing you to miss a sale.  Don’t give up. Keep trying. You will get better at reading your customers buying cues with practice and experience.  

And that’s when you reap the fruits of all your hard work!

Do you have a green thumb? Would you like to learn how you can apply your gardening skills toward owning your own business?  At Kaeser & Blair, we’ve been helping people cultivate their own small business opportunities for over 100 years.  Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you reap the fruits of your hard work as an independent Kaeser & Blair dealer!

The Best Direct Sales Companies For Men Make Starting a Home Business Easy!

By Kurt Kaeser on 2015-04-24 in News

Direct sales is becoming an increasingly popular option for men and women who are looking to make a career change. It seems there are new direct sales companies popping up every month with many opportunities for women, but what are the best direct sales companies for men?

The best direct sales companies for men, or the most popular with men looking to start a home-based business, are the companies that offer a large array of products that can be sold to businesses. Calling on companies and selling face-to-face is more popular for men, and the best direct sales companies for men offer more than an opportunity to sell at parties or social events. 

Finding the best direct sales companies for men can be a daunting task. Direct sales companies that sell candles, jewelry, purses and kitchen products are easy to find, and it appears that they are increasing in popularity.  Many of these are multi-level marketing opportunities that require an upline or that you have a regional consultant that shares your profits. The best direct sales companies for men allow you to grow you business on YOUR terms, don’t require a large upfront investment in products or fees, and have products that are interesting and useful.

How do you decide which one of the best direct sales companies for men is right for you?  

If you are considering direct sales here are a few things to consider:

  • What type of industry interests you (automotive, technology, home safety, advertising, etc.)?
  • Are you planning to run your business full-time or to make extra money?
  • Are you planning to make direct sales a new career?
  • Do you want to work from home, or do you need to report to an office every day?
  • Is the security of a regular paycheck a necessity or are you looking to supplement your income?
  • Are you looking of total independence and financial freedom?

Consider the questions, and then consider Kaeser & Blair.  Kaeser & Blair is one of the best direct sales companies for men, and it one of the most respected direct sales companies in the promotional products industry. Starting your own business with K&B’s help gives you the opportunity to sell promotional items to business and organizations without territory restrictions, multi-level marketing, or inventory to purchase. You’ll own your own customer list and sell to whomever you choose.  

This business opportunity does not require a lot of up-front investment with significant risk. An $85 refundable deposit is the only up-front investment needed – it includes everything you need to get started. There are no monthly fees, processing fees or transaction fees. And there are no contractual agreements or binding restrictions, which in turn gives you the freedom to run your own business the way you want. 

Get started, TODAY. Find out more at www.Kaeser-Blair.com. All it takes is the decision to start with one of the best direct sales companies for men, and you’re on your way.  

Start a home business risk free with your tax return dollars

By Kurt Kaeser on 2015-04-14 in News

It’s tax return season, if you’ll be getting a check back from Uncle Sam this season why not start a home business with $85?  Start a home business with Kaeser & Blair’s Business Owner Program for only $85 and see why Kaeser & Blair is known for profits and reputation beyond compare.

With very little down you can start a home business that will bring the flexibility and financial rewards that come with being your own boss.  Kaeser & Blair’s business owners see generous earnings up to 65% of gross margins.  The best part about being in the promotional products distribution business is that you can start selling immediately to businesses, organizations, family or friends.  Selling high quality imprinted products is simple because the products practically sell themselves.  Start a home business and join the K & B family, the largest group of independent businesses.

When you decide to start a home business and get the Business Owner Package for $85 it comes with all the tools you’ll need to be successful.  You will receive immediate access to your online training assets and information to get started along with the Business Success Manual, Best Buys Catalog, numerous supplier and manufacturer catalogs with promotional products to sell, and a large assortment of product samples. 

Start a home business with the Business Owner Program and earn extra income.  Whether you start as part time or full time, YOU have the flexibility to decide.  If you have ever considered owning a business, tax return season is a great time to start with Kaeser & Blair.  

Start a home business with Kaeser & Blair risk-free with a Business Owner Package for only $85, and after you submit your first $1,500 in sales, you get that $85 refunded to you. So why NOT invest $85 and start a home business with that tax return money? If you order the package and it isn’t for you, simply return it within 30 days and your money will be completely refunded.

Why be a Promotional Products Distributor?

By Kurt Kaeser on 2015-04-06 in News

Nearly every business from a Fortune 500 company to a home business advertises with promotional products. The opportunities are endless when you decide to start a home business as a promotional products distributor with Kaeser & Blair.  Promotional products help companies inform, remind and persuade current and potential customers of the company.  Becoming a promotional products distributor is a great business opportunity.

Why the promotional products industry?  

The promotional products industry hit an all-time record high of $21.5 billion in sales 2014! There is no better time than now to start a home business as a promotional products distributor.  The industry is growing and most companies are recognizing the value that promotional products offer, such as creating goodwill and building brand awareness.  They are also used to supply trade shows, customer gifts, or for large events such as NCAA March Madness.  72% of tradeshow attendees who get a promotional item remember the name of the company and keep their items for more than one year.  As a promotional products distributor you do not have inventory to purchase or maintain, no delivering products, no collecting money or credit hassles, no recruiting or up-line and no hosting parties.  

How is becoming a Kaeser & Blair dealer virtually risk free?

Becoming a promotional product distributor with K&B is a one-time price of $85 for the Business Owner Package.  This is the starter kit that will help you start your new business.  Your $85 will be refunded when you make your first $1,500 in sales.  If it does not seem right for you, you will be refunded within 30 days of returning the package. The Business Owner Package gives you immediate access to our online training assets and information to help you get started.  It includes the Business Owner Manual, the Best Buy Catalog, numerous supplier and manufacturer catalogs with promotional products to sell, and a large assortment of product samples.

How much extra cash can a Kaeser and Blair promotional products distributor make?  

As much as you want.  You set your income.  The average profit is 20% of the sales price, and average orders are close to $785.  Your income as a promotional products distributor depends on profit margins, volume of business and number of orders.  Average annual earning for part time K&B small business owners is between $7,000-$20,000 and for full time owners is between $60,000-$185,000. K&B pays its distributors within 24 hours via direct deposit and handles all billing, collections, taxes, credit issues and product liability – freeing up your valuable time to sell!

Why is there no better opportunity than to start your own business and new career by becoming a business owner with Kaeser and Blair?

As a promotional products distributor you can work as little or as much as you like. There are no minimums or set hours.  If you’re looking for a flexible work schedule, look no further than K&B.

Become a promotional products distributor today, there is no better time to invest $85 risk-free in becoming a small business owner with Kaeser & Blair.

Clearly define household roles for success on a flexible work schedule

By Kurt Kaeser on 2015-04-01 in News

The idea of working from home on a flexible schedule sounds dreamy to many who are grinding out a nine-to-five routine that is bookended by rush hour commutes. But flexible doesn’t mean it’s a free-for-all.  And it definitely doesn’t mean that you can “do it all.” 

And by “do it all,” we mean working from home and doing all the tasks related to maintaining a household for your family. In fact, the more work flexibility you have, the more you must define household roles from the beginning, set expectations with your family, and get them to pitch.

Just because you are at home when you are working doesn’t mean you can do all the housework. When everyone participates in making the home functional, then productivity and happiness for all follow. 

Divide and conquer household chores

Everyone in the family can help around the house.  Even young children can help pick up toys and put them away, feed pets or sort laundry. Give all family members age-appropriate tasks that become a regular part of their daily routine. Let them participate in their own personal care by making their beds and putting their things away each day. Add something that helps care for the common areas of the home so that they are participating in the care of the whole family. 

Decide between you and your spouse how to divide larger tasks. Perhaps one of you cooks the meals and the other washes the dishes.  If one does the laundry, maybe the other can do the ironing. If you can begin by managing those two big jobs between you, and then bringing in the kids to help as they are able, it can go a long way toward creating harmony in the home. Kids are perfectly capable of taking out the trash, maintaining bathrooms, dusting furniture and sweeping or mopping floors. Make it a team effort!

Here’s a great chart sorted by age that can help guide parents properly delegate chores to their children.

Rotate responsibilities periodically if desired

Some families find that rotating responsibilities every so often can be a good thing, especially when it comes to necessary but monotonous tasks. Others find that they each have something that they are good at, and prefer to stay accountable for something specific long term. For example, if one spouse is a really good cook, and the other doesn’t like to cook, then the non-cooking spouse can own the dishwashing.  But for kids, rotating duties can help them master multiple skills that will serve them well later in life. 

It may be a better plan to rotate duties – especially those that may be unpleasant– in order to be fair to everyone. No one wants to be stuck with the hardest or yuckiest job indefinitely when someone else is perceived to have the easier job. 

Do what works best for your family to make the routine less dull and more equitable.

Include the kids

It can be a huge challenge to get children helping around the house. Often, it requires close supervision, monitoring, and coaching to show children how a task is done properly. 

Sometimes, it feels like the time you spend trying to teach your kids how to clean could be better spent just doing the job yourself. It could certainly be done faster.  But the time you invest working alongside them, showing them how to do things is time well spent.  

Working together with your children on household chores is quality time that ultimately will equip them to be independent and responsible adults. 

Get creative in how you include your kids. Establish age appropriate chores for each child and then give them the tools they need.  

Choremonster is a fun and playful digital application that can be downloaded onto tablet or smart phone. It turns chores and other routine household tasks into a game, which is very appealing and motivating to children. Parents can set incentives in the program and kids can work toward goals and other rewards for a job well done.

There are myriad chore charts available if you prefer something tangible to hang on the wall.  A small company called Kenson Kids has a great collection of charts that are sturdy, colorful and reusable.

Consider both individual and family incentives. This will encourage your children to work together toward a common goal, which builds stronger family bonds, a sense of teamwork and adds another element of fun.

Practice an attitude of gratitude

All of this boils down to being mutually respectful of one another. 

A family thrives on a flexible schedule when each person feels like their efforts are appreciated, and they are able to contribute in a meaningful way that is fair and equitable. 

Getting everyone involved fosters a sense of gratitude toward one another and brings the family closer.

When your family is functioning in a cohesive and cooperative way, a sense of gratitude toward one another and family unity develops.  

Are you looking for a flexible business opportunity that allows you to work from home and balance career and family on your terms?

Kaeser & Blair, a trusted family company for over 100 years, offers independent business opportunities to individuals who want a flexible work schedule.  The Kaeser & Blair dealership opportunity allows you to “be in business for yourself, not by yourself.” You own it, you run it, we help. Contact us today to learn how we can help.

Article contributed by Michelle Spelman on behalf of Kaeser & Blair.


The Benefits of a Flexible Work Schedule.

By Kurt Kaeser on 2015-03-23 in News

To stay competitive and engage the best talent, more companies are offering a flexible work schedule.  A flexible work schedule benefits both companies and employees, and can increase productivity and retention. For employees the benefits can include:

Reduced stress.  Feeling more control over a career and daily life can increase productivity and lessen the possibility of burnout for employees.

Increased job satisfaction. Employees who have control over when and where their work gets done report greater job satisfaction and tend to stay with companies longer.

Greater autonomy. Feeling less tied to a desk or cubicle can leave room for more creativity, encourage employees to contribute more to collaborative ideas, and support one another more.

For employers the benefits can include:

Increase productivity. The hidden costs of unscheduled absences are high, and studies show that family needs, stress and personal demands – not illness – are often cited as the reason for taking time off work. 

Improved coverage.  Varied, individualized and flexible work schedules can allow for expanded office hours. This can provide greater customer service during a greater number of hours each day, or allow for projects to be completed more quickly.

Better quality employees. Today’s workforce is demanding more flexibility, and is more likely to take their talents where they are happier.  More and more applicants are requesting a flexible work schedule on their applications. 

How do decide if a flexible work schedule is right for YOU?

If you are searching for a new job and are considering a flexible work schedule, or considering requesting a flexible work schedule from your current employer, here are some things to consider:

  • If your flexible work schedule allows you to work from home, you will need a dedicated space for work.
  • A flexible work schedule isn’t for everyone. For some, the office is the best place to be productive.
  • A flexible work schedule may require that you be flexible to meet business needs, too.
  • Only 18% of companies allow a flexible work schedule of any kind, and for most it’s on a case-by-case basis.  If you are able to arrange one, it’s a privilege and you may be required to be accountable for your day-to-day work.

As America recovers from the recent recession, more companies understand the need to keep employees happy in ways that benefit them both. A flexible work schedule is just one of those ways. If you are able to arrange one, it can benefit you, your family and your employer. 

Kaeser & Blair Inc. is one of the best companies to work with as a business owner in the promotional products industry.  We help individuals start their own business and provide a great opportunity for flexible work schedule. In business for over 100 years, we provide our authorized dealers with resources, training and support.  Our promotional products distributors work with schools, social organizations, non-profits and for-profit businesses of all shapes and sizes providing them with creative tools for building awareness and communicating their brand in a powerful and meaningful way. To learn more about how the Kaeser & Blair Business Owner Program can help you find a career with a flexible work schedule visit www.kaiser-blair.com

Sometimes caring for an aging relative means starting a part time business

By Kurt Kaeser on 2015-03-17 in News

Life does not stop when someone we love gets sick and needs our care.  The bills still need to be paid. We still have to eat. And our other obligations in life don’t go away.

It can become nearly impossible to keep a traditional job when a family member depends on us for long term caregiving.  Finding ways to make extra money working from home can quickly become a matter of survival. If your life has taken this direction, a part time business opportunity may be an option that gives flexibility while providing an opportunity to generate some income.

According to Caring.com, 74% of caregivers surveyed say that they've had to change jobs or stop working because of the demands of caring for a family member or friend.

The baby boomer generation is not satisfied with the nursing care facility model that previous generations have relied upon for late-in-life care.  They want more. They want to be at home, surrounded by their family.  The sandwich generation then finds itself caring for aging relatives while caring for children who still live at home, all while trying to maintain a career.

As our population ages, healthcare costs continue to skyrocket. Insurance coverage grows more uncertain and families are finding themselves financially unable to pay for nursing facility care. Instead, they are the ones who are responsible for long term day-to-day medical care, at home. 

Medical technology is improving and becoming more accessible and user friendly. In conjunction with the effort to keep medical costs down, family caregivers find themselves doing more and more day-to-day care and procedures that would, in the past, have been performed by a doctor, nurse or other medical professional.  This includes anything from administering and tracking medications throughout the day, monitoring and recording things like blood pressure, weight, and other health indicators, delivering injections and infusions and managing dietary requirements and restrictions.

This level of family care easily qualifies as a full time commitment. Most of us must still maintain some source of income, and a part time business can be a good way to make extra money.

It is imperative that whatever you choose in the way of a part time business, that you are able to adapt and be flexible to unpredictable needs of your career. 

Here are some tips to help you manage both a part time business and caregiving.

  • Keep a written calendar and daily to-do list to manage caregiving tasks that must happen at a specific time each day. This will allow you to see where you have windows of time that can be focused on your part time business.
  • Be ready to work anywhere. Build yourself a portable office kit, and take your part time business with you wherever you go. The main components will include: your laptop computer, smart phone, a few basic office supplies, and some sort of simple file box with folders. There are a number of options to contain it all and keep it mobile. Contain it all in a laundry basket or hard plastic storage tub with a lid. Or, consider investing in a small piece of luggage that rolls on wheels. This will help you keep everything together and can easily be moved from room to room, or from home to your career’s home, or even to the doctor’s office or hospital if necessary.
  • Get help. Don’t try to do it alone. You have to make time for yourself to care for yourself and nurture your part time business. Even if you don’t have relatives who can share the work load of caring for your loved one, you must be willing to rally support around you. When friends ask if you need anything, say yes! Meals are a godsend and an easy way for friends to support you. Let them do it. Reach out to resources in your community. Adult day care services are becoming more and more accessible. Home care nursing agencies and many other resources can be found through the Department of Health and Human Services. They have an Eldercare Locator database that can direct you to local resources. If you are still unsure who to ask or where to look to find help, ask your career’s doctor. They can point you in the right direction.

Are you looking for ways to make extra money or start a part time business from home while caring for an aging relative? 

In business for over 100 years, Kaeser & Blair Inc. helps individuals seeking a part time business opportunity by providing them with resources and training, and supporting their efforts to do work they feel passionate about.  Our authorized dealers work with schools, social organizations, non-profits and for-profit businesses of all shapes and sizes providing them with creative tools for building awareness and communicating their messages in a powerful and meaningful way.

To learn more about how the Kaeser & Blair part time business opportunity can provide you with the chance to make extra money, click here

Get Your Finances Back on Track in 2015.

By Kurt Kaeser on 2015-03-12 in News

Spring is here! Like many Americans, you may still be paying off bills from the holidays or worse, finding yourself deep in debt with no idea how to get back on track.  When asked about how to eliminate debt most people think the best way is to stop spending, but in most cases that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  Getting a new job to increase your income is also an option, but that can be a difficult task that may require additional training and working longer hours. Getting a second job or starting a business with one of the best direct sales companies for men is a great way to make additional income in your spare time.

If you are considering a new job or starting your own business with one of the best direct sales companies for men, here’s some advice to help get you back on track once you start earning an additional income.

  • Know your numbers. As painful as it may be, knowing EXACTLY what you owe, on every card, loan, or account is the best way to get started.  
  • Check your accounts frequently. It allows you to see your spending and help you keep track of your debts and payments.
  • If you have a savings account, move money from your checking to your savings on a routine basis. Once you’ve paid your balances, you’ll be able to see how much you’ve saved and start saving more.
  • Find a mentor or financial advisor. Someone to help you set goals and stick to them can be a valuable asset as you pay your balances. 
  • Engage you partner in your endeavor, getting on the same page and staying on the same page can have numerous benefits beyond just eliminating your debt. 


Once you know what your needs are regarding debt repayment, you can set goals for finding a new job or starting your own business with one of the best direct sales companies for men.  Knowing exactly how much additional income you need each month can help you know what type of hourly rate or salary increase you will need at a new job. It will also help you understand how much extra money you will need to earn in your own business with one of the best direct sales companies for men.

Looking for a new job can take a lot of time, but starting a your own business with one of the best direct sales companies for men can help you start earning additional income in a short period of time.  With the right company, you can sell useful, interesting items that are in high demand.  One of the best ways to decide which of the best direct sales companies for men to choose is to find one that enables you to sell products to companies, professional organizations or to people you know that are personal or professional contacts.  Getting started can be exciting, and the goal of getting your finances back on track can be a great motivator.  

Don’t wait. Get achieve your financial goals and stay ahead of your finances by starting new business with one of the best direct sales companies for men. You may find that this time next year, you’re ahead of your finances and have the financial independence you’ve always wanted. 

Get started, TODAY. Find out more at www.Kaeser-Blair.com. It’s one of the best direct sales companies for men, and a great way to earn the extra income you need to get your finances back on track for 2015. For only $85(fully refundable) you can own your own business with one of the best direct sales companies for men and work the schedule that fits your life!  

Are you interested in a career change?

By Kurt Kaeser on 2015-03-09 in News

Find a great advertising specialties business opportunity and success will be yours!

Millions of Americans have found a great advertising specialties business opportunity, and with it a successful, lucrative way to make a supplemental income and start a new career! An advertising specialties business opportunity is a great way to own your own business in the promotional products industry – a 20 billion dollar industry!  

Promotional products are unique items that are imprinted with a corporation or organization’s logo. Most people have these items at their home or work, and many of them are used daily such as coffee mugs, water bottles, umbrellas or t-shirts. An advertising specialties business opportunity in the promotional products industry will allow you to tap into this stable, growing industry. 

How do I know if an advertising specialties business opportunity is the right one for me?


Choosing the right advertising specialties business opportunity is important for your long-term success and satisfaction. Industry professionals tend to work with and stay with companies that pay great profits and give excellent support. When you are deciding on an advertising specialties business opportunity, it’s important to find on that fits your needs and lifestyle. Here are some points to consider as you review Promotional Products distributors for your advertising specialties business opportunity:

Do they limit your territory?

What percent of the profits (gross margin) are you paid?

Do they offer training and support?

Do they require minimums?

Do they offer bonuses based on sales?

A reputable advertising specialties business opportunity will offer full disclosure, thoroughly answer these questions, and require little or no up-front investment or “buy in” to sell for them.

Once I choose an advertising specialties business opportunity, how many hours a week will I be required to work?

Your advertising specialties business opportunity is a business, your own business, and you can work as little or as much as you like. If you want a full-time career or part-time work as a supplemental income -the choice is yours. 

How will I find customers?

In today’s world we’re constantly networking, but most people don’t realize that when they’re on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram they are networking with others. One of the best places to make connections is LinkedIn, because once you connect with someone it’s like a virtual business card the never gets thrown away. Make the most of your advertising specialties business opportunity by setting up a profile on these sites and you will reap the benefits.

Another way to find customers for your advertising specialties business opportunity is by connecting with others in the businesses you patronize, at social functions, church, sporting events, etc. If you’re socializing, it’s easy to discuss what you do and get referrals.  

How will I know if I’m successful with my advertising specialties business opportunity?

You decide if your advertising specialties business opportunity is successful! Set your goals and when you meet them, you can exceed them next year. You decided how much money you want to make and how much time you want to invest. Since you are your own boss, the sky is the limit!

ARE YOU READY? Find a great advertising specialties business opportunity TODAY at www.kaeser-blair.com. With over 100 years in the promotional products industry, Kaeser & Blair can help you find a new career and start your own business with a one-time investment of $85 that is refunded with your first $1,500 in sales. They offer training, support and a great reputation with both their dealers and within the industry. There’s no gimmicks, upfront investment in products, fees, sales requirements or territory limitations. You’ll sell interesting, useful products to businesses, churches and organizations, and find there’s no limit to your income potential. Don't wait! Start today!

Small Business Opportunities Are Within Your Reach!

By Kurt Kaeser on 2015-02-11 in News

Many Americans are living the dream of owning their own business. If you are searching through small business opportunities with the goal of starting a business, you may be overwhelmed by the amount of upfront investment required.  For many, saving capital is a problem and borrowing can have an impact on your profits.  If you are looking to make a career change with one of the thousands of small business opportunities available, consider maximizing your earnings with one of the small business opportunities that require little upfront investment. 

By choosing one of the small business opportunities that requires little upfront investment, you can operate in the black in a shorter period of time and have more money to spend on growing the business, not paying (or repaying) start-up fees. There are many industries that have small business opportunities with little upfront investment, plus they offer the ability to work from home as little or as much as you like and require a minimal amount of overhead. Some small business opportunities that generally require little upfront investment include:

  • Direct sales
  • SMS or Technology Reseller
  • Data entry
  • Event planning
  • In-home daycare

For many, direct sales is an opportunity to turn their networking skills, experience and desire to be their own boss into one of the best small business opportunities available. Some salespeople choose to sell home-based products, such as cooking or cleaning supplies, but for some, choosing products that appeal to businesses is a better option. When you sell directly to businesses, you eliminate the need for home-based party sales or door-to-door selling. Small business opportunities that enable you sell to businesses give you a larger potential client base, and make it easier (and quicker) to grow your business. 

If you’re planning to start your own business, one of the best small business opportunities is to start a promotional products dealership with Kaeser & Blair. Start a new career in the promotional products industry, own your own business and control your income and future. 

Learn about one of the best small business opportunities in America – Kaeser & Blair. It’s great opportunity for anyone considering a career change and can be a full time or part time business. With over 100 years in the promotional products industry, Kaeser & Blair is one of the best small business opportunities in America, and requires only a one-time investment of $85 that is refunded with your first $1,500 in sales. They offer training, support and a great reputation with both their dealers and within the industry. There’s no gimmicks, upfront investment in products, fees, sales requirements or territory limitations. You’ll sell interesting, useful products to businesses, churches and organizations, and find there’s no limit to your income potential. Don't wait! Start today!

How to start a home business without alienating friends and family

By Kurt Kaeser on 2015-01-26 in News

Starting a home business is a very exciting undertaking. Naturally, you’ll want to share your new venture with friends and family. And, naturally, they will be excited for you, because they love you and they want you to be happy doing something good with your talents.

But, if your business is a direct sales model where success requires that you sell products to those closest to you, be ready for things to turn sour if you aren’t careful.  You can easily alienate yourself without even realizing it, and strain cherished relationships.

Avoid pressuring friends and family to buy your stuff and/or get involved in the business.

It’s difficult to not want to scream it to the heavens when you feel like you’ve found something that you really love and think everyone else should love it too. That is the mentality of a lot of direct sales businesses and it is a tough path. The reality is that not everyone has the same tastes, preferences or resources to buy what you are selling.  If friends and family begin to feel that you are only interested in getting them to buy something to support your business when they see you, it makes everyone feel awkward and uncomfortable. And that’s the opposite of what you want when it comes to those you care about the most.

What to do instead:

Share your news and invite them to see what you are working on. But if they aren’t interested in buying, don’t be insulted. And don’t pressure them.  Move on to other opportunities. Look for other ways to find people who would be interested. Keep things light and even if it’s not for them, they might share what you are doing with people they know who might be interested. But don’t hold your breath.

Consider finding a business opportunity that does not sell direct to consumer. Maybe starting a home business where you are selling something to other businesses instead would be a better fit. 

This takes a lot of the pressure off of your personal relationships. Instead of mining your personal circles of influence to sell stuff, you can work to build relationships by networking in the community at large and connecting with other business owners who can really use your products and services.  Kaeser & Blair is a great example of just such a business opportunity. 

Your business can easily creep into your home’s communal space, especially if you don’t have a dedicated office space.

Leaving boxes and piles of items related to your business out in the areas of your home where the family gathers is imposing and rude.  Resentment and frustration can mount if you aren’t sensitive to the personal space of those who share your home with you. It’s important to maintain mutual respect if you want your family to support what you are doing.

What to do instead:

Anytime someone starts a home business, there are sacrifices and concessions that must be made by the whole family.  This is unavoidable, and so setting fair and reasonable expectations and boundaries is critical to maintaining peace in the home.

Dedicate a spare bedroom or even a large walkin closet as your office. If you don’t have a room you can use as an office, at least work to keep things contained in a closet, desk and/or file cabinet.  If you must work at the kitchen table, clean up after yourself. Don’t leave piles of paper and boxes of equipment and product around. 

Consider taking your work somewhere else when you can.  Pack up your laptop and go sit in a coffee shop for a couple of hours or go to the library to get out of your family’s hair and give them a break. 

When you start a home business, you can easily become consumed by it, spending inordinate amounts of time focused on it every day as you work to grow it. 

Your work time can spill into family and personal social time before you even realize it.  When you stop being available and accessible to the people you care about, feelings get hurt.  It is easy to develop a myopic view of things when you are dialed in on your work and you are really focused on getting things done.  Those around you can start to feel like they are being ignored and that they are not as important to you as your work is. Of course that isn’t true! 

What to do instead:

Work to adhere to a regular schedule as much as you can. Build in trigger habits that signal the start and stop of your work time so that your loved ones can watch for those and know when you are in work mode and when you are in family mode. This might be using a certain light, wearing a certain jacket, listening to a certain type of music or other indicators that those around you can observe.

Stay in the habit of making plans on a regular basis and honor those social commitments. Being present to those you love is important.  While there will be times when you might have deadlines that can’t be delayed, the work will always be there. It doesn’t go away. 

Get help! Delegate some of your tasks. If you need help with data entry, you can hire someone to do that for you. If you need help fielding phone calls, there are services that are very reasonable that can do that too.

Don’t spend all of your time talking about your business. Maintain a diverse range of interests. It makes you a more interesting and fun person to be around.

Starting a home business is a big undertaking. It requires a great deal of commitment. As it turns out, it also requires a level of commitment from those closest to you.  But if you communicate openly about what you are trying to do, and remind them that the big overarching goal is to be happy and improve your life, no doubt they will be more than willing to support your efforts so that you can be successful.

Are you looking for ways to make extra money, but want better balance between career and family ambitions? A flexible business opportunity that allows you to work from home might be the answer. 

Kaeser & Blair, a trusted family company for over 100 years, offers independent business opportunities to individuals who want a flexible work schedule.  The Kaeser & Blair dealership opportunity allows you to “be in business for yourself, not by yourself.” You own it, you run it, we help. If you are looking for an opportunity to make extra money working from home, contact us today to learn how we can help.

Your Perfect Stay at Home Mom Job Is Out There!

By Kurt Kaeser on 2015-01-19 in News

You CAN find a great stay at home mom job! With the recent economic downturn many families are finding it difficult to make ends meet, and many women are looking for an opportunity to earn extra income or start their own business.  A great stay at home mom job can be hard to find, and unless you have special skills, advanced education and upfront investment, it may seem that working from home isn’t an option. There is an increase in the number of mothers looking for a stay at home mom job, and more and more Americans of ALL ages are choosing to work at home. Whether it’s for a new career post-retirement, caring for an aging loved one, young children or just wanting the freedom of being their own boss, running their own business has become a way of life for millions of Americans. This trend has led to an influx of opportunities that fall short as a lucrative stay at home mom job, but with a little research you can find the right opportunity for you and your family.

Direct selling is a great option for a stay at home mom job. The advantages are numerous: making your own schedule, working when (and how many hours) you want to, having time to spend with your family, saving thousands of dollars per year on childcare, and being able to take an unscheduled day off in the event of a child’s illness or special event at school. Many moms have the skills they need to be successful at direct sales, but don’t know where to start when it comes to choosing the right stay at home mom job.

There are many women looking for a stay at home mom job that choose a direct sales company with products that are sold at home parties, but they can limit how much you make, require purchasing expensive starter kits, require space to store inventory and require friends and relatives to host selling events at their homes. Unfortunately, many of these companies are structured so that you sell as part of a network or that you are part of an “upline” where your profits are shared with local or regional leaders. 

The best opportunities for a direct sales stay at home mom job don’t require an upline or that you sell within a network. They don’t limit your sales territory, or require sales minimums or a large up-front investment. What they DO require is your ability to network, manage your time and money, and set aside time to build your business. It isn’t easy to work from home, but choosing direct sales as a stay at home mom job can turn into a lucrative career!

A direct sales career in the promotional products industry is a great opportunity for a stay at home mom job. Promotional products are always in demand by businesses, organizations and schools as a way to promote their products, business, service, or events. It is one of the most accepted and appreciated form of advertising. They are effective because people tend to appreciate their usefulness, and when they use them or wear them, they are promoting the brand displayed on them. Companies are always looking for an effective, inexpensive way to promote their business, and promotional products are a great option. As a stay at home mom job, a dealer in the promotional products industry allows you to profit from that need.

Do you think direct selling is the right option for YOUR stay at home job? You’re not alone. Thousands of women and men are finding that working from home as a full-time career or to make a little extra money is a great way to make ends meet. Selling products that are unique, useful and in high-demand make it easy to get started quickly, build your business through referrals and social networking, and make money. A stay at home mom job as a direct sales person allows you to start your business when your children are young and need more attention, but as they grow, so can your business! As you increase your investment of time and effort your business and profits will grow. 


Find out more about the promotional products industry and a great opportunity for a stay at home mom job at www.kaeser-blair.com. With over 100 years in the promotional products industry, Kaeser & Blair can help you find a new career and great stay a home mom job with a one-time investment of $85 that is refunded with your first $1,500 in sales. They offer training, support and a great reputation with both their dealers and within the industry. Start a new career and find a great stay at home mom job with Kaeser & Blair. There’s no gimmicks, upfront investment in products, fees, sales requirements or territory limitations. You’ll sell interesting, useful products to businesses, churches and organizations, and find there’s no limit to your income potential. Don't wait! Start today!

Are you considering starting a business?

By Kurt Kaeser on 2014-12-19 in News

Starting a part time business has many advantages!

Starting your own business can be an exciting and maddening adventure. If you are considering starting your own business, but need the steady income your job provides, consider starting a part time business. A part time business will enable you to continue working while establishing your business. There are many types of businesses that you can run as a part time business long-term while drawing a stable income from your job. 

If you are looking for part time business opportunity that will allow to work from home in your spare time with no set schedule or upfront investment, then you may want to consider direct sales in the promotional products industry. Unlike some part time business opportunities, selling promotional products doesn’t require an upfront investment, and you are selling products that are highly sought-after and valuable to businesses and organizations. Selling directly to businesses and helping with them grow with unique products imprinted with their logo can be a very lucrative part time business and eventually lead to a new career! 

Making the decision to quit your job and turn your part time business into a full time career can be a bit unnerving but necessary to take your business to the next level. Working for yourself, having time to spend with your family and setting your own schedule has many benefits. Before you decide to make your part time business a full time career, ensure that you have enough capital to get you through your first year. Stay in touch with your network of contacts from your job or industry – they may present a great sales opportunity.  If you are unsure about starting your own part time business this article may give you some practical advice on what you can expect. 

Find out more about direct sales in the promotional products industry. It may be the perfect opportunity to launch you into a new career! Visit www.kaeser-blair.com and find out more about this exciting opportunity for a part time business in the promotional products industry.

Kaeser & Blair Inc. is one of the best companies to work with as a dealer in the promotional products industry.  We help individuals own their own business and provide a great opportunity for a part time business. In business for over 100 years, we provide our authorized dealers with resources, training and support.  Our promotional products distributors work with schools, social organizations, non-profits and for-profit businesses of all shapes and sizes providing them with creative tools for building awareness and communicating their brand in a powerful and meaningful way. To learn more about how the Kaeser & Blair business opportunity can help you own your own part time business in the advertising specialty promotional products industry we offer the opportunity to try it before you decide. Contact us today for a free Prospectus Package.

Need Help In Your Marketing Department?

By Kurt Kaeser on 2014-12-11 in News

A Promotional Products Distributor May Be Just The Answer!

Promotional products distributors can help your marketing department promote and grow your business. A good promotional products distributor knows the industry inside and out and generally possesses a wealth of information about what works and what doesn’t for many different types of businesses. The advantage of teaming with a promotional products distributor is that they can often get you a great price on higher-quality items and take the time to help you get the best products for your company.

What are the advantages to using promotional products?

  • They get passed along, and with them go your logo and message. A pen, note on a piece of paper from your note pad, tote bag, etc., that bears your logo is noticed by more than just the recipient. 
  • They reinforce your brand. In some cases, the recipient uses your promotional product daily, such a calendar, bottle opener, or clock. This makes it more likely that they will turn to you when they need your product or service.
  • They can turn the recipient into a walking billboard for your product. When they wear your hat, t-shirt, jacket or carry your backpack they are singing your praises. 

A promotional products distributor can help your business find the best products to help communicate your brand to prospects and customers. They know what works in your industry, and will help you choose quality items that your customers and prospects will use and enjoy. When it comes to promotional products, think quality - not quantity. You want a quality item to distribute to quality leads. Items that last and are useful will send the right message, inexpensive items tend to get tossed and with them, your investment.

One of the best parts about working with a promotional products distributor is that promotional products are all they do. Your marketing department may be great at generating interest in your products, creating effective marketing collateral and advertising in the right media channels, but selecting the right promotional items can be mind-boggling when you consider all the products available. Working with a promotional products distributor will make it easy to get the right items for your company or campaign.  

Kaeser & Blair Inc. is one of the best companies to work with as a Promotional Products Distributor.  We help individuals own their own business and provide a great opportunity for a new career. In business for over 100 years, we provide our authorized dealers with resources, training and support.  Our promotional products distributors work with schools, social organizations, non-profits and for-profit businesses of all shapes and sizes providing them with creative tools for building awareness and communicating their brand in a powerful and meaningful way. To learn more about how the Kaeser & Blair business opportunity can help you own your own part time business in the advertising specialty promotional products industry we offer the opportunity to try it before you decide. Contact us today for a free Prospectus Package.

Make Extra Money for the Holidays as a Corporate Gift Specialist

By Kurt Kaeser on 2014-11-24 in News

Are you looking for ways to make extra money for the holidays? The timing couldn’t be better to establish yourself as a Corporate Gift Specialist!

Every year, companies spend millions and millions of dollars on gift items for their customers and employees.  The job of the Corporate Gift Specialist is to help them find fun, interesting, memorable ideas that will help them stay top-of-mind with their clients and show appreciation to their staff.

From corporate gifts for key clients and employee appreciation, to fun favors and freebies for holiday office parties, this is a business need that reoccurs year after year.

The challenge that never goes away is finding gifts that will surprise and delight the receivers.  It requires time, creativity and resourcefulness. Many of the people who are charged with procuring such gifts for their employer simply do not have the time and energy to invest in a lot of shopping.  They are busy with other business-critical tasks.

When this occurs, one of two things can happen.  They may wind up buying the same things over and over, year after year.  As the years go by, the gifts become tired traditions that no longer serve their purpose. Sometimes, they actually wind up becoming somewhat of a dreaded joke with the receivers – which, of course, is the opposite of the intention of a corporate gift! Or, the buyer rushes the purchasing decision and ends up disappointed with their choice.  Either the gift lacks thoughtfulness, is inappropriate or has low perceived value.  A gift that is perceived as being cheap and irrelevant does NOT express appreciation.

An independent corporate gift specialist has one job: to help businesses impress their audience – whether it’s clients, employees or both.  

The best gifts are not necessarily the most expensive, but rather those with high perceived value. Items with aesthetic appeal, entertainment appeal or usefulness are truly the most appreciated.  To determine how a gift will be perceived, the corporate gift specialist must be willing to invest time studying the company.  

They must have a clear understanding of what the objective of the gift is, and what sort of person will receive it.  

Is it to create ongoing brand awareness? Then a practical item that could be used over and over on a regular basis might be most appropriate.  Is it meant to be a one-time gesture of memorable generosity and appreciation?  Then something that is consumable and/or disposable might be more appropriate.  

Is it intended to commemorate an achievement or moment? Then a keepsake item would be the best choice.  

Understanding the culture and brand personality of the company giving the gift is important in discerning what would be a fit.  For example, something made from wood, crystal or leather might be too stiff and stuffy for a company that is very relaxed and casual.  But the same item could be perceived as elegant and classy for a company that is more formal in tone.  Party themes obviously can also be helpful in guiding gift selection.  Is it a black tie gala or a pizza party? The choice of favor for each would obviously be quite different.

The corporate gift specialist is an expert at researching and scouting for the perfect gift ideas on behalf of their buyers.  They know where to find items quickly and can save valuable time for their clients. They can help make the purchasing process much more meaningful and efficient.

 They function similar to a personal shopper. They can work at their own pace, often from home, and make extra money doing so as it fits into their other life obligations.

Corporate gift specialists love the hunt. They thrive on coming up with ideas and are strategic in their approach to helping their clients choose items.  They are always studying trends and seeking inspiration in popular culture, art and in the media.

They are adept at blending multiple, less expensive, items into themed gift packages that create a higher perceived value when thoughtfully combined.  And they always strive to help their client get the best bang for the buck when it comes to creating something impressive.

Kaeser & Blair offers independent dealership opportunities nationwide to individuals who want to make extra money as a corporate gift specialist.  With thousands of products to choose from and an expert sales support team in their home office, K&B helps dealers achieve career success at whatever level of involvement they choose – either part-time or full time. 

Order a FREE Welcome Kit today to learn more about how Kaeser & Blair can help you become a Corporate Gift Specialist.

Be Your Own Boss With One of the Best Direct Sales Companies for Men!

By Kurt Kaeser on 2014-11-21 in News

In today’s economy, many men are finding themselves underemployed and are looking for a new job or even an entirely new career.  If you are in this situation, you may want to consider starting your own business with one of the best direct sales companies for men.  Owning a business has many benefits and direct sales can be a great opportunity to start a new career.

Starting your own business can present challenges, and direct sales can make it easy!  With some of the best direct sales companies for men, you don’t need an office or storefront, and can work from home as little or as much as you like.  The best direct sales companies for men offer support and training, and offer products that are interesting and in high demand. 

Direct sales is on the rise as lucrative option for men and women, but many of the best direct sales companies for men sell products that don’t require home parties or an “upline”.  Some offer incentives to recruit in the form of additional commissions, but don’t require recruiting as a condition to sell for the company. The best direct sales companies for men also offer the ability to sell to businesses, which makes selling easier – especially if you’re selling products that are in high demand.  

Direct selling to businesses is also an opportunity to be constantly networking and adding new clients and additional sales. Once you’ve established a relationship with the owner or purchasing agent, chances are they will call you when it is time to reorder.  The best direct sales companies for men don’t require a territory or demand that you provide them with your sales contacts. You can sell to anyone and your accounts are yours.  

Owning your own business with one of the best direct sales companies for men is an opportunity to start a business while you are still employed or looking for work.  You may find with a little effort that you have a new business and a career that gives you financial independence.  Consider starting your own business - you may find it a rewarding and lucrative endeavor.

Kaeser & Blair Inc. is one of the best direct sales companies for men.  We help individuals own their own business and provide a great opportunity for a new career. In business for over 100 years, we provide our authorized dealers with resources, training and support.  Our dealers work with schools, social organizations, non-profits and for-profit businesses of all shapes and sizes providing them with creative tools for building awareness and communicating their brand in a powerful and meaningful way. To learn more about how the Kaeser & Blair business opportunity can help you pursue a new career in the advertising specialty promotional products industry contact us today for a free welcome kit.

A Great Stay At Home Mom Job Is Within Your Reach!

By Kurt Kaeser on 2014-11-11 in News

A flexible work schedule is why so many women are looking for a great stay at home mom job. For some women, a part-time job is a perfect option, providing that their children are in school and they have the flexibility to attend to both their job and family. For many women, working from home is a great option.  Working from home enables them to care for their children and stay in the workforce, but in most cases it requires special training OR a standing history with company that is flexible to a worker’s request for time at home.

A stay at home mom job that enables you to work from home can include catering or a corporate chef, a freelance writer or grant writer, K-12 online teacher, project management, and direct sales. One of the most popular stay at home mom jobs is direct sales, because many women start out networking in their community and already have the skills needed to become a successful sales person.  As a stay at home mom job, most direct sales jobs let you set your own schedule and make as little or as much money – from supplemental income for vacations and college tuition, to complete financial independence – it’s your choice. 

There are many direct sales opportunities, but many of them require upfront costs, purchasing inventory, training, recruiting, or relying on friends or family to host parties and events where you sell your items. Direct sales in the promotional products industry is a lucrative career choice for thousands of women and men in America. Promotional products are items that are imprinted with a company or organization’s logo. It is one of the most accepted forms of advertising and helps companies grow their business and generate repeat sales. A stay at home mom job in the promotional products industry is a great way to start a direct sales career, and doesn’t require purchasing inventory – since all the items are custom-imprinted and are made to order for each customer. 

As a direct sales representative, you’ll find leads for sales in the places you frequent including: religious organizations, sports clubs, schools, and through friends, business contacts, social networks. You’ll be surprised how many businesses are more than happy to discuss your products and ideas that will help them grow their business. Promotional products are a great way to establish a new career in direct sales and a great way to make money working from home!

As with any new career, getting started is the hard part. Once you’ve established yourself, you’ll find repeat customers and referrals will be a large part of your sales. The sooner you start, the sooner you will find yourself enjoying the freedom your new stay at home mom job gives you, not to mention the additional income and satisfaction of owning your own business!

Kaeser & Blair Inc. is one of the best opportunities for stay at home mom jobs in the promotional products industry. In business for over 100 years, we provide our authorized dealers with resources, training and support. Our dealers work with schools, social organizations, non-profits and for-profit businesses of all shapes and sizes providing them with creative tools for building awareness and communicating their brand in a powerful and meaningful way. To learn more about how the Kaeser & Blair business opportunity can help you pursue a new career as a promotional products distributor in the advertising specialty promotional products industry contact us today for a free welcome kit.

The surprising secret to success and serenity on a flexible work schedule

By Kurt Kaeser on 2014-11-03 in News

It would make sense, at first blush, that a flexible work schedule allows for more personal freedom and better work/life balance. 

That can certainly be true, but not for the reasons that you might assume, before actually giving it a try. The surprising secret to success on a flexible schedule is rather ironic and counterintuitive. 

Many people think that a flexible work schedule means they can do what they want, when they want. But it actually requires a good bit of realistic structure, routine and self discipline in order to be productive. None of those words feel like they would be associated with the word “flexible.” But they really are critical to having flexibility. 

It’s about compromise, controlling the things that you can control, and adapting to or letting go of the things that you can’t control. And it’s ultimately about knowing the difference between those two things.

Perceptions vs. Reality of flexible work

While flexible work does grant more discretion over how your day unfolds, and where you focus your energy, that latitude can only go so far toward improving your situation and experiences. It can easily stop being positive and instead become a barrier to productivity and happiness.

Balancing work obligations with personal responsibilities is challenging no matter what sort of work schedule you keep. Flexible work doesn’t necessarily make it easier. You still have to work hard, and sometimes you have to work when you’d rather be doing something else. But it can position you to do a better job of juggling demands in your personal life, and honoring what is truly important to you. 

Those who go into a flexible work arrangement thinking they will be able to do whatever they want, whenever they want, will be greatly disappointed. Likewise, those who think that they can squeeze work in after they do all the other things they want to do and put it last on the list of priorities will not achieve what they thought they would either.

The reality is that you are going to have to be even stricter with yourself than you would if you had a supervisor deciding what you will do on a daily basis. And you may find yourself working even more, or longer hours, than you would at a traditional job.

So how can you ensure your flexible work schedule is functional and productive?

The Secret

Flexibility is not automatic.  You have to plan and organize for it, earn it and set the stage for it. You have to create boundaries for yourself – which initially feels opposite of what flexibility would imply. But having boundaries in the form of goals, guidelines and specific tactical, environmental strategies will set a foundation for activities that cultivate productity, while being fluid and agile as personal needs and obligations ebb and flow. 

Have a home base, even if you need to work elsewhere sometimes

Set up a designated, organized place for work in your home as a launching pad. It can be an office in a spare room or a simple desk in the kitchen. But make it your home base where you are going to begin and end your work day. Then, if you need to work somewhere else, at a coffee shop between meetings or for a change of scenery, or in your car during your kids’ soccer practice, you can gather what you need into a tote or briefcase and take it with you wherever. At the end of the day, you can return to your home base and reset for the next work session.

Don’t fly by the seat of your pants – write it down!

Spontaneity is okay sometimes, and no doubt sparks valuable ideas and creativity. But if everything is left to chance and whim, important things fall between the cracks. Psychology experts tell us that the process of making lists actually reduces anxiety and fosters creativity. Keep a master calendar with everything recorded religiously on it. Keep sub lists for everything as you go through your day. Maintain a grocery list, a household chores list, a list for work related items, a list of family activities. 

Declare what you want to accomplish with specific, tangible goals. How much money do you want to make? How many hours do you want to work? Do you want to work a little each day? Or do you want to work longer hours but on fewer, certain days? 

Lists are your friend. Even if you think you’ll remember, write it down! 

Prioritize to stay focused on what is important.

Making lists is only part of the process. The other piece of the puzzle is discerning which of the myriad tasks must be completed first and focusing on those. This is perhaps the most difficult part. The process of prioritizing forces you to make tough decisions, to compromise, and to ultimately be at peace with some things not getting done. You have to decide what you can tolerate and what is not negotiable when it comes to family and household obligations. Certain duties may need to go undone or be handed off to others. A classic tool for helping to prioritize a list is the Eisenhower Decision Matrix. President Dwight D. Eisenhower, one of our nation’s greatest leaders, used this simple principle as a guide throughout his entire military and political career. This grid helps identify which tasks are truly important.   

Ask for help

This is easier said than done. We want to be self reliant. But people who are successful on a flexible work schedule know they can’t do it alone and be everything to everyone. Anyone who tries will eventually find themselves feeling exhausted, resentful and burned out. 

If you are constantly distracted by multiple obligations pulling you in different directions, you will not be able to get anything done. Your family is going to have to pitch in around the house. Get help with childcare and carpools when you are running into conflicts with your schedule. There will be times when you will have to call on friends and colleagues for moral support and encouragement.

Focus and Finish

Have the courage to keep your eye on the prize – on the things that you can do to reach your goals. It’s easy to let the small, inevitable interruptions in life derail your efforts. One way to keep that from happening is to adjust your attitude about them. If you allow interruptions to make you angry or frustrated, they will become even bigger obstacles. Work to be gentle but firm with others when fielding interruptions. Set fair and reasonable expectations with your family about when you are available to them and when you must focus on your work. Then honor those expectations.

Success and serenity

A flexible work schedule can definitely set the stage for better work/life balance and ultimately personal satisfaction, serenity and happiness. But it requires self discipline and boundaries.  There’s a lot of business insight packed into the simple classic prayer:  Serenity to accept the things you cannot change, the courage to change the things you can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

Would you like to earn extra money for your family on a flexible work schedule? Kaeser & Blair offers individuals that opportunity with unlimited earnings potential.  Order our free welcome kit today to learn how you can become an authorized Kaeser & Blair dealer.

Laid Off, Downsized or Let Go?

By Kurt Kaeser on 2014-10-24 in News

Reinvent Yourself With Advertising Specialties Business Opportunities

There are many advertising specialties business opportunities available for people who want to reinvent their career or are searching for the right approach to their financial independence and stability. If you are pounding the pavement in search of a new job, and are having difficulty finding something suitable, one of the many advertising specialties business opportunities available may be the perfect option. 

Many Americans are finding themselves laid off or downsized and are having difficulty finding the right job. Many would like a new career, but can’t afford to take the time and expense for additional training or education.  There are many advertising specialties business opportunities available, and with the right strategy, you can own your own successful business.  Advertising specialties business opportunities vary, but most provide the opportunity for success. 

Even if you are employed but searching for additional income, there are advertising specialties business opportunities that can provide you with flexibility and financial freedom.  The average American is still feeling the financial pinch of the economic downturn. Depending of what report you read, nearly 30% of Americans report being underemployed, or working less than 30 hours per week. Advertising specialties business opportunities provide an excellent way to supplement your income and take advantage of your extra time.

The advertising specialties industry is growing. Selling promotional products can be rewarding, and helping businesses and organizations communicate their brand with unique imprinted items is one of the most accepted forms of advertising today. Taking advantage of the many available advertising specialties business opportunities can be lucrative, and owning your own business has many benefits including:

  • Flexibility – You can set your own schedule and work the hours you choose.
  • Financial independence – You can make additional income OR start a new career.
  • Tax benefits – You may be able to deduct a portion of car payments, mileage, travel expenses, food, etc. 
  • Reinvention – Owning your own business with any of the available advertising specialties business opportunities can open new doors and create the life of your dreams.
  • Satisfaction – Taking advantage of one of the many advertising specialties business opportunities can be extremely rewarding as you find independence and have more time with your family.

Reinvent yourself by reinventing your career and reap the rewards. Use your skills and find financial freedom, more time for your family or yourself, and greater satisfaction. Investigate one of the many advertising specialties business opportunities available and put an end to your job search while creating the life of your dreams.

Kaeser & Blair Inc. is one of the best advertising specialties business opportunities today. In business for over 100 years, we provide our authorized dealers with resources, training and support. Our dealers work with schools, social organizations, non-profits and for-profit businesses of all shapes and sizes providing them with creative tools for building awareness and communicating their brand in a powerful and meaningful way. To learn more about how the Kaeser & Blair business opportunity can help you pursue a new career as a promotional products distributor in the advertising specialty promotional products industry contact us today for a free welcome kit.

Do You Love Networking and Connecting With Your Community?

By Kurt Kaeser on 2014-10-13 in News

A Promotional Products Career May The Perfect Opportunity for You!

Have you considered a promotional products career? Do you enjoy connecting with others in your community, school, or place of worship? Do you enjoy assisting others and get a charge when you’ve solved a problem or helped someone succeed? Do you find social situations comfortable – even if you're the new person in the room? It sounds like you may be a great networker and have a natural aptitude with sales and marketing. If this sounds like you, promotional products careers may be just the change you need to take your career to the next level.

Are YOU a great networker? Find out – take this simple test from CNN Money, you may find the results very revealing.  A promotional products career may be the perfect way to use your networking skills!

If you are a great networker and are tapped in to local organizations, schools and businesses, a promotional products career can be a lucrative, fulfilling way to make extra money or start a new career. If you are looking for an opportunity that gives you the ability to work from home, work as little or as much as you like and increase your income, promotional products careers may be perfect for you. 

Promotional products careers are great way to make money – even in today’s unpredictable economic environment the promotional products industry is growing! Promotional products careers, such as direct sales as a promotional products dealer, help you increase brand awareness and sales for companies with unique imprinted items. Promotional products careers fill a need for companies that are outsourcing their marketing, too small for a marketing department, or need to refresh their brand because of changes to their business such as a move, merger, or exciting new product. For religious organizations, sports teams and leagues, schools or clubs, a salesperson that has a promotional products career can be a great source for imprinted items for sales, uniforms, recognition, or to help build community awareness. 

Maximize your natural ability to network and start a promotional products career today! 

Kaeser & Blair Inc. is one of the best opportunities to grow your income with a promotional products career. In business for over 100 years, we provide our authorized dealers with resources, training and support. Our dealers work with schools, social organizations, non-profits and for-profit businesses of all shapes and sizes providing them with creative tools for building awareness and communicating their brand in a powerful and meaningful way. To learn more about how the Kaeser & Blair business opportunity can help you pursue a new career as a promotional products distributor in the advertising specialty promotional products industry contact us today for a free welcome kit.

Small business opportunities are more rewarding with the full circle of coaching

By Kurt Kaeser on 2014-10-10 in News

Running a small business can be much more rewarding if you are able to surround yourself with a team of advisors. If you open yourself up to being “coached” and in the end - if you pay it forward by eventually coaching someone else - you’ll make a giant leap forward toward long term success.

Sounds like a lot?

Not if you break this process into manageable pieces. Try these steps:

Seek out your circle of trusted advisors

Don’t limit yourself to a single person.  Gain a wider range of perspectives by surrounding yourself with a small, intimate group of positive people who have varied backgrounds and are willing to share their experiences and expertise with you.

How do you find good coaches and mentors? 

Finding a coach or mentor is an inexact science and you can’t rush the process. It takes time to make a meaningful connection.  

Companies who offer small business opportunities often have some sort of structure in place that provides guidance for individuals new to the business.  This can be another, more experienced dealer who recruits, motivates and answers questions. It can also be a home office team of company experts who are dedicated to supporting your efforts. These are great starting places, but reaching out into your community to identify others who are willing to help you succeed can pay even further dividends

Chambers of Commerce and other local civic and service organizations are great places to find people. They often have mentoring programs in place that you can join or can refer you to such programs in the community. Even without a formal program, the effort you make to become a member and attend events hosted by these groups will facilitate connections that have the potential to grow into trusted relationships to help you grow your small business opportunity.

It has to be a win/win situation

You can’t just expect someone to take you under their wing and give out free advice.  It has to be a mutually beneficial and equitable situation.  So, while you are working to gain guidance and knowledge, you have to be ready to understand the motivation and needs of the person who is helping you.

Unless it is a close personal friend or family member, it is unlikely that you will find many professionals with worthwhile insights who are ready to have you pick their brain endlessly for free.  So there has to be something that moves them to do so, and it doesn’t have to be a tangible exchange, although sometimes it can and should be.  

Sometimes, you can make mutually beneficial connections with individuals who have a small business opportunity that is complimentary to yours. You can give referrals to them as a gesture of gratitude for the wisdom they are willing to share with you.

You may also discover that investing in a couple of hours on a paid consulting basis with an expert in the area you need the most help can reap priceless recommendations that can help you grow your small business opportunity by leaps and bounds.  This is a very respectful and equitable way of getting the proper coaching that you need.  

But often, if you are willing to invest the time to network and actively engage socially in your community, you can form relationships with successful individuals who know they had help themselves along the way.  These people are often seeking opportunities to assist others as a way to give back because it gives them personal satisfaction to do so.  That feeling of being able to “pay it forward” is their motivator.  Finding a coach this way takes time though.  It’s somewhat like dating. But when you find chemistry with someone who is genuinely interested in you, it is well worth the effort.

Be coachable

Finding a coach to help you as you build your small business opportunity is only the first step. 

In order to make a difference for your small business opportunities, you must open to change, be willing to put yourself out there and risk being somewhat vulnerable.  A coach can’t help you if you aren’t honest with your strengths and weaknesses.  Be open to suggestions and constructive criticism without being defensive is critical.  You have to be curious, ask questions, be interested in others and be receptive to learning from others.  Be ready to thoughtfully consider the advice you receive and, most importantly, be ready to execute on the ideas that are shared with you.  

A good coach will understand the potential of your small business opportunities and will have the experience to help you make informed decisions as you work to grow.  But the help you receive is only as good as the way you implement it into your business activities.

It’s okay to probe and ask questions if you don’t understand a process or rationale behind a technique or strategy, but if you behave like a know-it-all and ignore recommendations, your coach will lose interest and you will be on your own.

Pay it forward - Volunteer

The value of the “karma factor” when it comes to coaching and mentoring cannot be underestimated.  You have to know that anyone who is willing to give freely of their time and knowledge has been the receiver of like kindness in the past.  As such, it is customary and makes good sense that if your small business opportunities are the beneficiary of valuable coaching, it is in your best interest to pass along the positive energy.  Look for opportunities to share what you learn.  In this way, you will not only be able to help others, but the process of sharing also reinforces what you have learned and it will become more a permanent part of your own business DNA.

You can share by volunteering with youth programs focused on teaching students about business such as Junior Achievement or other programs in your local schools.  Join discussions on social media platforms such as Twitter and Linkedin that are focused on helping people take advantage of small business opportunities.  Answer the call when you are approached by others who notice your efforts and ask for help.

When you function as a business person who is open to receiving, implementing, and sharing business know-how, you function in a state of positive energy that will allow you to attract the types of customers, partners and network of peers that position your small business to flourish!

Start a home business – America’s answer to the economic downturn.

By Kurt Kaeser on 2014-10-01 in News

Many Americans have decided to start a home business for many different reasons. For some, it is in response to a job loss, and for others it’s the need to make extra money, or a way to get control of their future and get paid what they’re worth. Dissatisfaction with the corporate environment, and wanting their work to have more value are other reasons that both women and men have decided to start a home business.

In this climate of economic change, many have decided to start a home business in many different industries. Financial services, consulting, tutoring, and coaching require minimal investment, but you may need additional training or licensing to start a home business. If you have a knack for fitness, becoming a certified fitness or yoga instructor is a great way to start a home business. Child and senior care are options to start a home business, but they do require licensing, a space in your home and/or transportation to operate.

One of the easiest ways to start a home business is also one of the most popular – direct sales. The advantages of direct sales as a way to start a home business include working from home, working the hours that you want and support and training from the company. The downside to direct sales is many of the companies require hosting parties, recruiting and selling niche items that have a narrow customer base. Because of this, consumers need to be savvy when selecting the right opportunity to start a home business.

If you are considering a career change and would like to start a home business, consider the following:

  • Is there a need for their products?
  • How much do have to invest up front?
  • Is there any training or support?
  • How much money can I make?
  • How long have they been in business?
  • Is recruiting required?
  • Is there a minimum that I need to sell?
  • Are there territory restrictions?
  • Are there a minimum number of hours I am required to work?

Consider all of these when you are choosing a direct sales company. To start a home business, you need to feel comfortable with what you are selling and your profit potential. A reputable company will be more than happy to connect with dealers in your area that can speak volumes about the company. They are a great resource and can really help you make a decision.

If you decide to start a home business, you’re not alone! Start-ups are increasing in number every year, as well as the number of products and services that take the guesswork out of running your own business. Take advantage of your entrepreneurial spirit and take control of your income and future. Consider the advantages and then get busy with your new career, today!

Kaeser & Blair Inc. is one of the best opportunities to start a home business as a promotional products dealer. In business for over 100 years, we provide our authorized dealers with resources, training and support. Our dealers work with schools, social organizations, non-profits and for-profit businesses of all shapes and sizes providing them with creative tools for building awareness and communicating their brand in a powerful and meaningful way. To learn more about how the Kaeser & Blair business opportunity can help you start a home business as a promotional products distributor in the advertising specialty promotional products industry contact us today for a free welcome kit.

Start a home business to reinvent yourself

By Kurt Kaeser on 2014-09-30 in News

You’ve heard it before: she’s so artistic, a social butterfly, book smart, athletic, funny, good with numbers, smart, shy, outgoing, stubborn.  The world loves to put labels on us. What you don’t hear often is “she should start a home business.”

We are often labeled early in life by those around us.  Our parents do it from the time we are very young. We’re athletic, we’re hyper, we’re creative, or we’re sensitive.   The ones who love us the most are often the ones who feel like they need to put us in a tidy box. It’s not malicious. Humans have an innate need to define the world and those around them. The people closest to us try to identify our talents so they can encourage us to find a positive direction in life. So they “know who we are.” What frequently happens is that their definition of us becomes what we believe – how they see us becomes how we see ourselves. 

In reality, the person we really are destined to become can be quite different from what is expected by those around us. And, if we surrender to a life defined by others, we live wondering, in the back of our minds, what could have been. And, eventually, that evolves into regret and resentment when we finally realize that, by labeling ourselves, we miss opportunities. 

Here is the good news:  It’s never too late to transform your life.

Do you have a solid sense of self awareness?

When we know our own strengths and weaknesses, we are empowered us to use our talents to the best of our ability. But here’s the thing. Sometimes, we think we aren’t good at something, that we aren’t capable of certain skills, because somewhere in our past, we tried and fell short.  Then, someone else made sure to point it out and encouraged us to try another path. 

As we go through life, we evolve and grow. When faced with a challenge that forces us to come out of our comfort zone, we discover talents and abilities that we didn’t know we had. This is especially true when it comes to work and career. 

We’ve all known smart, beautiful, talented women who say, “I wish I was creative,” or “I don’t have the personality for sales,” or “I’m too old and set in my ways to start a new career or start a home business.” 

The reality is that creativity is inside all of us. We just have to find the right outlet for us to express it. Not all creative artists paint. Some draw. Some write poetry. Some are sculptors. Some prepare beautiful meals. Some decorate their homes in a way that is inviting and comfortable for their families. 

And some find unique, creative ways to convince people to do things. They are creative communicators. 

And selling is really just that - convincing someone that they should do something.  If you’ve ever convinced a child to taste a new food or go to bed on time, you’ve sold something to a tough customer! If you’ve ever convinced your spouse to mow the lawn, or attend an event with you, then you’ve sold something. We ALL sell at one time or another. 

Don’t let others define you. No matter what stage of life you are right this moment, you are allowed to change your mind and reinvent yourself. We only walk through this life once. There are so many interesting paths! It’s okay to try a new one, no matter how old you are.

In her bestselling book “The Happiness Project,” Gretchen Rubin says that a key component of happiness is a sense of control over your own life.  

When you choose to start a home business, you call your own shots. You decide how it will fit into your life and your family priorities. Finding a way to make extra money working from home creates choices. Having choices and resources gives you more control over your own life.  

People reinvent themselves all the time 

Celebrities are surely some of the most visible examples. 

Did you know that Julia Child – an American woman who pioneered the television cooking show genre - way before there was something called “Food Network” - didn’t begin to really learn how to cook until she was 37? Finding her passion late in life, her groundbreaking television show didn’t launch until she was 50. And did you know that she flunked out of her first cooking classes? Or that it took over eight years to write her bestselling debut cookbook “Mastering the Art of French Cooking?” And did you know that before she became a culinary icon, she spent time in the advertising industry and when she was told she was too tall to join the military in World War II, she instead worked abroad for the government in what is now the CIA?  She blazed the trail for food television stars of today like Martha Stewart, Rachel Ray, Ina Garten, Paula Deen and others.

Today, her kitchen can be toured at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C.

She is one single example of a legion of women who have discovered hidden talents, overcame challenges and redefined themselves later in life.

Be confident. Be comfortable in your own skin and be open to finding new ways to do something meaningful with your talents.

Starting a home business is a great way to reinvent yourself and do something to make money on your own terms, on your own schedule, and do something you can feel proud of.

And, oh, by the way, Julia Child was NOT French. But that didn’t stop her!

Are you ready to redefine yourself and gain more control over your own life? Consider starting a home business with Kaeser & Blair Inc. 

In business for over 100 years, Kaeser & Blair has been helping people attain freedom and flexibility to work when they want and earn extra income from home.

Order your free welcome kit today to learn more about how you can take advantage of this lucrative business opportunity. 

Promotional Products Distributors Help Businesses Increase Sales!

By Kurt Kaeser on 2014-09-25 in News

Promotional products distributors know how to increase brand awareness and sales for the companies to which they sell. Because of this, promotional products distributors are often called upon to consult with marketing and sales departments for the best and newest ideas about how to promote a new product, service or special event.  

Promotional products distributors understand the need for unique, inexpensive products that help promote their customer’s business or event and will be of use to the recipient. Nearly every American household has promotional items, and they are one of the most effective and accepted forms of advertising. Whenever the recipient uses a promotional item they are reminded of the brand, and if it’s wearable or used in public then the brand is communicated to others as well. Some of the most common items that promotional products distributors sell are:

  • T-shirts, jackets and sweatshirts (wearables)
  • Hats and caps
  • Writing instruments 
  • Desk accessories
  • Calendars
  • Drinkware
  • Bags 
  • USB Drives
  • Cell phone and mobile accessories

Companies call upon promotional products distributors to help them promote their business and reward their customers. They are also used to motivate and reward their “internal customers” – their employees. Here’s a list of some of the ways promotional products are used:

• Introducing new products 

• Opening new accounts

• Enticing tradeshow traffic 

• New company name or branding initiative

• Sales aids 

• Motivating consumers 

• Improving customer relations

• Energizing employees

• Promoting new facilities

• Brand building

Promotional products distributors can help any business, non-profit, school or community promote events, sales, and new products. As independent dealers, promotional products distributors grow their businesses with effective networking, great customer service and product knowledge. If you are looking for an opportunity to capitalize on your connections and own your own business, becoming promotional products distributor is a great opportunity for YOU.


Kaeser & Blair Inc. is one of the best opportunities to own your own business as a promotional products distributor. In business for over 100 years, we provide our authorized dealers with resources, training and support. Our dealers work with schools, social organizations, non-profits and for-profit businesses of all shapes and sizes providing them with creative tools for building awareness and communicating their brand in a powerful and meaningful way. To learn more about how the Kaeser & Blair business opportunity can help you pursue a new career as a promotional products distributor in the advertising specialty promotional products industry contact us today for a free welcome kit.

Start a home business with Kaeser & Blair Inc.

By Kurt Kaeser on 2014-09-23 in News

Start a home business with Kaeser & Blair Inc.

Family-owned company seeks independent dealers who want to make extra money working from home

Did you receive a free diaper bag at the hospital with the name of a baby products company on it? Or maybe you were given an ink pen by your insurance agent with his logo on it? Do you have a keychain with the name of your bank or beverage can koozi with the name of your realtor on it? Maybe you own a souvenir coffee mug with the name of your favorite vacation destination? What about a water bottle with your child’s sports team name printed on it?

These are all examples of promotional advertising products that independent authorized dealers can sell when they start a home business with Kaeser & Blair, Inc.

A Midwestern company with national reach

In business over 100 years, Kaeser & Blair is a highly respected, national distributor for promotional advertising specialty products and is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Promotional products are an appealing form of advertising used by nearly every type of business and organization, where a marketing message is delivered on a useful item. The advertising message is targeted to the right audience and the recipient is reminded of the advertiser every time they use that item.

Featuring thousands of products – Kaeser & Blair has virtually anything you can think of that someone might want to print or engrave a logo or personalized message. Popular items include all the items mentioned above plus an endless selection of other items such as tote bags, apparel, hats, umbrellas, desk accessories, corporate gift ideas and scores of other fun things.

Seeking entrepreneurial parents who want to start a home business

Kaeser & Blair’s independent dealers are frequently parents who left the traditional workplace to raise a family and want to find ways to make extra money working from home.  

You decide: make it a part time or full time business opportunity

With no home parties to host or quotas to meet, Kaeser & Blair dealers sell to small, medium and large businesses in their community, as well as school groups, civic organizations, event organizers, nonprofit groups, sports leagues, event and wedding planners - the list of potential customers is endless, and so is the potential to earn.

It is a flexible opportunity to control their own schedule, and work wherever they want, part-time or full-time, on their own terms.

Sell shovels to those mining for gold

During the 1849 California Gold Rush, those who really struck it rich digging for gold were few. The ones who made the real money were the ones who “sold shovels.” They provided access to necessities such as food, clothing, tools and supplies to fortune-seeking miners. Do you own a pair of Levi’s jeans? Did you know that Levi Strausse established his company selling those blue jeans to the gold rushers?  

Kaeser & Blair dealers are positioned to do much the same thing. By providing businesses with creative ideas and products, they supply valuable tools to help businesses “find gold” – whatever that translates to for each individual business. The right promotional product can create awareness and ultimately attract new customers.  These products help people communicate with their customers, vendors, employees, members and others in a way that is meaningful, memorable and impactful.  Kaeser & Blair dealers make a difference for their clients by helping them accomplish their marketing goals – ultimately helping them “strike gold!”   

Be in business for yourself, not by yourself

Every Kaeser & Blair Authorized Dealer has unlimited access to a skilled and knowledgeable team of Dealer Support Representatives. 

Our Dealer Support team is constantly available to your dealership and will proactively work with you to support your business’s needs. They can provide industry insight, product suggestions and assistance with manufacturers and orders. 

There is no inventory that needs to be bought or kept. Kaeser & Blair takes care of all that.

We handle everything from credit approval and credit card processing to vendor relations, invoicing your customers, paying vendors and collections. We’re even able to assume the liability on past due accounts and all collection processes are handled professionally, courteously, and ethically.

Providing these services allows our dealers to spend more time with customers and less time worrying about the financial burdens of running a business.

The work our dealers do creates goodwill, motivates employees, encourages new customer accounts, stimulates sales, reinforces safety reminders, and helps to build brand awareness. Every business and organization is a potential user of promotional products and that is why this industry remains as one of the fastest growing today.

How can I do it?

To learn more about the Kaeser & Blair Authorized Dealer business opportunity, order a Free Welcome Kit today!

When you are ready to go for it, order your Dealer Success Kit. A nominal deposit ($85.) is fully refundable when you reach $1,500 in cumulative sales, so it's ultimately free!  If you decide this opportunity is not for you, return the kit within 30 days and your $85 will be refunded. Starting a K&B Dealership is a truly risk-free opportunity. 

The profit percentages are the best in the industry and they pay lightening fast! Earnings are paid when orders are entered – in advance of product production and delivery. 

Visit Kaeser & Blair for even more information about how to start a home business today!

Launch Your New Career With One Of the BEST Direct Sales Companies For Men!

By Kurt Kaeser on 2014-09-12 in News

The best direct sales companies for men understand the needs of today’s goal –oriented entrepreneurs. If you are looking for a career change, consider the traits that describe a great direct sales representative – do any of these words describe YOU?

  1. Fearless
  2. Ambitious
  3. Socially Savvy
  4. Self Starter
  5. Pragmatic
  6. Goal-oriented 
  7. Achiever 
  8. Underemployed
  9. Underpaid
  10. Frustrated

Those last three words don’t sound so great, do they? The best and brightest talents in any industry can easily say YES to numbers 1-7. The problem is that in today’s world they also say yes to number 8,9 and 10. 

The recent downturn in the economy has changed the way companies view (and compensate) their employees. With so many of our nation’s talented workforce in a position where they are underemployed and underpaid, it’s only natural that searching for a growth position with a solid company has created so much frustration.  

As a result, the direct sales industry has seen an increase in the decade.  This is due in part to job loss and underemployment, coupled with an increase in the need for supplemental income.  For men who want better control of their finances, future and free time, starting a business with one of the best direct sales companies for men is an opportunity to make a positive impact in their future.  Unfortunately, some of the fastest growing direct sales companies require an upline, recruiting other sales people, throwing parties or maintaining an extensive inventory, but this is not the case with all direct sales opportunities. The myths about direct sales companies often cause confusion about how lucrative and rewarding a career with one of the best direct sales companies for men can be. 

Starting your own company with one of the best direct sales companies for men is a great opportunity to take control and create the life that you want.  The best direct sales companies for men allow you to charge forward with fearless ambition and use your skills as you network, increase sales and build your client base – a client base that is exclusively yours. The best direct sales companies for men also give you comprehensive support and service, coupled with great products and quick pay.  A reputable company charges minimum upfront costs – because they make their money with talented sales people, not with unnecessary fees and charges.  The best direct sales companies for men don’t assign territories, limit your sales, or put a cap on how much you can sell. Many companies offer incentives to recruit by increasing your commission ONLY if you recruit, but the more reputable ones do not have this as a requirement. 

If you decide that direct sales is for you, do your research and consider only the best sales companies for men. A solid choice is one that sells products that interest you and are of value to businesses and people within your network of contacts, because they will undoubtedly be where you will find your first sales. As with any new career, you will need to approach your business methodically. Your efforts will be rewarded with new and repeat sales as you grow your base of clients. 

Kaeser & Blair Inc. is one of the best direct sales companies for men.  We help individuals own their own business and provide a great opportunity for a new career. In business for over 100 years, we provide our authorized dealers with resources, training and support.  Our dealers work with schools, social organizations, non-profits and for-profit businesses of all shapes and sizes providing them with creative tools for building awareness and communicating their brand in a powerful and meaningful way. To learn more about how the Kaeser & Blair business opportunity can help you pursue a new career in the advertising specialty promotional products industry contact us today for a free welcome kit.

A Part-Time Business Can Turn Into A Lucrative Career!

By Kurt Kaeser on 2014-08-27 in News

A Part-Time Business Can Turn Into A Lucrative Career!

Starting a part-time business is a great way to earn additional income and start a new career. The American entrepreneurial spirit is stronger than ever. The recent downturn in the economy has resulted in workers from all walks of life changing the way they view their careers.  Whether it’s out of necessity or the desire to follow their passion, thousands of Americans have decided to start a part-time business to supplement their income.  

There are many ways to start a part-time business, and if you are considering a career change or need additional income, you may be surprised how quickly and easily you can turn your interests into a new career.  Your favorite hobby or a talent may be a fast way to establish a part-time business, and can be done in your free time. If you have a passion, chances are you can teach it, sell it, consult with businesses about it, or use your connections with others who share it to generate income.  

There are other ways to start a part-time business, but they may require up-front costs, training and a greater commitment of your time and energy. There are other opportunities to start a part-time business by purchasing a franchise, getting additional training or education, or reselling items, but all of these involve having capital or financing available. 

Any choice you make, you will need to harness the power of networking as you start your part-time business. Let others around you know about your endeavor.  You’ll be surprised how much support and business you’ll generate, and how effective word of mouth can be! Becoming a social media expert and getting the help you need to establish an online presence, including a website, is essential. 

The best part of starting your own part-time business is that it can turn into a full-time career. With success will come more and more business, and with it the need to focus on the business. If you started your part-time business to replace a lost job, congratulations, you're efforts are proving to be successful.  If still have a “day job”, you may need to consider whether it’s time to commit yourself to your part-time business on a full-time basis.  Knowing when to quit your regular job can pose an entirely set of variables to consider, but in most cases taking the leap will pay off as your business thrives with the your additional focus. 

Consider Kaeser & Blair Inc. as a great opportunity to start a part-time business.  We help individuals start their own business with no up-front costs or need for additional business space. In business for over 100 years, we provide our authorized dealers with resources, training and support.  Our dealers work with schools, social organizations, non-profits and for-profit businesses of all shapes and sizes providing them with creative tools for building awareness and communicating their brand in a powerful and meaningful way. To learn more about how the Kaeser & Blair business opportunity can help you pursue a new career and start a part-time business that can turn into a lucrative career in the advertising specialty promotional products industry. Contact us today for a free welcome kit.

A Flexible Work Schedule Can Help You Achieve Balance With Your Family and Career.

By Kurt Kaeser on 2014-08-25 in News

A Flexible Work Schedule Can Help You Achieve Balance With Your Family and Career.

But How Do You Find The Right Flexible Work Opportunity?

With today’s busy lifestyle, most Americans are looking for a flexible work schedule to help them balance the needs of family and career. Companies that offer a flexible work schedule consider it to be a benefit for both the company and employees’ job satisfaction. Unfortunately, some companies that offer a flexible schedule, but sideline the careers of employees that participate. It seems that many employers offer a flexible schedule for the more tenured employees or employees with higher degrees – leaving many employees ineligible for flexible work schedules.

If your company doesn’t offer a flexible work schedule, to request one may make you a trailblazer at your company, but that shouldn’t stop you from considering proposing this to your employer. If you are in good standing and have a few years’ tenure at work, requesting a flexible work schedule may be met with a positive response.

Establishing what you want, in writing, is the best way to present your flexible work request to your employer. A flexible work schedule may include varying your hours working from home and at the office, job sharing, part-time hours, working 10-hour days to complete 40 hours in four days, or working a longer week of shorter days. Establishing what will work best for you is imperative before you approach your employer.

Once you’ve established what will work best for you and your family, write a proposal. It should benefit both you and the company, and illustrate exactly what you hope to accomplish. Don’t approach your boss or human resources until you know exactly what type of schedule will work best for you, and have a plan to negotiate.  

There are many jobs that do not allow employees to adopt a flexible work schedule, and some employees may find the need to search elsewhere for employment. If you want to make additional income or start a path to a new career, starting your own business is another path to a flexible work schedule. 

When you start your own business, you set your own time and hours, and you can establish your flexible work schedule. There are MANY opportunities to work from home and create a business that will allow you to balance your work and family without negotiating with an employer. Your own business is your opportunity to make money, balance your work and home, strengthen career skills and stay independent. When you own your own business, YOU are in control and have the ability to follow your passion.

Kaeser & Blair Inc. helps individuals own their own business and provides a flexible way work from home. In business for over 100 years, we provide our authorized dealers with resources, training and support.  Our dealers work with schools, social organizations, non-profits and for-profit businesses of all shapes and sizes providing them with creative tools for building awareness and communicating their brand in a powerful and meaningful way. To learn more about how the Kaeser & Blair business opportunity can help you pursue a new career and establish a flexible work schedule in the advertising specialty promotional products industry contact us today for a free welcome kit.

Make Extra Money to Help Pay for Home Maintenance.

By Kurt Kaeser on 2014-08-05 in News

Make Extra Money to Help Pay for Home Maintenance.

Many homeowners are trying to make extra money to pay for extra expenses like tuition, vacations or home maintenance. If you buy a home consider not just whether you can afford the mortgage, but also whether or not you need to make extra money for unexpected home repairs.  You must also plan for the inevitable repairs and routine maintenance that is required to keep your home in good condition.

It’s impossible to predict what actual expenses may be year to year. However, HSH Associates, a mortgage data firm, recommends that homeowners budget approximately 2% of their home’s value for maintenance and repairs each year. With the recent downturn in the economy and skyrocketing costs, many homeowners are beginning to realize that they need to make extra money to pay for home maintenance. 

They also share a helpful home repair timeline on their website.  The timeline not only provides tips on seasonal home maintenance activities, but it also outlines what a homeowner should expect to replace at certain longer term milestones.  For example, a dishwasher should last approximately nine years.  And if you have a steel sink in your kitchen, you should expect it to begin showing wear after five years and should not plan to keep it more than ten years before replacing it.  Most ranges and refrigerators will last for 13-15 years and a hot water heater will need replacement around the eleven year mark. Kitchen and bathroom faucets last around ten to 15 years, and a wooden deck has a life of about 20 years.  

The exterior of a home typically needs to be painted every five to ten years.  Costs can vary for house painting based on a number of factors including the size and location of the house, the time of year, the materials and prep work needed to ensure a quality result, and even the color can make a difference. HomeAdvisor offers a handy calculator to help determine what you might expect to pay to have the exterior of your home painted, and some homeowners may look for creative ways to make extra money to pay for this repair.

Then, of course, if you have children living at home, that introduces another set of repairs and maintenance activities that must be accounted for.  Sooner or later, a ball is going to go through a window.  The sofa and carpeting are going to get torn and stained.  The bathroom is going to flood.  A door is going to get broken.  Families really LIVE in their homes.  And the home often takes a beating and must be maintained to keep it safe, comfortable and functional.

Thinking and assessing these items ahead of time allows for realistic budgeting and reduces stress. But if you are like many homeowners living with a pinched budget in this tough economy, it may be difficult to set aside the funds.  

If that is the case, finding creative ways to make extra money may be in order.

Many homeowners are living with tight budgets. They are finding themselves looking for ways to make extra money to pay for home upkeep expenses.   A part time business opportunity working from home is often just what’s needed to bridge the gap between household income and those maintenance expenses that are so unpredictable. 

Kaeser & Blair Inc. helps individuals make extra money to cover home repair and maintenance expenses by providing a flexible way work from home. In business for over 100 years, we provide our authorized dealers with resources and training, supporting their efforts to do work they feel passionate about.  Our dealers work with schools, social organizations, non-profits and for-profit businesses of all shapes and sizes providing them with creative tools for building awareness and communicating their messages in a powerful and meaningful way. To learn more about how the Kaeser & Blair business opportunity can help you pursue a creative career and make extra money in the advertising specialty promotional products industry contact us today for a free welcome kit.

Spark creative thinking by diversifying your life experiences

By Kurt Kaeser on 2014-07-24 in News

Spark creative thinking by diversifying your life experiences

We’ve all been there: trying to solve a problem, but the answer eludes us.  Whether it’s something as simple as deciding what to make for dinner tonight or finding the perfect new product idea to present to a customer, sometimes we just find ourselves in a state of inertia. Our creativity is paralyzed.

It’s easy to get into a rut when we find ourselves going through the same motions every day. 

But the family will only eat chicken so many times before they revolt and customers can be pleased with the standard suggestions for a while.  Eventually, though, you’re going to need to expand your vision and deliver more to keep everyone happy, including yourself! 

Poke some holes in your routine to change your perspective

Even a small shift in your habits can really stretch your mind. When you diversify your life experiences, you also diversify the sources of inspiration that give you new ideas.

It’s okay to have preferences. But if your favorite things become the only points of reference that you have, they can become blinders.  They block the horizon, narrowly defining your view, and shield your eyes from the possibilities that are all around you in this big world we live in.  Then complacency settles in, and that is not compatible with creativity.  

Go outside your comfort zone to stimulate creative thinking 

  • Take a different route once in a while when you are out and about
    • Whether it’s your weekly errands, your morning commute or simply your morning jog, changing up the scenery can spur ideas.
  • Look for new, unfamiliar foods and ingredients at the grocery store and give them a try. 
    • Experiment in the kitchen and try something that you’ve never cooked with before. Research recipes online or ask friends what they would do with it.
    • Keep an open mind. The world is a delicious place if you are willing to taste new things.
  • Listen to a different genre of music
    • You think you hate country or classical music, but when is the last time you gave it a chance? The range of styles is endless. Can you really say with certainty that you hate it all? Or did someone earlier in your life influence you to write it off as stupid and then you never gave it another chance? Maybe it’s time to try again? Ask friends what they are listening to and ask for some new music suggestions. Then, jump on Pandora and plug it in for a listen. Pandora will suggest other similar songs and voila! You may discover a new musical passion!
  • Visit an art museum or gallery with an open mind. Spend some time surrounded by pieces that you’ve never seen before. Contemplate color combinations, the medium, scale and the composition choices of the artists.
  • Add a new or nostalgic scent to your environment and let your olfactory kickstart your brain. 
    • Try a new scented candle in your office, wear a new perfume, pull fragrant spices and seasonings out of the pantry and fill the house with the aroma of something wonderful simmering in the kitchen.  Reintroduce a smell from your past that triggers good memories and feelings such as lavender, bread baking in the oven, fresh flowers.
  • Travel!  Schedule a trip somewhere you’ve never been before. It doesn’t have to be a long trip, even a day trip can work wonders.  And it doesn’t have to necessarily be someplace exotic or far away. The main goal is to get away from your usual surroundings and experience new places.

Mix things up to expose yourself to new experiences. Taking time out of your routine to go someplace you’ve never been before, trying an activity or hobby you’ve never tried or introducing your senses to new stimuli can be just what you need to generate your next big idea!

Kaeser & Blair Inc. helps individuals diversify their life experiences by providing a flexible way to make extra money working from home. In business for over 100 years, we provide our authorized dealers with resources and training, supporting their efforts to do work they feel passionate about.  Our dealers work with schools, social organizations, non-profits and for-profit businesses of all shapes and sizes providing them with creative tools for building awareness and communicating their messages in a powerful and meaningful way. To learn more about how the Kaeser & Blair business opportunity can help you pursue a creative career in the advertising specialty promotional products industry contact us today for a free welcome kit.

Think seasonally to drive sales when you start a home business

By Kurt Kaeser on 2014-07-10 in News


If you want to get more sales in your advertising specialties home business, you’ve got to think ahead. 

Because that’s what your customers have to do. Planning ahead and anticipating their seasonal needs 
will position you to get the order when they are ready to buy. Proactively providing them with well-
timed, thoughtful choices demonstrates that you have their best interests at heart and are prepared to 
deliver what they need to promote their business activities in a timely fashion.

Set up a Marketing Calendar

One of the most impactful things you can do for yourself – and your customers – is to set up a marketing calendar. Find a format you feel comfortable with. If you are a fan of all things digital, you can use Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar or Apple’s iCal calendar application to create something. But for many of us, the good old fashioned paper hard copy, hanging up on the wall, still provides that instant visual stimulation we need to keep us on task and moving forward. If that is you, get an inexpensive desk blotter calendar or a dry-erase whiteboard calendar form an office supply store, and mount it somewhere prominently in your workspace.

Plug in Key Dates

We’re not just talking about the obvious major holidays here. There are a multitude of “national days” out there beyond the traditional days we all know and love. Think about fun and unusual days like National Ice Cream Day (it’s on July 20th
National Wear Red Day for Women’s Heart Health (happens in February) to promote awareness around heart disease – the leading cause of death in women in the US. You can learn about these and other holidays by searching online. Some sites that provide a list of dates you can use as a starting place to spark ideas include TimeAndDate.com and if you want to go really niche and wacky (hey – someone out there is interested!) then check out DaysOfTheYear.com for an exhaustive list of obscure but fun holidays and day designations that will spark creative promotional ideas for your customers. 

Start Planning Ahead

Look at the calendar 3-6 months out. This is the time when customers should be thinking about making their seasonal purchases. If they aren’t, your job is to begin reminding them with flyers, postcards, email blasts, phone calls and social media posts.), or days that build awareness around serious issues like Corporate holiday gifts, fundraising events, charitable golf outings, sports leagues, marathons and local expos, festivals and other annual public events present myriad opportunities to serve your customers by helping them present their brand message in a way that is memorable and impactful.

Christmas in July is the New Normal

It can feel odd to begin thinking about the holidays in the middle of summer. And it may feel strange to contemplate golf, sports and other summer events in the middle of winter! But don’t risk having these lucrative sales opportunities pass you by because you waited too long. This is the time to begin contacting prospects, proposing your ideas and putting together thoughtful product collections and suggestions for your clients. Make choices that fit their budget and align with their brand. Give them suggestions across various price ranges. Select items that you know will appeal to their target customers. And don’t be afraid to present something a little extravagant as well. You 
never know, you might discover they wanted something more and they may go for it!
Think about your client’s purpose. A holiday gift might be most appropriate if it is a single, high quality, memorable item, while attendees of a golf outing or other event might really appreciate a goodie bag of various useful items that are cohesively gathered under a theme or unified color scheme into one clever, classy, gift package. 

To get you started, here is a short list of major holidays. Add to this as you go with fun days that resonate with your customers. Make it as easy as possible for them to just say, “yes!” And then write the order!

• Halloween

• Thanksgiving

• Hanukkah

• Christmas

• New Years

• Valentine’s day

• Saint Patrick’s Day

• Easter

• Spring Break

• 4th of July

• Back to School

• Rosh Hashanah

In business for over 100 years, Kaeser & Blair Inc. helps individuals seeking to start a home business by providing them with resources and training, and supporting their efforts, to do work they are passionate about. Our authorized dealers enjoy a flexible work schedule. They work with schools, social 
organizations, non-profits and for-profit businesses of all shapes and sizes providing them with creative tools for building awareness and communicating their messages in a powerful and meaningful way.

Learn more about how the Kaeser & Blair home-based business opportunity can provide you with thechance to make extra money for your family.

This article was contributed by Michelle Spelman on behalf of Kaeser & Blair.


By Kurt Kaeser on 2014-06-11 in News

Have you decided you want to start a home-based business?  Are you anxious to begin with something but having trouble choosing what type of business to launch? 

It can be tough to find the right fit for your individual situation and interests. If you really want to make extra money working from home, you must get focused and pick a lane on the path to success.  Choose a business opportunity that you feel passionate about and concentrate your energy in that direction.

Achieving success with any home-based business opportunity is challenging. There are no guarantees.  It begins with sorting through all the noise to even choose a company to work with. There are so many options and there is a lot of garbage out there mixed in with legitimate opportunities. 

The variety of home-based business opportunities is endless.  Cosmetics, candles, food and cooking related items, gadgets, purses, apparel, subscription models for automatic delivery of nutritional supplements, prepaid legal services and discount purchasing memberships are some of the myriad models out there.

Examine your options thoroughly.  Who will want to buy the products you sell? What sort of training does the company offer? How much initial investment is required to begin the business? Are there periodic quota requirements that will have to be met?  How long do you have to wait to get paid? Who can you contact if you need support?  Asking these questions will help you make a clear and deliberate choice.  

Once you have identified the opportunity that feels like a good choice for you, commit to that direction fully.  Avoid waffling between opportunities or trying to spread yourself too thin across multiple activities.  Keep it simple!

Understand potential pitfalls

Many business opportunities require you to sell consumer products direct to individuals.  This means that you will likely need to mine your personal relationship circles for prospective customers.  This strategy can work to generate sales briefly, but over time, you risk alienating your friends and family if you come back to them time and again asking them to keep buying more and more.  

Pressure to meet quotas and automatic reordering models can translate to forcing customers to make purchases they don’t want or need.  It can make your friends and loved ones feel manipulated and exploited.  Ultimately, you risk damaging relationships that were important to you before you started your business.

Be prepared to back off if friends lose interest and be ready to find other ways to get customers.  

Consider choosing a business opportunity that doesn’t rely exclusively on selling to individuals but provides value to local businesses and organizations.  Look for something that not only generates enough income to meet your needs, but also allows you to leverage your talents and gives you the opportunity to feel a sense of professional accomplishment and satisfaction with how you are spending your precious time.

I’d rather juggle a few businesses to try to make more money

Some people decide to test a few business opportunities to see which one clicks.  Be aware that this can be costly on the front end and take longer to realize a profit. If you decide to try a bunch of different things, you will likely find yourself bouncing all over the place with activities that are not cohesive.  It’s likely the results you achieve will be mediocre across the board and the duplication of administrative efforts for unrelated entities can exhaust you in the process.  Eventually, you becoming overwhelmed and stuck in a place of inertia – remaining indecisive, doing nothing and missing opportunities.  

Pick a lane and go for it 

Think about and assess your talents. Consider what you are passionate about, things that you love to do, activities that inspire you, and then look for ways to apply them to your business activities so that you can choose something that is right for you.

Once you commit, make a plan for yourself that specifically articulates what success looks like for you. Then, set realistic expectations for yourself, and put together a solid roadmap for your activities so that you can hold yourself accountable. Know where you stand and break down the big goals into smaller more manageable tasks to achieve success.

Don’t be afraid to pick a lane.  It’s not a permanent, lifelong commitment that can never be undone.  You are allowed to change your mind and switch lanes down the road if you choose.  But if you pick a lane now, it becomes easier to focus on the road ahead of you and eliminate distractions, allowing you to become more productive and efficiently achieve the results you desire from your efforts.

In business for over 100 years, Kaeser & Blair Inc. helps individuals seeking to make extra money by providing them with resources and training, supporting their efforts to do work they feel passionate about. Our authorized dealers enjoy a flexible work schedule.  They work with schools, social organizations, non-profits and for-profit businesses of all shapes and sizes providing them with creative tools for building awareness and communicating their messages in a powerful and meaningful way.

Learn more about how the Kaeser & Blair business opportunity can provide you with the chance to make extra money for your family.

This article was contributed by Michelle Spelman on behalf of Kaeser & Blair.

Do I have to sell something to make extra money working from home?

By Kurt Kaeser on 2014-06-03 in News

As the U.S. job climate continues to evolve, and a rugged economy pinches family budgets, more and more people find themselves looking for new ways to make extra money working from home.  

Starting a business is proving to be a viable option for many.  But the question often asked is, do I have to sell something to be successful?   Well, the short answer is, it depends.  But the reality is that, most of the time, selling comes into play one way or another for pretty much anyone who wants to work for themselves.

If you have highly specialized skills, sometimes you can work as a business consultant, providing expertise guidance to clients specific to your area of expertise.  But you still have to sell yourself – you have to let prospects know you are available for hire. That means you have to get out there and network in the business community and maybe even advertise and build word of mouth buzz about your services.

There are myriad virtual job opportunities as a freelance professional that can be found online for all kinds of tasks – anything from administrative duties and simple data entry to computer programming, graphic design and website development.  But the market for this type of work is extremely competitive.  Real opportunity can be sporadic and inconsistent.  There are risks and scams that require care to avoid and there are so many people out there vying for the legitimate gigs that it drives prices down to the point where the pay is often not worth the time and effort – even if you do have the expertise.

ABC News recently ran a story that talked about making extra money at home.  They cited a website called Viggle as a good opportunity where you can get “paid” to watch television shows and commercials.  What they forgot to mention is that Viggle doesn’t actually pay in cash. Instead, the service pays in points, which can then be redeemed for goods and services like music downloads, gift cards and other items – but not cash.

Care.com is another platform mentioned in the ABC story. It’s a subscription-based matchmaking service for a range of care giving services from childcare to senior home care to pet sitting, housekeeping and errand-running.  Overall, the reviews are good – but many of these types of jobs require you to leave your home to do the work somewhere else.  Success on a site like this requires that you have some experience and know how to set up a compelling profile. You must sell yourself in that profile with a good photo and bio, your capabilities, qualifications and previous experience.   

An independent business opportunity can be a great way to make extra money working from home.  There are countless options out there and it can be an overwhelming task trying to determine which ones are legitimate.  Look for companies that have real, human faces behind them – transparency is a key indicator of whether a company is worth working with. The ones who provide training and ongoing support will increase your chances for success.

Choose a company whose product offerings will be meaningful and useful to you and as well as people you know.  Look for products that provide real value for customers – not overpriced gimmicks.  If you sell something that requires a hard sell, you may have some early success, but over time, your customers will grow weary and you risk driving away friends and family.   Yes, a business opportunity is a sales opportunity.  But you can gain confidence and jumpstart success right away by finding something useful that can have a real impact for your friends and acquaintances.

Kaeser & Blair is a family-owned company based in Cincinnati, Ohio.  In business for over 100 years, we help individuals make extra money working from home as independent dealers in the promotional advertising specialty products industry.  Our dealers serve their community by providing access to thousands of items useful to businesses, organizations, schools, teams and professional individuals who seek creative ways to communicate their marketing messages.  The promotional products industry continues to grow every year and is a great, professional opportunity to make extra money working from home.  

To learn more about how independent dealers make extra money with the Kaeser & Blair business opportunity, see these testimonial videos to hear success stories from other dealers.

The Best Browser

By Scott Baker on 2014-05-02 in teKBytes

What is the single most important piece of software on your computer?

Right now?

What application do you “live in”?  What connects you to your clients?  What software helps you maintain your revenue stream?

No, it’s not Minesweeper.  

The correct answer is: Your Web Browser.  The web browser has become the single most important piece of software on your hard drive. 

Windows users could argue their anti-virus software is more important, but that is not their fault. I mean, who can blame them?

Your web browser instantly connects you to the world.  Whether it is communication, sales or research, it all happens for you via your Web Browser. We do a lot in our browser, and every day we do more and more.  This is because more and more services are becoming available on the web.  From email to word processing, services we once used software for are now just web sites.  So deciding which browser to use is very important.  

And the best part is, they are free.  And most are not big installs.  How many times have you paid over $400 for email or word processing software?  How often do those programs have costly updates? And they run so slooooooooooow.

For the most part, browsers are small programs. They are not resource intensive, so they do not slow your computer down.  However, some browsers run better than others.

So, let’s cover what is out there.  I will be referring to the latest release on all these.  if you have not updated your browser ( or OS) shame on you!

And I am going to start with the worst, first.  

Internet Explorer by Microsoft

If you run a Windows PC, you have this browser installed as part of the OS.  Every copy of Windows ships with Internet Explorer.  Given this type of distribution, there is good reason that it was king of the browser hill for years. It's how Windows users got on the web.  And Microsoft made it so much a part of the OS, it was difficult for most users to know there were alternatives out there.

If there is one glaring reason that Internet Explorer is not the browser to use, it is security.  But not using it, you are not using the browser that the bad guys target.  Because of the distribution, Internet Explorer has become so popular that the bad guys exploit it daily.

This is further complicated by the way Microsoft fixes issues.  Microsoft releases fixes on a schedule.  Normally bad guys don’t respect that schedule. And what ends up happening is your browser lets malware and other exploits into your computer, your entire computer slows down, and you hate technology.  This is not supposed to be the way it happens.  For this reason alone, I cannot recommend Internet Explorer to anyone.  And believe me, there are plenty of other reasons.

Firefox by Mozilla

A couple of years ago, Firefox was my go to browser.  I loved it.  I could not think of ever browsing the web without it.  It was the fastest, most secure, and most customizable browser available.  And for the most part, it still is.  It isn't the fastest browser anymore, but as far as customizing your browsing experience and workflow, nothing can come close to Firefox.

The problems started with Firefox 4, in which Mozilla sorta re-built the browser from the ground up.  And did so in a year, and then went with a rapid release program.  Every time they had an update, there was a new version.  This has lead to some instability and a decrease in some of the browser’s performance.  

The thing I will always love about Firefox is the community and variety of add-ons and plugins available for the browser.  There is very little that Firefox cannot do without the right set of add-ons.  From developer tools to search engine improvements, with Firefox and the right add ons, you may never need another program.

I still like Firefox, but over the past couple years, it’s speed has really affected the way I do things. It's still a great browser. 

Safari by Apple

Unless you use a Macbook, iPhone, or iPad, you likely have never heard of Safari.  And that is a shame, because it is a decent browser.  It is Apple’s web browser, which means it’s on their devices by default ( see Internet Explorer).  However, it should be noted that Apple does not integrate the browser into the OS like Microsoft has done with IE.  This makes it more stable and reliant.  And if you live in the Apple Ecosystem ( you work from a Mac, iPhone and iPad), Safari is automatically syncing your data via iCloud.  So you can access your bookmarks from any device as well as any webpage you were browsing.  Start reading an article on your iPhone, then finish on your Macbook or iPad.

And Safari is one of, if not the most secure web browser.  That, to some people is a major upside.  But that upside it s direct effect of it’s downside.

The downside to Safari is it’s global exposure.  Not as many people have adopted it.  Sure, a good number of people have iPhones around the world, but a mobile site is different than a desktop site, and not as many people have Macbooks.  So, in many respects, Safari is the forgotten b*astard child of web development.  There are more than a few websites that simply don’t play well with Safari.  Not to mention the forever feud between Apple and Adobe.  Adobe makes Flash, which is a MAJOR component of many websites today.  

Chrome by Google

For my money, there is no better browser than Chrome.  And since it’s free, I can spend that amount all day!

Why is it the best? Chrome is fast.  Very fast.  Web Pages load in a flash. So does Flash! Videos play with no stuttering.  There is a minimalist quality to it that puts your web content in the forefront.  There is no clutter from extra toolbars or options.  You can search directly from the address bar ( something Chrome invented, but has been adopted by other browser versions now).

Chrome is better at respecting and protecting your privacy.  The Chrome Pop Up blocker is second to none.

And it is stable.  You will find it hard to remember the last time it froze up or crashed on you.

Essentially this is a browser that enhances and improves every aspect of your web experience.  And it goes with you.  No more having to backup your bookmarks, or the name of the plug ins you use.  Once you log into Chrome with your gmail account, that information is immediately tied to your account for life.

Chrome is also powerful enough to be it’s own OS. In fact, it is one.  Google markets a version that is known as Chrome OS, and it is is just a web browser.

You cannot lose with Chrome.  It is my choice for the best browser available and I recommend that you download it immediately after reading this.

Business takes place on the web.  The world now runs from the internet. Is it time you started to get serious about running your business from the web?  From our online order entry to cloud storage, accessing your data in the quickest and most stable method should be your top priority, which makes your choice of web browser all the more important.

So what are you using? I would love to hear.  And if you want more information about moving more of your business to the web, I would be glad to help out.

Choose entrepreneurship to balance career ambition with the call of parenthood

By Kurt Kaeser on 2014-04-30 in Editorial

Aside from financial need and material gain, the pursuit of fulfilling work often plays a big part in a person’s sense of identity and self worth.  

Beyond making extra money, parents choosing to stay at home might want to find flexible work for a number of reasons.  Parenthood is no doubt extremely fulfilling, and many people feel complete in an exclusively full time parenting role. But a growing number of parents admit that they feel a powerful need to contribute to society in a professional manner, in addition to raising good citizens.

Finding a way to work from home can be mentally stimulating and can contribute to a healthy outlook and positive attitude. 

Here are some benefits that motivate parents who want to work from home:

They seek out mental challenges.  They get a great sense of personal satisfaction from solving adult problems in the professional and business realm.

They are naturally competitive.  They want to be in the professional mix and they want to win.

They have a strong desire to always be learning new things.  They have a mindset of constantly seeking continuous self improvement.

They strongly desire to have a personal identity and sense of self beyond being spouse and parent.  They want some autonomy.  Independence and individuality are important to them.

Keeping a hand in the professional game and maintaining business relationships helps them avoid a feeling of social and professional isolation.  

They want to maintain their professional acumen and build their business experience.  They don’t want to “lose their place” on the career ladder.

In her recent book, Feminine Feminism, author Sramana Mitra, says that entrepreneurship can be a solution for women looking for a flexible way to balance a career with raising children.

She acknowledges that just because entrepreneurship is a solution doesn’t make it easy, and that raising children while maintaining a career will always be a complex proposition for women. 

Mitra says, “One of the greatest defeats of the feminist movement in America has been the phenomenon that women in their thirties are quitting the workforce in large numbers. Many of them are highly educated, and just as they acquire sufficient experience to take on more substantial roles, the body clock sets off an alarm.  Time to have babies.  Women are programmed to want to have children. There is no point in denying or defying biology. Whatever it is that the feminists want women to do, asking them not to have children isn’t something that will gain any traction.”

Her parting message to all the talented women facing this dilemma is: “Do not quit. Become an entrepreneur. Do not risk losing your sense-of-self.  Work is not just for livelihood. It is as much a source of fundamental life force.”

Boost productivity on a flexible work schedule with trigger habits

By Kurt Kaeser on 2014-04-15 in News

The personal freedom that comes with a flexible work schedule demands that you be prepared to manage your time well.  This requires mental toughness and a conscious effort to establish a baseline routine.

In a traditional job situation, certain “triggers” are dictated for you: you have a daily commute, your shift starts and ends at a certain prescribed time at a specific location, you take breaks at certain prescribed times, you may have a dress code.  These components are often equated with inflexibility that workers resist and resent.

Working from home eliminates the commute.  And you can decide when and where to work, whether it’s your kitchen table or a local coffee shop.  You decide what to wear, whether it’s jeans or sweats – or even your pajamas!  But, if you want to be successful, you have to incorporate some routine into your days – even when working at home.  Adopting small, consistent trigger habits can help you achieve the results you need while maintaining the flexibility you want.

You probably already have some trigger habits of which you may or may not consciously be aware. 

When there is constant overlap between work and personal desires, it is easy to find yourself in reactive mode.  The lines can easily blur when you work at home.  This quickly becomes exhausting and makes you feel like you are never really “off work.”    Following a few simple proactive rituals can help you get more done and keep your days from becoming jumbled.  

These ritual cues will relieve pressure, provide better communication with others in your household and will help you set realistic expectations with your family, business contacts - and even yourself - as to when you are available. Life becomes easier when you impose a bit of self-discipline and increases the time you spend feeling balanced and productive.

Establish your baseline routine with small, mental triggers that positively stimulate the senses

I know. You thought you were going to be completely flexible and available to everyone who needs you and everything you want to do.  And you are, up to a point.  But everyone thrives with some basic structure around their days.  While it feels counterintuitive, creating structure for yourself that can bend when necessary and isn’t overly rigid provides an environment that is actually conducive to more flexibility.

Independent spirits who gravitate toward working from home and building their own business tend to be creative types who enjoy considering the vast, wide open space of possibilities that a flexible schedule suggests. But no one truly does their best when everything is left to spontaneous chance all the time.  A little consistency goes a long way toward setting the stage from the beginning so that you can adapt as you go through your day.

If you despise the notion of a shrill alarm waking you too soon every morning, at least set a window of time that you are going to try to be up and at it.  Create a pleasant morning ritual that will motivate you to get moving. Think about something that appeals to the senses – whether it’s the smell of a cup of coffee, a hot shower, a workout, prayer, meditation or motivational mantra or affirmation – commit to some small trigger habit that you always do to enter each new day the same positive way.

Choose another small ritual to signal the start of your work time. Perhaps it’s a small snack, some music, or turning on the lamp on your desk.  Then, establish another deliberate action that signals the end of your work time. Perhaps it’s turning off your computer or closing the door to your office or changing your clothes or shoes. 

Remember Mr. Rogers Neighborhood program on PBS?  Without fail, he would always start each show by changing from his suit jacket and hard soled shoes into a sweater and tennis shoes and singing the same welcoming song each time.  Then he would signal the end of each show by reversing the activity, changing back into the clothes he was wearing when he walked in the door, singing his signature closing song.  It was such a small, simple gesture.  But it declared loud and clear to his young audience the start and end of his show. In between, the possibilities and surprises were endless.  He presented a gentle spirit of flexibility during the show. His cues communicated the end of work and the beginning of leisure. They included stark contrasts between serious colors, textures and sounds with bright, playful colors, textures and sounds.  

When we are busy, juggling lots of obligations, it’s easy to forget that small habits can mentally position us to be open to possibilities.  Leaving things open-ended all the time in the name of flexibility often results in scattered efforts, fewer accomplishments, lower productivity and poor communication with those around us. Isn’t it interesting that a children’s program can so effectively remind us of such a grown up lesson?

Successfully working from home requires more maturity and focus than many jobs that are traditionally steered by the watchful eye of a supervisor.  Productive work takes proper management, and if you don’t have or want a manager, you must know how to manage yourself.  You have to answer to yourself. You are the boss.  

Keep trying until you find the trigger habits that work best for you, and then challenge yourself to stick with them.  You can do it!

Are you looking for ways to make extra money, but want better balance between career and family ambitions? A flexible business opportunity that allows you to work from home might be the answer. 

Kaeser & Blair, a trusted family company for over 100 years, offers independent business opportunities to individuals who want a flexible work schedule.  The Kaeser & Blair dealership opportunity allows you to “be in business for yourself, not by yourself.” You own it, you run it, we help. If you are looking for an opportunity to make extra money working from home, contact us today to learn how we can help.

Article contributed by Michelle Spelman on behalf of Kaeser & Blair.

Use Your expert shopping skills to make extra money at home

By Kurt Kaeser on 2014-03-26 in News

Do you have a passion for shopping?

Do you love to find deals that aren’t just a great price but  a great value too?  Are you fashion-forward, always watching for the latest design and style trends?  Do you have an eye for color and a knack for knowing what someone else will like?  Do you find yourself giving advice to your friends on where to find the best deals and coolest stuff?

If you said “yes,” then you have skills that could help you make extra money as a personal shopper or image consultant. But if a personal shopper job at Macy’s is not available or the thought of building a private clientele as a personal image consultant from scratch is daunting, how can you still parlay your enthusiasm and expertise into extra cash?

Instead of helping individuals portray a better personal image, what if you could apply your talents into helping local businesses and organizations portray their brand image by working as a part time or full time promotional products dealer?

Where do you get customers?

Nearly 90% of businesses use some sort of promotional product to help communicate their brand.  The possibilities are endless and potential customers are all around you.  It’s a $19 billion dollar industry that keeps growing every year! Virtually all businesses and organizations in your community use promotional or advertising products at one time or another.  Dry cleaners, auto repair shops, schools, restaurants, civic organizations and everything in between… all are potential customers!

A business opportunity as a promotional products dealer with Kaeser & Blair requires little or no capital in order to get started and can be operated as a full-time or part-time business. As a dealer, you can help your clients create goodwill, motivate employees, encourage new customer accounts, stimulate sales, reinforce safety, and help to build brand awareness. 

Show me the money!

Earn a profit on each and every sale you make. Earnings are calculated on an industry standard 50/50 split of the gross profit generated on each order, plus Kaeser & Blair advances all earnings payments on factory ready orders that are prepaid or have established credit. Earnings are typically paid within 24-48 hours of an order being submitted to Kaeser & Blair.

Control your schedule and earnings. It’s the perfect solution for parents who have made the choice to stay at home, but want to supplement the family income. Our dealers who have children at home consistently tell us how much they value the flexibility they have to remain actively involved in their child’s development with the security of the Kaeser & Blair Dealer program.

How is this like personal shopping?

Much in the same way that an image consultant or personal shopper provides guidance to individuals on how to project their personal brand and choose appropriate clothing, promotional product dealers provide businesses with guidance, creative ideas, products and services to promote their company brand through the use of promotional and advertising specialty products.

The Promotional Products and Advertising Specialty business is an exciting form of advertising where a marketing message is delivered on a useful and lasting item.

A good personal shopper and image consultant is adept at helping individuals present their very best outward-facing self by taking time to learn about their clients’ preferences and personality.  A good promotional products dealer does the same thing for businesses and organizations by helping them create targeted advertising messages that reach their audience in a way that is useful, relevant and lasting.

Adopt the personal shopper mentality to make extra money

Professional shoppers make personalized fashion recommendations to their clients by assessing their personality, lifestyle and needs for all social situations, outfitting their clients with just the right wardrobe from business to casual to vacation and leisure wear. They know how to shop on their busy clients’ behalf, helping them narrow down overwhelming choices to a selection of items that are an ideal fit just for them. A good promotional products dealer knows how to assess and make personalized recommendations that optimize the brand personality and message that their clients want to convey.  

So, think of yourself as a personal shopper.  Except that instead of helping your clients shop for apparel, shoes and accessories that reflect their style, you are helping them shop for specialty items and premiums that are relevant to them and clearly and deliberately communicate their brand. 

Businesses are constantly looking for creative, efficient ways to reach customers.  You can help by providing a customized experience and selection of options that are relevant to what they are trying to accomplish.

Successful dealers help customers find products that are authentic reflections of their brand.  They provide guidance on selecting appropriate holiday gifts for employees, customers and suppliers.  When you make it your business to understand your client’s style and their brand’s persona, you position yourself to provide them with professional recommendations that make sense.

Help your clients find solutions that are meaningful

Customize product recommendations that match your clients’ brand persona or style by weighing and prioritizing their brand’s characteristics.  As yourself:

Is it more elegant and sophisticated?  Or is it sporty and casual?  

Modern and sleek or classic and traditional? 

Is it  playful and clever? Or more formal and serious?  

Is it masculine or feminine? 

Colorful and bright or neutral and subtle?  

Expensive and luxurious or thrifty and economical?  

Practical or extravagant?  

Take the time to get to know your client, their brand’s personality, and their marketing objectives.  This will allow you to present products that best fit their needs.

If you like to shop, like helping other people shop, and want to work from home, then becoming a promotional products dealer might be a good business opportunity to work part time or full time.

10 traits of successful personal shoppers….And promotional products dealers

Do you have a strong sense of color and what is visually appealing?

Are you a good listener and communicator?

Are you a stickler for details?

Are you obsessed with finding new ways to make a lasting impression?

Do you like to develop long term relationships?

Are you honest, supportive and diplomatic?

Do people say you are easy to talk to?

Are you a person who focuses on the needs of your customer?

Do you possess a genuine interest in marketing, advertising?

Are you naturally creative?

As a promotional and advertising products dealer with Kaeser & Blair, you will conduct initial consultations with your clients to learn about their brand and determine what their objectives are.  You will often assist them as they choose items they like from your catalogs or website.  You can bring value to the experience by highlighting new product trends and styles.  Use the skills you already have to select a range of items for busy clients to consider.  Explain how different items, colors and collections work together.

Kaeser & Blair, a trusted family company for over 100 years, offers independent business opportunities that allow stay at home parents to “be in business for yourself, not by yourself.” You own it, you run it, we help. If you are thinking about using your shopping talents to become a business owner, contact us today to learn how we can help.

Let Kaeser & Blair show you the advantages and benefits of being in control. Begin living a lifestyle and earning income you can be proud of. Contact us to learn how you can make extra money working from home as a Kaeser & Blair independent dealer.

Article contributed by Michelle Spelman on behalf of Kaeser & Blair.

How to make extra money for private school tuition

By Kurt Kaeser on 2014-03-10 in Editorial

How to make extra money for private school tuition

You’ve already made the commitment to private school education for your children, but costs keep rising and it gets tougher each year.

Can you continue?

In your heart, you want to continue the path. Providing children with an excellent education has always been an integral part of the American Dream. When your children are thriving in a private school environment, you discover, as parents, that you have a high threshold for personal sacrifice to keep your children enrolled. 

But in your mind, you have doubts when you’re feeling the financial pinch.  How do you make extra money to fill in the tuition gap?

Get hired for a traditional job

Working for someone else outside the home is the solution that many people think of first. But it often results in extra child care costs, commutes, transportation and lunch expenses.  After you’ve earned enough to pay for all of those things, will there be enough left over for it to be worth it?  It’s difficult to make a good wage unless you are qualified for a specialized position and your skills and experience are up to date.  This is unlikely for a parent who has been home raising young children.  And it can be difficult to re-enter the traditional workplace after an extended absence to stay at home with young children.

Another roadblock is finding a flexible position. What extra schedule sacrifices are you willing to make? What day-to-day family activities and experiences are you willing to miss?

Buy an existing business or franchise

Buying an existing business or franchise can provide a turnkey way to make extra money, but it can take time to realize a profit and requires a huge upfront investment in the tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.  This can be a great opportunity, but is the timing right? It would likely be more than fulltime – leaving little time for proper, involved parenting.

Invent or make something and sell it 

Taking your idea for a better mousetrap and bringing it to market is an exciting proposition.  But the runway needed to develop a new product so that it is ready for the store shelf is usually long, very costly and filled with hurdles that can derail your efforts before you ever make a sale.  The path of an inventor is risky and not for the faint of heart.  An alternative is to find a craft or other homemade product that you can create on your own time and sell for a profit.  But it can be difficult and time consuming to find something you enjoy doing and are good at, that is profitable enough and has the demand to generate a significant level of income.

Seize a part time business opportunity

More and more savvy parents are choosing is to start a part time business working from home.

This option can have less consistency than a traditional job that provides a limited pay check every two weeks, but it is very flexible and there is no limit to the supplemental income you can generate.

The key is finding an opportunity that is appealing to you, profitable enough to meet your financial goals, and will generate enough supplemental income to pay that private school tuition, and fits with your family culture. 

The marketplace is crowded.  It can be difficult to distinguish a legitimate business opportunity from all the noise of entities – some more valid than others - clamoring for attention.  

Kaeser & Blair Inc. is a trusted family-owned company that has been in operation for over 100 years. Their independent dealerships allow parents to make extra money and “be in business for yourself, not by yourself.”

You own it. You run it. They help.  And it’s a professional business opportunity with great earning potential. Your target customers are the businesses and organizations all across your community.

Once you make a sale, you are paid within 24 hours of order entry via direct deposit.

And once you enter the order, they handle the order processing, from billing and financing through direct shipment to your customers, leaving you time to sell and earn even more.

Let Kaeser & Blair show you the advantages and benefits of being in control. Become a dealer today and begin living a lifestyle and earning income you can be proud of.

Are you focused more on saving for college instead?  See this related article about parents who are seeking ways to pay for their children's college education as well.

In business for over 100 years, Kaeser & Blair Inc. helps individuals seeking to make extra money by providing them with resources and training, supporting their efforts to do work they feel passionate about.  Our authorized dealers work with schools, social organizations, non-profits and for-profit businesses of all shapes and sizes providing them with creative tools for building awareness and communicating their messages in a powerful and meaningful way.

Learn more about how the Kaeser & Blair business opportunity can provide you with the chance to make extra money.

This article was contributed by Michelle Spelman on behalf of Kaeser & Blair.

Planning a family vacation on a tight budget

By Kurt Kaeser on 2014-02-27 in Editorial

How to plan a family vacation on a tight budget

Families are finding themselves getting pinched financially more and more.  In better times, they could usually count on taking at least one annual vacation together. But disposable income has declined for many in this harsh economy.  To maintain a vacation tradition, families must work together and get creative in finding ways to plan for, and make extra money to pay for a family vacation.

Include the kids!

Kids are capable of researching and prioritizing destinations thanks to the internet.  Empowering them with this task positions them to learn what things really cost and teaches them to have realistic expectations.  When they are involved in the planning, they appreciate the outcome even more!

Here is a list of tasks that kids can do to be actively involved in planning and saving for a fun, family vacation.

Plan it!

Have them brainstorm potential locations and encourage them to consider a range of places – both high-end, dream destinations that might seem out of reach, and more modest places that are closer to home.  This will help them gain perspective as to what they can get for their vacation dollars.

Help them list the pros and cons of potential destinations.  For example, consider the distance and length of time it takes to reach the destination and the various modes of transportation that would be required.  

Have them help to research lodging choices, amenities, entertainment opportunities available and food options to help them analyze their destination choices by cost and appeal to the whole family. 

Don’t feel like you have to decide which place to go right away.  Sometimes part of the fun is to imagine about the different possibilities for a while.  Make this process an opportunity for your kids to learn about the different places being considered.  

Look at the history, attractions, weather and geography.  Ask your kids to host periodic family meetings after dinner to share their latest research findings.  Have them build the case for each destination and after a few sessions, the family’s collective choice will become clear.

Help them decide how long the trip should last.  

Have them figure out a list of daily expenses for each destination and multiply it by the number of days you want to be on vacation to project the total cost of each choice.

Once you have narrowed down choices, you may decide that a longer trip at a less expensive destination is most appealing for the group.  Or, maybe a shorter trip that is more extravagant is what the family wants to do.  Either way, choosing together creates a shared spirit of teamwork where everyone can feel included and have a sense of enthusiastic anticipation.

Set goals!

When you have calculated approximate costs, determined your location and length of stay, then you can define savings goals and a timeline to make sure you stay on track along the way.  

Divide the total amount needed to pay for the trip and divide it by the number of weeks or months you have to save.  This will help the whole family visualize how much really needs to be saved to take the trip.  It also helps to see if the timing of the trip is going to be realistic or if it needs to be pushed back to a later date to be a reality.

Set goals for how much everyone in the family will be expected to save and contribute to the vacation fund.  Obviously, expectations of younger children will need to be looser, but they can still get a sense of participation.  

Get buy-in and give kids ownership of this part by enlisting them with creating a special vacation fund bank.  You could take a wooden box or perhaps an empty oatmeal can and cover it with paper, then have each child draw a picture on the can that represents something they are hoping to do or see on the vacation.  This will inspire, engage and motivate them to save their money and contribute to the group’s efforts.  

Find ways to make extra money!

Encourage everyone in the family to toss loose change and extra pocket money into the bank.  Give kids chores around the house that they can do to make extra money for the fund.  Have the kids count the money in the box every couple of weeks and give the family an update on how the fund is growing.

When treats and outings come up, allow them to opt instead to put some of the money that would have been spent into the vacation kitty.  Sometimes it can be easier to skip a trip to the ice cream parlor when you know the money you would have spent is going toward a trip to the beach!

Encourage the whole family to find ways to make extra money.  Kids can do odd jobs for neighbors.  They can babysit.  

Work together as a family to sell unwanted belongings.  Stage a garage sale, post items on Ebay or Craigslist, or take items to a consignment shop to make extra money.  

Examine household expenses and look for extras that can be cut.  Eliminating monthly subscriptions can be a great way to find cash that can be earmarked for a family trip instead.

Depending on their work schedule, parents can look for part time opportunities to work from home in addition to their regular occupation.  An independent business opportunity offers flexible work hours and can be quite lucrative if you find the right company to work with.

When the vacation bank becomes full, deposit the cash into a savings account and begin filling it again until the family reaches its goal.  

Have a great trip!

When a family works together to plan and save, a vacation becomes an experience that brings the family closer together.  And isn’t that what a family vacation is supposed to be for?

In business for over 100 years, Kaeser & Blair Inc. helps individuals seeking to make extra money by providing them with resources and training, supporting their efforts to do work they feel passionate about. Our authorized dealers enjoy a flexible work schedule.  They work with schools, social organizations, non-profits and for-profit businesses of all shapes and sizes providing them with creative tools for building awareness and communicating their messages in a powerful and meaningful way.

Learn more about how the Kaeser & Blair business opportunity can provide you with the chance to make extra money for your family’s next vacation.

This article was contributed by Michelle Spelman on behalf of Kaeser & Blair.

How to make extra money for college savings? Set a goal first!

By Kurt Kaeser on 2014-02-07 in Editorial

How to make extra money for college savings? Set a goal first!

It can be difficult to think about saving for your children’s college tuition when you are busy changing diapers.  But education costs continue to rise at an average rate of 7% per year.  Most parents don’t want to saddle their children – or themselves – with massive loan debt. The sooner savings begin, the more opportunities you will be able to offer your child when they are ready to choose a college path.  For most families, this means they must find ways to make extra money now.

On average, parents expect to pay for approximately 62% of total college costs, including tuition, room and board and other fees, with the remainder of the cost being covered by financial aid. (Source: Fidelity Investments – 7th Annual College Savings Indicator Study)

For most families, the income generated by the main breadwinner in the household is consumed by basic cost-of-living expenses like housing, food, clothing and other incidentals associated with daily life.  For many, saving for college seems out of reach without generating supplemental income.  So, how can a family make extra money now to ensure they will be ready to pay the tuition bill when the time comes?  Finding a new career that pays more money can be the answer, but it may require a parent to return to college themselves.  A part time business working from home can be a solution that can help bridge the financial gap and put a family’s college savings goals within reach.

The financial planning community has been banging the college savings drum for decades.  Saving early and regularly is the main theme and they are ready to offer an array of financial vehicles to facilitate the process.  But when the numbers begin crunching, a reasonable college nest egg can feel overwhelming and out of reach in a hurry.  

It helps to start out by identifying some simple numbers that you can use to establish real, tangible, reachable goals, and then work from there to find ways to make the extra money needed to reach those goals.  To that end, we found a couple of simple, FREE, online calculation tools that can help you do that.  

First is the College Savings Plans Network College Cost Calculator.  This tool is easy to use and can easily help you project cost for tuition to private or public schools and in-state vs. out-of-state tuition so that you create a realistic financial vision for your child’s college career.

The second tool is a simple Savings Goal Calculator by Bankrate.com. Once you have calculated your target number for the amount of money you will need when your child is ready to go to college, plug it into this tool to see how much you need to save on a regular basis to reach your goal.  This type of planning will ensure you are well prepared to start paying those bills when the time comes!

Here are a couple of examples that calculate what amount parents might need to save using these tools:

For the sake of keeping it simple, we focused on comparing numbers for in-state public college tuition. The calculator tools linked above will allow multiple scenarios – including private school, community college and out-of-state public school tuition calculations. For these projections, we assumed a 7% annual tuition inflation rate, and a 5% monthly compounding interest rate earned on savings.  Using those numbers, here is approximately what parents would need to save for each individual child, if they begin now, based on children aged three, five and seven years old:

Based on Child’s current age:

To pay 100% of total estimated tuition needed for four years of average in-state public college tuition

To pay 62% of total estimated tuition needed for four years average in-state public college tuition

3 year old child

Savings goal per week:

Savings goal per month:

Savings goal per year:

$234,0000 tuition cost in 15 yrs








5 year old child

Savings goal per week:

Savings goal per month:

Savings goal per year

$205,000 tuition cost in 13 yrs








7 year old child

Savings goal per week:

Savings goal per month:

Savings goal per year:

$179,000 tuition cost in 11 yrs








This is a hypothetical example using typical estimated returns generated by the mentioned third party calculators and is not intended to represent or recommend actual results of any particular or specific investment.  Actual results can vary depending on what financial investments are chosen, changing economic conditions and investment performance.  Consult a professional financial advisor for specific recommendations and advice.  

But you have to start somewhere.  Once you know how much you need to save, then you can find ways to make the money you’ll need to meet that goal.

There’s an old saying that goes, “How do you eat an elephant? By taking one bite at a time.” That is how parents must think about saving for college.  It feels like a giant elephant!  But if you start now, taking that first bite, you can eat the whole thing over time.  And a bright future for your children is a wonderful dessert.

Kaeser & Blair Inc. is a family-owned, U.S. company that has been in business for over 100 years.  Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, Kaeser & Blair provides part time business opportunities that allow parents to work from home and make extra money on their terms in the growing promotional advertising products industry.  Independent Kaeser & Blair dealers enjoy schedule flexibility and attractive earnings, making it an ideal way to generate supplemental income and build savings for their children’s college education.  Learn more about how you can quickly make extra money with the Kaeser & Blair business opportunity by ordering our free information kit today.

Parents aren’t just saving for college these days.  See this related article about parents who are seeking ways to pay for private PreK-12 education as well.

Winter Weather: Another Reason to Be Your Own Boss

By Scott Baker on 2014-01-30 in News

Have you heard about the mess in Atlanta?  The winter weather got so bad there, that hundreds of people not only had to sit in traffic, but eventually decided to abandon their cars, and walk home…from work!  

Well, there is one person in the Atlanta area who isn't tied to an office, and didn't have to deal with that.  Her name is Sally, and she is a successful Kaeser & Blair dealer.  Instead of worrying about the weather and what to do with her kids, she was able to stay at home, watch this mess on the news, and write about $10K worth of business.  She was so happy about this, that she sent us an email to tell us!

Her email to us: 

Hi Kurt-

Yesterday & today have been those kind of days that I am extremely thankful

for the opportunity to work for myself and from home and be a part of the

wonderful team at Kaeser & Blair! Turning on the news over the last two days

and seeing the Atlanta interstates in gridlock brings back those awful

memories of doing the same in a rush to pick my children up from daycare in

time. Yes, I worked a decent amount today and yesterday... saw two customers

before the snow hit, and wrote 7 orders for at total of about $10k. Not been

the best month, but that's not what's really matter at the end of the day.

My kids had me home to build this pitiful snowman and I don't have to worry

about last minute childcare, nor need to take a vacation day, when the

schools close again tomorrow. And thanks to my KB samples, I had a hat for

this guy to wear today.

Thanks for all you do to help me live the life that I want to, and to make

good money at the same time!


We are so excited and happy that we are able to provide this opportunity for Sally! We applaud her for her hard work and commitment to her customers, but we are humbled by her even stronger commitment to her family.  Can you imagine what a relief it was for her to have the chance to stay home with her kids?  I know from experience that snow days can cause a lot of stress when both parents work.  Having to take off work is one thing, trying to find someone to watch your kids can be a nightmare.  

Working from home, being your own boss, is something that everyone wishes they could do,  but struggle to figure out.  It can be scary.  It certainly is stressful, but taking the time and making the commitment can really pay off.  Having the freedom to set your own schedule, to work when you want to work, and set your own goals. 

But in a case like the recent weather woes in Atlanta, working from home, being a stay at home mom, can really make an impact on your lifestyle.  Think about your current situation, how would the winter weather in Atlanta affected you? 

If you think you are ready to start your own business, Kaeser & Blair can help.  Our program can get you up and running in a few days, and if you can guarantee your commitment, we know we can guarantee ours.  Take a look at the Kaeser & Blair Opportunity.  Give us a call.  We can provide the tools and support you need to be your own boss.  We would love to help you get started on the road to financial independence. 

Taming Your Inbox

By Scott Baker on 2014-01-08 in teKBytes

Email has become the most necessary of evil. And it is the most broken technology that we all use everyday.  Most every other useful communication tool has been upgraded or evolved.  Not email.  Email has become a wasteland of mostly useless notifications.  Take a look at your inbox right now.  Look at the first 20 messages.  How many are honest to goodness communications, versus how many are simple notifications?  Whether it’s from a retail store, a calendar reminder, or worse ( I am looking at you, Spam) I tend to mark the majority as read and mark what I need as important. Then I end up deleting most of that.  Everyday.

And sure, I can go and unsubscribe from these, but that takes me to a web site and involves some sort of form.  Most of the time I can’t be bothered with that. And after almost twenty years of having the same email address, I have a lot of messages coming to me that I really don't care about.

The point is I spend a lot of my time managing my inbox.  I don’t want to do that.  My time is precious and I am willing to bet yours is to.

The vast majority of people use their inbox as a huge storage bin or filing cabinet.  If this is you, then you are doing it wrong!  Your inbox should be your action list.  Communications that need your attention. The focus of your inbox should be what you absolutely should be following up on for that hour, or day, or week.  I want to be able to open my email and see what I need to see and not have to wade through message after message of waste.  

Luckily, most email clients have tool that allow you to manage this, and get yourself to the nirvana known as “inbox zero”.  There are several schools of thought on obtaining “inbox zero”. Some say do it everyday, so at the start of the next day, you have a new list of action items and start fresh.  Some do it every week ( I am in this group), and some do it monthly.  The goal should be to make your workflow as efficient as possible.  

Learning to Let Go.

The first step is admitting you have a problem, and learning to let go. You don’t need to have an inbox with emails dating back three or four years.  Accept that you are going to get emails that are not important, and get rid of them. The belief that a full inbox represents how busy you are is silly.  What it really says is that you are disorganized and a hoarder. Think about it, do you really need that email from a customer about an order from three years ago in your inbox?


For those of you using Gmail, you may already be familiar with this concept.  Simply put, archiving an email simply takes it out of your inbox.  They still remain in your mailbox.  So, when you do a search, you can find them.  This is an indispensable tool for achieving “inbox zero”.  The idea is, you are keeping the important emails filed, but out of the way.  

If your email client doesn't have an archive option, first, I would recommend finding one that does.  However, you can file your mail away in a similar style.  Most email clients are based on a paper filing cabinet, meaning you can create folders that can store files.  This method takes a little more work, but provides the same result.  Get the non pending stuff out of your inbox.

Rules and Filters  

The other part of controlling your mail flow are rules and filters.  They allow you to direct your email client to handle all the email coming to your inbox in a specific way.  And most are extremely flexible.  You can really micro manage your inbox, by creating a rule for individual emails, or broaden the scope and just create rules based on domain.

For example, I get a lot of tech related newsletters and blog updates. In fact, over the past 15 years I have signed up for so many that it’s cumbersome to have to manage unsubscribing from the ones I don’t anymore.  However, there are a few I still want to read.  I have to be able to keep up speed with what is going on in the tech industry, it’s part of my job. So, what I have done is create a filter for these types emails. Now, when these emails come in, they don't show up in my inbox at all. I have created a filter that instructs Gmail to have these emails skip my inbox, stay marked as UNREAD, and apply a label.  This allows me, at my leisure, to look at what is coming in and read what really appeals to me.  

But what about emails that are so important that you want them to not only show up in your inbox, but sound trumpets and alert the media?  Gmail makes this easy! (most of it, I am not sure about the trumpets and media).   

Create a filter that simply says “important@important.com” not only stays in your inbox, but gets a label that says IMPORTANT.  Gmail also has a feature that allows you to place a FLAG on emails, or in this case, a colored STAR.  You can add that in the filter as well.

These filters, while easy to setup, can take a good deal of time to setup.  But the work you do on the front end, is worth it.  You will find that once you create a couple, you will quickly get the hang of it.  In no time, you will be churning out rules and filters and your inbox will become a land of order and unity.  

Old Habits Are Old.  

Stop letting items stay in your inbox.  Set aside sometime every week to take a hard look at what is sitting in your inbox.  It may take awhile the first time you do it, but once you get your inbox tamed, it will become more efficient.  

Ideally what you want to do, is go through your inbox, see what is pending, what is not, and what requires action from you.   You archive what you want to keep (filed, but out of sight), you delete junk, and you create an action list for the next day, week, or month.  

My day is Friday, and it only takes me about 15-20 mins now.  I make sure before I leave the office that I am sitting at inbox zero.  

Give some of these tips a try and I am sure you will a better functioning inbox for 2014!

Move to the Cloud

By Scott Baker on 2013-11-11 in teKBytes

Where is your stuff?

It has happened to all of us.  That moment when you realize that the document/file you needed is not in your folder, not in your briefcase or bag, or worse, you have no idea where it is.

How much time have we all spent organizing out paperwork or computer files? How often are you backing that up?  Are you backing that up? What happens if you lose all that information?  I am willing to bet that if you are like me, losing your data would bring death.  So what do we do? We print, we save.  We print and place things in a folder.  We save files to a local hard drive or thumb drive.  These methods work, but only when you have access to the folder or the drive.

How great would it be if you no longer had to worry about where your stuff was?  You could just get to them from wherever  you were.  Not a care in the world.  As long as you have a device and a network, your stuff is with you.


For those of you still stuck in paper workflows, there isn't much you can do except carry folder after folder of your sales data with you, and hope you have the right stuff if and when you are with a customer.  And you really need to rethink that system.  Or even those of you who keep your files digitally, in a single folder called “WORK” with little to no organization, finding anything can be a chore.  

Technology is now at a point in which your stuff is accessible from practically anywhere on the planet.  Provided you have the tools and have taken the time to set it up. Cloud based storage services have changed the way many of us access our data and work.  Log in to your service of choice and BAM! you have your stuff.

What is the Cloud?

The Cloud is what we refer to when we talk about the Internet.  Back in the day, whenever a network diagram was created the internet was always represented as a CLOUD.   Also, back then, the internet was really nothing more than a way to connect and display data.  Today, the internet has evolved into a robust tool for storing data and a place to run full on applications.  Cloud Back Up, SAS ( software as a service ) are all common functions of business today.

The great thing about the cloud is that it stores information that can be shared across multiple devices and locations.  Create a file on your home computer, access it later on your smart phone or tablet. Or let others have access to that same file from their home computer. What used to require programming skills is now as easy as point, click and drag.

What is out there?

If you are interested in moving your business to the cloud, there are a number of services and applications that can help you.  And the great thing? Most are free!

The easiest way to move to the Cloud is to utilize it as an online hard drive.  There are a few services that are great for this.  Here are my favorites.


Dropbox is the current King of the Hill.  The free version gives you 2GBs of storage. There are pay plans you can sign up for that allows you to get more storage. Even better, the more people you can get to sign up for Dropbox, the more storage they give.  I am up to 6 GBS free just by doing that.   And that is storage to do anything you want with.  Treat it as you would a regular drive.  Dropbox has a website that you can drag folders to directly from your computer, and it has a free client you can download that allows you to see the drive on your computer as you would a flash drive.  This allows you to treat it as you would any other storage medium.  Dropbox also has mobile apps for smart phones and tablets, so you can access your data on the go.  Another great feature is the ability to share with others.  No more having to worry about emailing that large file.  You can treat your Dropbox account like your own personal FTP server, giving others access on a folder by folder basis.  They can upload files for you and you can save files for them.

Because of it’s popularity, Dropbox also integrates with other apps, so you can connect your account and save directly to it from those apps.  Head over to www.dropbox.com for more details.

Google Drive

Drive is no slouch, and is just as functional as Dropbox.  Drives best feature is that it’s part of the Google Ecosystem.  That means that if you use GMAIL or any other of Google’s many services, you have shared storage built right in.  What Drive allows you to do that Dropbox does not, is real time collaboration.   If you have a document , be it a Word Processor, Spreadsheet, or Presentation, you can work with anyone from anywhere in the world on it at the same time.   Notes and edit records are kept so you can see who did what.  You can even see the person typing and making changes in real time.   Drive gives you 30GBs free that is used across your account(this includes your mail storage).  Like Dropbox, there are pay plans that allow you to increase the limit. Another benefit of using Drive, is that Kaeser & Blair uses Google Apps, and therefore you are instantly compatible with the home office.  For more details, check out www.google.com/drive


Coming in a close third, is Box.  Box gives you the most storage free, out of the box.  25GBS to do whatever you want with.  Box also has collaboration and integrates with Google Apps.  It does everything Dropbox and Drive do, and on the surface looks like the best deal.  However, I don’t recommend this as much because of it’s lack of overall distribution.  Many sites and services have Dropbox and Drive integration,  Box isn't as widespread yet.   More details can be found at ww.box.com


If you live in the Apple Ecosystem, you already have some experience with iCloud.  If you have an iPhone, iPad and Macbook, iCloud is a dream.  And there is very little you have to do.  With iCloud, your documents, music, pictures, emails, and book marks show up on all your devices.  Start a word processing doc on your Phone, finish it on your Macbook later.  Or iPad.  Viewing a web page on your Macbook…but then are out and have your iPad with you?  No problem, the web page you were viewing is there.  iCloud is now a standard part of the Apple experience.  However, that is also it’s weakness, as Apple demands that you use their apps and formats.  Sharing and collaboration is only available with other Apple users.  While it makes your personal life a symphony, working with others can be difficult.

So there you have it.  Using the Cloud is something that everyone of you should at least look into.  It will open up new opportunities and create efficiencies you didn't know existed.  You can really take your dealership to the next level.

It’s a great way to go green as well.  Why print when you can access and share the same data online?

And by the way, I started this article on my iPad earlier.  I turned on my iMac, opened Google Drive, and there it was, waiting for me to finish.  I didn’t email it to myself, or have to save it to a clumsy flash drive.  

It was just there.  

5 Tips for Selling to Businesses

By Kurt Kaeser on 2013-08-21 in News

When you start your own business, understanding how your customers choose what to buy is critical.  This is especially important if you are selling products and services to other businesses.  Realistic expectations and an understanding of the how a business makes purchasing decisions, will position you to better meet their needs, get the sale… and repeat business.  Here are five considerations for anyone who wants to make extra money selling to business owners and companies.

1. Timing is everything 

Businesses usually have to plan purchases well in advance.  Don’t be afraid to pitch before a need becomes readily apparent.

A business that is being run responsibly and professionally will have a defined annual budget that accounts for nearly every dollar the company spends.  This budget will be based on previous experiences as well as projected growth and planned investment in that growth. Depending on the size of the company, most spending is projected in advance six to twelve months out or more.

Companies strive to account for (and build) some flexibility into their budget for unplanned discretionary spending on small, incidental, one-off expenditures.  But for the most part, significant purchases require advance consideration to ensure proper management of cash flow fluctuations that occur naturally in the business throughout the year.

2. Your reputation matters.

Businesses are made up of individual human beings. Those individuals want to do business with other human beings – people they feel like they know – people they trust to make them look good to their customers, peers, and superiors. 

Don’t wait until you want to sell something before you work to establish your network and reputation.  Always conduct yourself with the highest integrity.  Invest time attending events to meet new people, build relationships and establish your reputation before you begin to sell. Volunteer in your community to create goodwill.  Ask questions and show a genuine interest in others. Look for ways to bring value to their experience before they ever spend a dime with you.  

When you invest time and effort into building relationships in your community, you invest in your future.  Networking can vastly reduce the need to cold call.  It’s a karma deal.  The good energy you put out into the world will come back to you eventually.

3. Understand who has authority to buy 

In smaller, independent business situations, significant buying decisions are generally made by an individual who owns the business, while in larger companies, they are often made by a team.  

If you call on a business where you don’t know anyone, reaching the decision maker frequently requires that you engage with a gatekeeper such as a receptionist, clerk or administrative assistant.  This person is charged with guarding the time of management.  They may not have the authority to order, but they are powerful.  Treat them with respect and courtesy.

Your primary contact at a larger company may need the approval of other internal influencers before placing an order.  Once approved, the actual transaction is often executed by a central purchasing department – a designated buyer - within the company.

4. Give the customer the right tool for the job 

Many companies start with a product solution they are familiar with and expand upon their options from there. 

Decision makers often already have a rough idea of what they want to buy before they bring in a vendor.  They look to peers, colleagues and media for ideas, and then gather information to validate their choice.

People are busy. Once they discover a tool that works for one task, it’s just human nature for them to want to use it in other situations. It's easy, readily available, it’s familiar.
But that doesn’t mean it’s always the right tool.  Don’t be afraid to suggest additional, customized solutions that more effectively match the challenge.

"If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail." 
–Abraham Maslow

Strategic thinking, quality offerings and deep product knowledge allow you to offer creative alternatives to the proverbial hammer when you know the problem isn’t a nail.

5. Be ready. Be flexible.

Of course, after all that’s been said here about advance planning, don’t assume that companies will place their orders far in advance.  Especially with recent downturns in the economy, companies of all sizes are looking for ways to run lean and hold onto their cash as long as possible.  Be prepared for them to wait until the eleventh hour to pull the trigger on your proposal, and be ready to execute the sale with grace and a cheerful smile as if that was the plan all along!

This article was contributed by Michelle Spelman on behalf of Kaeser & Blair.

Make a Career Change to Make a Difference

By Kurt Kaeser on 2013-08-01 in News

The average person will spend 90,000 hours working during their lifetime.
Studies show a 80% of workers are dissatisfied with their current job situation.  But fear of the unknown makes change difficult.  And so, many people opt to stay where they are, enduring unpleasant circumstances and stress, in exchange for a steady paycheck. 

The recent economic climate has created a shift in attitudes.  Many workers who would have continued on the familiar path of least resistance, despite being miserable, are finding themselves forced to reevaluate their careers due to downsizing. These individuals are realizing that a forced job change is an opportunity to choose work that not only provides income, but also gives them a renewed sense of meaning and purpose.  They are discovering they can follow their passion.  And often that passion takes the form of entrepreneurship.

Every job comes with its own share of stress.  And career changes also carry significant risk with them, especially those that involve launching a business.  But the best things in life don’t come easily. Don’t forget that with risk comes the potential for great reward.

When you are doing work that you are passionate about, stress and risk can become more manageable.  Individuals often discover they are capable of accomplishing more than they thought they were.  And even though, in the beginning, they may find themselves working harder and longer hours than they did before, somehow, it feels easier because the work is more fulfilling.

The satisfaction of doing meaningful, challenging work often spills over into other parts of life.  Positive energy begets positive energy.

As you switch lanes on the career highway, keep in mind that the entrepreneurial lane is usually NOT the fast lane.  It’s often the slow lane, but it is frequently the most scenic road to personal success! Consider these secrets to successfully make the switch.

If at all possible, don’t quit your day job right away.

Entrepreneurial career changes almost always include a period of transition – and often a temporary lapse of income.  Cash flow is critical to a responsible pursuit of career passion.  So, make sure you have a way to keep the lights on at home while you are chasing your dream.

Do your homework!

Just because you’ve found your passion doesn’t mean you are an instant expert in making money at it.  This is one reason 75% of new restaurants fail after five years. There are lots of people starting restaurants who are passionate about cooking and are talented in the kitchen.  But that doesn’t mean they know how to make money doing it.  This same principle applies to any business.  Make yourself a student of your new career path.  Be proactive about researching the “how to make money” part of the equation. 
Hunker down and put yourself through a self-imposed “boot camp” of sorts.  Approach your new career path as if you were back in college pursuing an advanced degree.  Educate yourself as much as possible.  Research every aspect you might need to know about your new work.  Study competitors, study the industry.  Study the marketplace to find your niche – your unique place.  Take advantage of as many training opportunities as you can.  Read articles, books, attend webinars, workshops, conferences and industry events.  Find a mentor who is having success and ask them to help you learn.  Make it your business to know the business.  

Get the word out there!

If you do these things and you still feel you are headed toward your destiny, begin networking and sharing your new career activities with people you know.  Friends, family and peers want to see you succeed.  The positive encouragement will help you move along and as your network begins sharing your new work with others, word of mouth will begin bringing customers your way.

Don't be too proud to ask for help. 

A career change is a very humbling experience.  Don’t let ego stand between you and success.  Self reliance and resourcefulness are important pieces of the entrepreneurial puzzle.  You will find yourself making significant sacrifices – very willingly – to pursue your passion. Material things will take on a different role when meaningful work is what drives you.

People often like to say that entrepreneurs are “self-made” successes.  But the reality is that all successful entrepreneurs know how and when to ask for the help they need.  Every successful entrepreneur gets some kind of help along the way.  Don’t be afraid to ask friends, family and mentors, for help when you need it.  That characteristic often requires the most strength of all.  It requires a great deal of courage to ask for help.  Have courage.  Help is available.  But you have to be willing to ask.  

The chance to do work that is rewarding and makes a difference is worth it.

In business for over 100 years, Kaeser & Blair Inc. helps individuals seeking a career change by providing them with resources and training, supporting their efforts to do work they feel passionate about.  Our authorized dealers work with schools, social organizations, non-profits and for-profit businesses of all shapes and sizes providing them with creative tools for building awareness and communicating their messages in a powerful and meaningful way.

To learn more about how the Kaeser & Blair business opportunity can provide you with the chance to switch career lanes, click here.

This article was contributed by Michelle Spelman on behalf of Kaeser & Blair.

Sources for more information on successful career changes:

US News & World Report : 6 tips for making a successful career change http://money.usnews.com/money/blogs/outside-voices-careers/2013/02/13/6-tips-for-making-a-successful-career-change

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Millennials Choose Schedule Flexibility and Digital Connectivity over 9 to 5

By Kurt Kaeser on 2013-05-31 in News

With the exception of slight variations by region, the traditional business day has looked pretty much the same in this country for decades.  Common, informal standards for work hours generally formed from a need to separate work life and home life, and, in the early days of our country, were dictated by available daylight.   With the exception of certain industries, such as manufacturing and entertainment, the traditional business routine has remained relatively unchanged.  Most offices are open between 9am and 5pm. 

Habits and ritual are difficult to change.  After all, if it isn’t broken, why fix it right?  Well, as it turns out, for many of those born around the turn of the millennium, the traditional work schedule system isn’t such a good fit.  It’s no one’s fault – simply the result of evolving technology and its impact on human behavior.  The age of digital technology allows us to conduct business day or night with individuals nearby or across the planet.  It’s time to update our expectations for routine and daily rhythm to meet those changes.

The Business and Professional Women’s Foundation estimates that by 2025, 
75% of the global workforce will be comprised of Millennials. 1

Millennials don’t perceive traditional routines and physical boundaries as necessary to productivity.  They are the first native generation of a smaller, digitally connected world.  They seek work that gives them unconventional choices regarding schedule and location.

While this shift in attitude is widely apparent in this new generation of workers, our business culture is slow to adapt and embrace changes to habits that have been ingrained in our country for hundreds of years.  As a result, we find ourselves with a whole subset of our population that is resistant to the usual options for making a living.  

Older generations often mistakenly assume that this segment of the workforce is lazy, self-absorbed or unmotivated.  The reality is that this generation has naturally developed different expectations for what their work life should look like compared to those raised in an analog culture.  To adjust and maintain a workforce culture that remains productive and avoids chaos, interaction strategies must change.  Employee management methods must adapt to allow our workforce to continue to thrive.

Almost nine in 10 (89 percent) of millennials say they prefer to work 
when and where they choose (compared to a corporate, 9-to-5 job).2

Those who are able to reasonably evolve their cultural expectations and attitude about how work is done will position themselves to capitalize on the talents of the fresh, young minds in our country.  In the millennial experience, this frequently translates to flexibility of location and schedule when it comes to working arrangements.   

One thing that remains unchanged in our culture is this: all anyone really wants is to be in control of their own life – whatever that translates to in their individual experience.  When people feel they have a reasonable measure of control over what happens to them, they can find happiness and become productive, contributing members of society.

Kaeser & Blair, a trusted family company for over 100 years, offers independent business opportunities that allow millennials to “be in business for yourself, not by yourself.”   If you want choices that will give you control over your own life as a business owner, contact us today to learn how we can help.

Many find that the Kaeser & Blair business opportunity is an ideal fit for their personal schedule and values. You own it. You run it. We help. Let Kaeser & Blair show you the advantages and benefits of being in control of your own life. Become a dealer today and begin living a lifestyle and earning income you can be proud of.  Click here for stories from people like you having success as Kaeser & Blair Dealers.

This article was contributed by Michelle Spelman on behalf of Kaeser & Blair. 

1:  http://www.bpwfoundation.org/documents/uploads/SnapshotGenY.pdf
2: http://smallbiztrends.com/2013/05/millennials-work-and-entrepreneurship.html

Kaeser Convention Opportunity

By Kurt Kaeser on 2013-05-21 in News

Kaeser & Blair offers incredible support to the K&B Family of independent Dealers. Offices are staffed with skilled Dealer service specialists to provide one-on-one service.  Weekly sales ideas, messages, and specials are shared.  The whole 100+ staff of  Kaeser & Blair is dedicated to helping Dealers succeed and build their Dealerships to meet their dreams. 

The Kaeser & Blair annual Convention & Family Reunion is held every September. Check out the Convention web site at www.kaeserconvention.com for details and to see exactly how this annual event is dedicated to providing the superior service to K&B Dealers and helping them grow their businesses. 

If you are still exploring this opportunity and would like to attend the Convention first hand, please let us know - we would cherish having you join us …... and we are confident in saying, you will be very impressed !!

Visit the web site to learn more:   www.kaeserconvention.com 

Forget the job hunt after kids, start a business instead

By Kurt Kaeser on 2013-04-15 in News

Now more than ever, a continuous work history makes a difference in long-term career success. So when a parent chooses to leave a full-time job behind to stay home with young children, the tradeoff can reach far beyond just “taking a couple of years off to have kids.” It can create a huge obstacle when they decide to pursue an income again.

Employers seem to prefer hiring people who already have jobs. It’s almost as if they think job skills go stale if they aren’t being used continuously in an official capacity. Is that unfair? Perhaps, but it’s something to consider in an age where technology in the workplace is evolving at light speed.

Trying to find traditional work, after an extended absence from the business world to raise children, can be a harshly discouraging experience. But what if you could “keep a hand in the game” part time, on your own terms and schedule? Owning your own business allows you to do that.

There are several paths to business ownership. If you have a great idea and feel you can venture on your own and build everything from scratch, that's one option. Another is to buy into a national franchise which offers support and structure, but comes with high upfront entry costs, often in the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. A third way is to leverage a business opportunity with an established company at a minimal upfront outlay, but one that comes with plenty of support and upside.

Seizing a business opportunity instead of just going out to “get a job” requires a fundamental shift in core values and perspective from working for someone else.

Yes, the path of business ownership comes with uncertainty. It’s not the same as showing up, doing a job for someone else, and collecting a set paycheck every two weeks. But often, the magic in life happens when we take the leap out of our comfort zone and create our own path.

The world wants to put labels on us from an early age. We’re athletic, we’re bookworms, we’re shy, we’re outgoing, we’re funny, we’re serious. And while each person is born with certain preferences and personality traits, as it turns out, many of us follow a certain path in life or behave a certain way because somewhere along the way, we were told that’s what we were supposed to do. Someone put a label on us, defined us, and we believed them.

As it turns out, the ones who are often the happiest in this life are those who discover that they don’t have to keep the label they were given early in life. They realize they can choose a new one. They are allowed to redefine themselves - at any stage in life – and try new things.

Taking an attitude of lifelong learning and being open to new beginnings makes life interesting.

You can choose to do something new. Using the skills you already have and working to develop new skills, you can redefine your path. You don’t have to wait for someone to train you on the job anymore. You don’t necessarily have to go back to school – at least not in the traditional sense. Today, online access to information and free educational resources is virtually unlimited.

Kaeser & Blair, a trusted family company for over 100 years, offers independent business opportunities that allow stay at home parents to “be in business for yourself, not by yourself.” If you are thinking about redefining yourself as a business owner, contact us today to learn how we can help.

Many find that the Kaeser & Blair business opportunity is an ideal fit for their family culture and values. You own it. You run it. We help. Let Kaeser & Blair show you the advantages and benefits of being in control. Become a dealer today and begin living a lifestyle and earning income you can be proud of.  This article was contributed by Michelle Spelman on behalf of Kaeser & Blair.

Greater Cincinnati Leading Organization!

By Kurt Kaeser on 2013-03-21 in News

We are delighted to announce that the Kaeser & Blair Family was recently recognized as a Greater Cincinnati Leading Organization by Lead Cincinnati.   Specifically, we were listed in their 100 Leading Privately Held Companies just released. This is a great honor for the K&B Family of independent dealers.  

We have been in business for over a Century and we are proud of the accomplishments and successes recognized along our journey. Community recognition, commitment, and participation are important to us. Recognition as a Leader in the Community is a proud moment.

Personal Domain Names

By Scott Baker on 2013-03-15 in teKBytes

Does your EMail Address Promote YOU?

I would be willing to bet that a large part of your daily correspondence is done via email.  For some of you it may have surpassed your phone.  However, unlike your phone number, an email address can say a lot more about you.  

Nowadays, free email is everywhere.  Gmail, Microsoft, Yahoo.  One does not have to look very hard to find a free email account.  They are super easy to sign up for and incredibly flexible when it comes to different devices and applications.

But when you contact  a prospective client via email, they see your email address.  Sure, you may have put Joe Smith as your display name, but if your email address is jumpinjoe420@yahoo.com?  That might send a bad impression. Or not enough of an impression.   Besides, you are your own business...you want a business name. Promote it!


How nice would it be to send emails from Joe@joescompany.com?  Not only does it look way more professional, but it also tells the customer that you are a real company.  Even if you are just a part time sales person, running your dealership from your kitchen, a personalized domain can go a long way to adding to your business gravitas!

Personalizing your domain is actually very easy.  The hard part will be coming up with a name that 1) no one has taken and, 2) you are happy with.  

Obviously, if your last name is Ford and you want to use ford.com, you can't.  That domain is already owned by the Ford Motor Company. However, you may try going with FordPromos.com or FordB2BPromos.com. If you already have a company name, obviously you would want to get that. Any service you use to acquire your domain will tell you if it's available or not.

Regardless, I recommend purchasing the domain for your company brand even if you don't plan on using it right away.

There are several services for getting your own domain. The cheapest and easiest is to go through Google.  For as little as $60 a year...you can register your own domain.  That will give you an email, web services, even a suite of office applications ( word processor, spreadsheet, presentation tools...even a PDF editor). Another nice feature is that a Google Apps domain is ready "out of the box".  You can set it all up in under an hour and be running your business the next. Each user is $5 a month or $50 a year.  Domain registration is $10. Add that up and that is $60 a year to promote your dealership with every email you send.

Further, if you are not tech savvy, Google Apps is likely your best option.  And a added bonus, if you make the switch to Google Apps, you are a INSTANTLY compatible with Kaeser's home office system.

Check out Google Apps here.

Another option is to so straight to a domain register service, like Go Daddy or Network Solutions.  Each of these will allow you to find and register your own domain, and give you an email inbox.  It"s fairly cut and dry.  You get a name and and email.  Prices can vary, but they run deals all the time.  Especially Go Daddy.  

Check out Go Daddy.
Check out Network Solutions.

If you decide to go this route, you will need to know a bit more about what you are doing, or have someone around to help you.  The backend controls are extremely “techy”.  Honestly, they are designed for web hosting companies, not a business owner.  If you go this route, I strongly recommend getting help.

Regardless of the route you go, having a personalized domain provides huge benefits to your business.  And, just like a business card or pen with your name on it, you are leaving a reminder of yourself with every contact.  

Sounds like a certain industry I know.....

Marketing for your Dealership around Valentines Day

By Kurt Kaeser on 2013-02-12 in News

As we've said many times, personalization when reaching out to your clients and prospects should be integrated into everything you do as a Kaeser & Blair dealer. This doesn't mean you have to do a lot of work in order to personalize.  Here are some simple ideas for you this week to gain some possible new business surrounding the Valentines Day holiday. You can thank us later.

Try sending a simple card or e-card to your client wishing them the best, and perhaps even recommend a place for them to celebrate Valentines Day.  Of course, don't forget to include recent product specials that you can offer them right away.  They may not purchase something this week, but don't be discouraged as the positive gesture will stick in their minds.

Next, try this non-traditional method if you haven't planned ahead.  Men typically tune out the Valentines Day Holiday (except for those special loved ones) so think about reaching out to your clients and prospects that are women. It could gain you a greater response. Surprise them with a quick call or email wishing them a Happy Valentines day. Make sure you're playful, fun and appropriate in your messaging.

Finally, don't forget to use Social Media to spread your message.  Social channels are busy during Valentines Day.  Don't forget how a simple post can be "attractive" for your dealership. Considering being creative and posting something that displays your creativity that can brighten a client or prospect's day.

What other ideas do you have for this holiday? We know you're creative and hard-working so personalize your Valentines Day messages to your clients! Also, feel free to share your ideas on our Facebook page this week!  

Happy Valentines Day!

Why KB is More Than a Business

By Kurt Kaeser on 2013-02-06 in News

You may have heard about the flexibility and freedom that comes along with being an independent promotional products dealer with Kaeser & Blair.  If you are still considering the Kaeser & Blair dealer opportunity, we wanted to share a little more on why we offer more than just a business,  we offer lifestyle.

These days the reality is that most people don't want to simply work a 9 to 5 job anymore or they need more flexibility in their careers to accommodate family, kids, and outside activities! The business world has progressed and technology has enabled this progression. The end result is that professionals get to be more choosy in what and why we do what we do.  

The Kaeser & Blair lifestyle can meet your needs in three specific areas:
1.       Actual freedom and flexibility, not just perceived
2.       A greater sense of community
3.       Huge potential for growth

The actual freedom and flexibility that you can gain from the KB lifestyle is REAL! The fact that you yourself get to pick when you work and when you play is pretty special. And as we have mentioned in our previous blogs working from home is part of this freedom and flexibility! If a client or friend extends an invitation to a big game or to a golf match you are empowered to accept their invitation.  You could even turn opportunities like these into a potential sale; the flexibility and power is ultimately yours.

For some, however, the word freedom can be a little bit daunting. You may be thinking to yourself "Where would I even start?" But this is why the KB lifestyle and Kaeser & Blair itself is so great. We have support systems in place that make it easy to find the answers, and to even give feedback with what is going on currently in your own dealership! If you view our Facebook and Twitter pages you will see motivational quotes, and each week Bob Lewellen sends out insightful sales tips in the form of an e-mail blast... Like we claim... Instant community!

Lastly, in your KB lifestyle you will have plenty of room for personal growth and professional growth. Promotional products are used in every single industry, and it is a type of offer that works well for many different audiences.  Because virtually all businesses and industries use promotional products, the ability for you to grow your business is only limited by the amount of effort and time you decide to dedicate.  

We know that autonomy is an important motivator and in many cases fuel for personal businesses.  The Kaeser & Blair dealer program enables this lifestyle autonomy.  We encourage you to join our family and see how our community can help you create new meaning and goals in your life.  So what are you waiting for? Fill out a dealer application today!

Self- Actualization and Attitude

By Kurt Kaeser on 2013-01-30 in News

We all want to be successful.  Success is defined by many people in many different ways. In order to be successful, you need a successful attitude.  Finding your personal definition and morphing it into your attitude is easier than you may think!

The preparation stage for success involves making sure that you are caring enough for yourself. In this busy world, we all have families, jobs, and are constantly running crazy trying to make time for everything. We need to realize and reflect upon what is really necessary.  In order to achieve our best form and our highest success level we must cut down on the unnecessary.

Secondly, self-actualization involves not just planning, but doing! If you say that you want to start your very own business this year,  do not just hope and dream towards this.  Realize what you must do to get there and make a decision that you will do it... no matter the costs! Sure, a couple plans may fail, but that does not mean that you are allowed to get discouraged! If you are trying to change your attitude towards one of success you must continue towards your goals regardless of minor setbacks.  Kaeser & Blair Dealerships can make it easy, profitable, and successful in reaching your dreams. Once you have success on the top of your mind you will be better prepared to change your practices.

Third: keep in mind that something can always be made out of nothing! Simply putting into practice a positive mindset and motivation will make a change in your life and lead you in the right direction. Do you follow KB on Facebook and Twitter? Every week we try to post motivational and productivity driven posts for our dealers! We know it's a tough world out there, but if we all change our attitudes for the better we can all reach our point of self-actualization.

So you want to be successful and you want to change your life? Change your attitude and the possibilities for self-actualization are endless!  And let Kaeser & Blair help!!!

How to Take Advantage of Social Media for your K&B Dealership

By Kurt Kaeser on 2013-01-22 in Kurt's Blog

As a Kaeser & Blair dealer you have many promotional products and advertising specialties to promote, but have you ever considered more non-traditional forms of marketing focused towards your clients and leads? In this article we have provided you with some tips to hopefully push you towards "spreading the word" through social media.

Think about this: a lot of people get more news today from sites like Facebook and Twitter than anywhere else. This and the fact that Facebook is now adding a new graph search feature will increase usage and relevant information for these sites creating even more traffic. What a great opportunity to jump on and play to your advantage!

However, there are some ideas and rules to consider before just posting everything in hopes of attracting followers and clients.  The first piece of information that you need to know is that people don't like to read long posts! Keeping things short and simple is your best bet. If the viewer needs to click "Read more" on Facebook your post is probably too long! But definitely consider taking advantage of promotion and product knowledge by linking back to the K&B website as a form of demonstration for potential customers.

Secondly, if you want to start promoting more on social media from a business standpoint it may be a good idea to keep the more negative personal posts to a minimum. No one, especially business associates, really cares to hear about what a miserable day you are having or if you are in a fight with someone. Over-sharing is a huge problem for social media users, and has gotten a lot of people into trouble. Don't forget that some information is viewable to the public so don't talk bad about work related matters.

The last two keys that we think we should give you as you start this new form of marketing for your dealership is 1. Stay positive and 2. Set relevant and reachable goals for your social media. You must be aware that in the beginning you may not receive much feedback, but by continuing in the process you could gain a lot of rewards. Also, the main benefit is that promoting through social media is free and so you are not hurting yourself, or your wallet!  Plan for the first couple months to post one business item a week, and when you find this to be successful increase your postings!

The times are always changing, but keep yourself up to date and try this new (and most popular) form of business advertising today! You would be surprised to find how you can allow your dealership to grow by taking the 10 minutes to post.

Making the Sales Presentation Count

By Kurt Kaeser on 2012-11-16 in Kurt's Blog

Many Dealers think the sales presentation is the easiest part of their job, but there is some strategy that must take place behind the scenes for your presentation to be successful.  

Use these tips the next time you have an important pitch, and you will be sure to land a great deal!

Probably the most overlooked detail of a sales pitch is time. Clients are up against deadlines and don't have all day to participate in presentations.  Ask in advance how much time you will have to speak/present to your audience.  Only use 75% of the allotted time to allow for questions and explanations at the end.

Make sure your presentation is organized and easy to follow visually and verbally.  Many times a deal is already lost within the first five minutes of the sales pitch because it is too hard to understand. Today's clients are used to short messages filled with the assistance of images.  It's easier for our brains to digest and analyze.   A simple fact to remember is that 93% of information is learned non-verbally with the assistance of secondary content; it is not always about the perfect words!

Another common mistake in presentations is that they are so information rich that they leave no time for listening.  Make sure to add time in your presentation for dialogue and discussion time.  Be sure to listen to the clients comments and needs before going on and on about benefits you can provide.  

Be mindful of your non-verbal messages and physical appearance and make sure your presentation allows you to make adjustments if necessary during the presentation. Using common courtesies and these simple tips will help you to stay on top of your game.   

Maintaining Healthy Customer Relations when Issues Arise

By Bob Lewellen on 2012-11-13 in Bob's Blog

As much as we try to prevent issues from occurring, sometimes things just happen. Yes, it's unfortunate when a customer is upset, but more importantly it is vital to fix the issue at hand. To do this you need to learn the source of the problem and then implement a plan so that it doesn't happen again. Below are some steps that will help you in this process and make it easier in saving the business relationship.

The first step is to figure out how and where the problem first began.  Contact and listen to your customer.  Letting them discuss how they are feeling and communicating to that you are working to find the root of the issue will go a long way towards helping your customer to feel at ease. Remember as a Kaeser & Blair dealer, you are your customers business partner and you have their best interests in mind.  Reassure them that you will handle the issue in the most efficient manner.  Remember, allowing the customer to open up will allow you to gain important information about the problem from the customer's perspective.

Next, contact and communicate with the individuals, department, or Dealer support to pinpoint where the problem originated.  The most important thing to keep in mind is to not place blame.  It won't help the process and could lead to more conflict.   All you are trying to do is simply gain more information to go back and update the customer with the status of their inquiry.

Now you must go back to the customer (not to make excuses), but to explain further what went wrong and reassure them that steps/processes have been put into place to ensure it will not happen again.   This would also be an appropriate time to offer any concessions or exchanges to lessen customer frustration.   Regardless, an apology should be offered and a promise of elevated service.  Be kind and professional.

The next time that an unfortunate event happens that is out of your span of control remember the most important elements: listening and investigating. The easiest way to solve reoccurring errors is to narrow down the current information and analyze the troublesome factors. Do this and let the customer know you care so that you can keep them around for many years to come!

Perks of Working from Home

By Kurt Kaeser on 2012-10-31 in Kurt's Blog

One of the greatest advantages of being a Kaeser & Blair Dealer is the ability to choose where you work and when you work.

More than 85% percent of Americans drive to work every day with an average commute time of approximately 25 minutes per commute. Think of the gasoline and time you could be saving by not having to "drive" to work everyday.

A typical worker would save nearly 109 hours a year by being able to work from home. Think about how much more time you would have to spend with your family, on the golf course or even doing charitable work. And the savings are more than just time. An average commuter spends about $1500 a year on gas, an in today's economy that number is only going up.

As a Kaeser & Blair independent promotional products dealer you have the ability to realize some of these time and financial savings because you can choose to work where you want. You are the boss and can schedule your time as you wish. There are maybe times you can run out to visit with a good customer or make a sales presentation, but ultimately you are in control of your schedule of in-home base office time and appointments.

Studies show that people who have to commute to work daily have higher BMI's, waist circumferences, blood pressure and higher levels of stress. Plus studies also show that people who work out of their home are not only more productive, but generally more healthier.

So when you consider your career in the promotional products and advertising specialities business with Kaeser & Blair, take the time to consider the other perks and advantages of working from and out of your home.

Be Happy: Sell More

By Bob Lewellen on 2012-10-16 in Bob's Blog

One of the most important assets for a salesperson is confidence.  It's remarkable how a positive mindset is such a successful sales driver.  Science even says so.  

A researcher for CNN, suggests that "Happiness raises nearly every business and educational outcome: raising sales by 37%, productivity by 31%, and accuracy on tasks by 19%, as well as a myriad of health and quality-of-life improvements." 

Customers and clients recognize and know if you are happy.  So do your best to be positive.   I recognize that this can be difficult at times, so here are some tips from the same article listed above: 

  • Write down three new things you are grateful for each day;
  • Write for two minutes a day describing one positive experience you had over the past 24 hours;
  • Exercise for 10 minutes a day;
  • Write one quick email first thing in the morning thanking or praising someone in your social support network (family member, friend, old teacher)."

Believe in yourself and be happy.  Sales professionals know that you're far more likely to achieve success when you approach your job with confidence.  

Reasons for the Right Choice

By Kurt Kaeser on 2012-10-09 in Kurt's Blog

I'm still living in the "after-glow" of the 2012 Kaeser & Blair Dealer Convention, or "reunion" as I like to call it.   Even though its been nearly a month since the Convention, I'm still inspired by the hundreds of dealers that participated and their stories of success and happiness.  

As I listened and learned, several key themes kept resonating from the dealers on why the Kaeser & Blair, Inc. self employment opportunity was right for them and I wanted to share these with you.  

One of the biggest reasons that resonated, was the ability to control their own success.  Many said that the decision to own their own business was terrifying at first, but at the same time fulfilling.  Dealers said that they know that when they achieve that first sale or their first BIG sale, that they "own" that success.  Giving them a great sense of pride, accomplishment and power.  

Many spoke about how their Kaeser & Blair dealership has allowed them to "experience their family more" and be a part of things that they previously may have missed. More importantly they mentioned that their kids and family got to experience their successes and see their dreams unfold.  Many dealers mentioned the importance of their kids learning that success doesn't "just fall from trees."

Several dealers talked about their ability to work when they want, with whom they want, and on industries and market segments that they cared about or inspired them.  But probably the comment that stuck me as most significant, was when a dealer mentioned how Kaeser & Blair was helping them to "make a difference" and how their business was helping to complete the big vision they had for their life.  They mentioned how they went to bed every night knowing that what they did matters and is in complete and total alignment with who they were as a person and what the purpose of their life was about.   

10 Tips for Improving Your Numbers

By Bob Lewellen on 2012-10-03 in Bob's Blog

Every once in awhile, it never hurts to get back to basics.  While nothing on this list of suggestions will come as a surprise to you, there is always value and benefit in a purposeful review of the basics.  These are presented in no particular order of importance.

1. Make sure you ask for the business, every time.
2. Understand and know why your customer wants to buy.
3. Listen, Listen, Listen and then ask questions.
4. Focus on selling service and value.
5. Know your products and services.
6. Create urgency and be proactive.
7. Avoid distractions and focus on selling.
8. Know your prospect.  What kind of buyer are they?
9. Plan your month, plan your day, plan for each call.
10.  Be positive, smile and have fun.

A constant and deliberate focus on these simple steps will have a meaningful impact on your monthly numbers when applied purposefully and consistently.  They will make the sales process more fluid, build trust with your customer and position you for sales success.

Seize the Moment

By Kurt Kaeser on 2012-10-01 in Kurt's Blog

How many of you ended your day yesterday by saying, "I didn’t have time to do this. I wasn’t able to do that.  Or I couldn’t get around to it.”  

The simple fact is that these statements almost always are NOT true.  The truth is that YOU made a decision or a choice not to do them or make them important enough to get done.  Maybe you choose to do something else for very good reason, but the honest answer is that You had a moment where you could have worked on that goal, and you chose to do something else.

For most people there is an extraordinary gap between goal commitment and goal realization.  Most people believe because they “really want it”, that is what matters most.   They have the commitment, but don’t take the actions they need to take.  

Look at the obstacles that prevent you from what you want and seize the opportunity to actually make your goal a reality.  

The Kaeser & Blair self-employment opportunity fully understands these realities.  That’s why we help you, to know how far you need to go.  We motivate you and let you know how you are doing.  We give you the resources, you need,  to succeed and achieve your goals.

Our opportunity is filled with optimistic honesty.  To succeed in the promotional products industry, you don’t need to be perfect from day one.  You only need to get better over time.  Our expectations are that you enjoy what you are doing, ensure that it’s interesting, and that it impacts your life in a positive manner.  

So go ahead and seize today.  It only takes a few short seconds to fill out our online dealer application.  

Six Questions with Kurt Kaeser

By Kurt Kaeser on 2012-08-22 in Kurt's Blog

Kurt Kaeser works every day, to preserve the Kaeser & Blair traditions that are responsible for the longevity and success of the company.  His belief in doing the right things for the Kaeser family of dealers, its employees, and the community has been firmly intertwined in Kaeser & Blair’s rich history.  To help you better understand the Kaeser opportunity, we asked Kurt a few questions.

What is the Opportunity?

We offer an opportunity for you to start your own independent, self employment business of running and operating your own promotional product advertising business.  Sell advertising specialties and promotional advertising products to businesses and organizations and earn rewarding profits.

Does anyone use promotional products?

Yes, promotional product advertising is a $20 billion dollar industry.  Promotional products are everywhere.  Look around your own home - magnets on your refrigerator with an advertising message, pens printed with a business name, dealer decals and licence plate frames on your car, calendars from a local business or bank, and imprinted t-shirts just to name a few.  Check out our Best Buys catalog to get an idea of the many products available.

Can I make any money in this business?

Absolutely.  Every business and organization is a prospective customer and the uses and applications of promotional products is virtually endless.  You will receive profits and earnings with each order and with every reorder.  K&B currently has Dealers that constantly earn in excess of $100,000 a year in earnings from their own Dealerships.

Why Kaeser & Blair?

K&B is a leader in the industry and has over a century of experience helping and supporting Dealerships.   Our whole focus is providing the material, training,support, and services to help Dealerships grow and prosper in this industry.  As a leader in the industry, we have established great relationships and priority pricing advantages with leading suppliers.

What does the future look like?

We can not imagine a world without promotional product advertising.  Overall we have experienced great industry growth with the use of promotional products and believe this growth will continue.  More and more businesses and organizations are learning and seeing the value and advantages of using promotional items to advertising and build their businesses.

Can I test this opportunity?

Absolutely.  Fill out the request for additional information and we will send our complete Dealership information package complete with one of our current Best Buys catalog.  Take the catalog to some business owners you may know and tell them you are investigating a promotional products business and ask them to look over the products and pricing.  Ask them, “if I get into this business of these products, would you consider ordering your promotional items from me?”  Their response will give you an insight and understanding if such a business will work for you.

Kaeser Convention 2012

By Kurt Kaeser on 2012-08-14 in Kurt's Blog

It’s that time of year again!  The annual Kaeser & Blair Dealer Convention is just a few weeks away.  This year the convention is being held September 14th & 15th and you still have time to become a dealer and participate!  I look forward to this weekend more than any other weekend of the year.  While the event is technically called our Dealer Convention, for years we’ve informally referred to it as our “family reunion”, and many of our dealers refer to it that way too.  This weekend is just one of the many ways we go “over-and-above” for our dealers.

The Dealer Convention is a valuable and purposeful event that helps our dealers to grow and earn more business.   It’s also an opportunity to meet with other dealers, trade tips and suggestions, and form lasting friendships.  Providing events such as the Kaeser & Blair Dealer Convention, is just one of the many ways we’re committed to helping our dealers succeed.

The Convention kicks off with an private trade show, this event is exclusive to Kaeser & Blair dealers.  With more than 155+ vendors already signed up (and more signing up everyday), it’s one of the largest private trade shows in the industry.  Supporting our dealers with an exclusive trade show allows our dealers to review the newest and hottest products on the market and to have dedicated quality time with the vendors they do business with.  We’re proud to offer this exclusive benefit to our dealers, we’re committed to your success.  After a busy day on the Trade Show floor, we’ve scheduled a special “African Safari” evening event filled with great food, quality entertainment, fun and good friends. 

Saturday is Education Day!  We’ve packed the day with informative sessions and speakers to help you be more effective and profitable in running your Kaeser & Blair dealership.  This year speaker Bryan Dodge will talk about “Good Life Rules, 8 Keys to being your best at work and play.”  You’re going to learn everything you ever wanted to know about the awards and recognition market from David Saatzer, and then Joe Shaffer will chat with us about one of the hottest markets out there, Wellness.  Plus, Promo Marketing will provide information about a dealer branded website opportunity.  It’s going to be an exciting and informative day.

Top top it all off!  Saturday night we’re going to hand out some cold hard cash at our Annual Awards Gala where we’ll recognize our top performing dealers .  Nothing makes me more proud, than to be able to recognize and reward these very deserving promotional product and advertising specialty professionals.  They really are the best of the best.  

There’s still time to get your new dealer application in and then make reservations for this very special event.  I can’t think of a better way to kick off your new business than the Kaeser & Blair Annual Convention.  No one in the business provides as much support and capability.   I truly hope you’ll take the opportunity to participate in this exciting, informative and fun filled weekend with our dealer family.   So fill out your dealer application and then visit www.kaeserconvention.com to get registered for the Dealer Convention. 

New Dealer Check Up

By Bob Lewellen on 2012-08-08 in Bob's Blog

We bring new dealers into the Kaeser & Blair family every day from all across the country and all walks of life.  Some are starting out in the promotional products and advertising specialties business for the first time and others have been in the business or are involved in businesses that use promotional products.  It’s an exciting time in their lives and the Kaeser family really enjoys helping them to succeed with their new businesses.

We took some time this week to talk to (7) randomly selected dealers about their KB experience so far.   Collectively these dealers come from Colorado, Florida, Kentucky, Indiana, and Missouri and none of them had submitted an order to Kaeser & Blair prior to May 2012.  Here’s a few out-takes from our conversations.

Steven Nickels, Kentucky

“It was pretty easy to get going.  Once I got my dealer kit, I just started calling prospects,” says Steven Nickels of Kentucky.  “Talk to as many people as you can, prospects and customer wise and don’t get discouraged when people tell you no.” 

Nickels seeks out new business from companies that already utilize promotional products, “I tell them I can probably save them some money and give them better service than what they are already paying for,” he says.

Donna Salmon, Indiana

“It takes a little time to build a customer base, timing is really crucial in this business,” says Donna Salmon a 20 year marketing veteran who recently made a career switch.  “I love the advertising business, and I love getting out and talking to people and helping their business and building relationships.  I’m to a point in my life where i need the flexibility.  I like being my own boss.”

Kelly Cassidy, Missouri

With a big laugh, Kelly Cassidy said, “It was easy to get started.  All I had to do was send in $85 dollars,” she cheerfully indicated to receive her Dealer Success Kit.  “I realized that the product materials (in the Dealer Success Kit) are very detailed for someone who has no idea what they are getting into,” she said turning serious for a moment. 

“The material will help someone who has never been in sales before, unlike myself, it will help them understand how to prospect for a customer, and how to qualify, and how to target them.  How to communicate with them, all that information was included in there and I was really impressed with that.” 

She was also very impressed with the quality of Kaeser & Blair’s dealer support staff. “Competence, I’m serious.  These people are competent.  They know what they are doing,” she said.

Nicole Campbell, FL

“I’m a work at home Mom,” says Nicole Campbell of Florida, “when you think of ‘stay-at-home-mom’ you think of sweat pants, and stuff and I don’t like that.    I have a home office and I’ve been working at home since I had my daughter.”  Nicole had previously been in the business, but working for a larger company.  She was recruited by an existing KB dealer.  “I knew I could do it and I did, “ she says, “I’d been contemplating it for quite some time.”

“You know it just works.  My daughter goes to school a couple of hours every day.  I do all my quiet stuff then,” Campbell said, “ I joined a bunch of networking groups, I’m big with trying to network and I asked for referrals from everybody that I knew.  I built up my business quickly.”

Tom King, Colorado

When we caught up with Tom King on Tuesday afternoon.  He was at 14,000 feet and enjoying the majestic scenery of the Colorado Rockies.  He was also enjoying one of the greatest benefits of owning and operating a Kaeser & Blair Dealership.  Control of your schedule. 

“It was extremely easy to get started with Kaeser & Blair and that's why I like it,” he said. “It's a very low barrier to entry, they are not intimidating. It's a very good way to go because so many of the other companies intimidate you to much.”  Tom submitted his first order in late May and expects to have sales in the $300,000 range by the end of the year.

Tom enjoys the great variety of products available to Kaeser Dealers and indicated how nice it is to have such a diverse product offering. “I love the best buys catalog, I've been passing them out, I got a bunch of them,” he says indicating that they are a great cold calling tool. 

“They've been very helpful, they take care of me,” said King, “My best summer time money maker is summer t-shirts and festivals.”

Jerry Klinker, Indiana

“We just started in June,” says Jerry Klinker from Indiana, “I’m totally happy with everything that I’ve seen”  Klinker and his colleague Nikki Edwards have also previously been involved with promotional products and are really enjoying the benefits that come from being a part of the Kaeser & Blair dealer family.

“I would say that I can rely on Kaeser & Blair for lots.  I can get a lot more done with my day not having to worry about the orders,” said Ms. Edwards, “because I just know that they are going to handle it and if there is something wrong my Rep will contact me and it’s instantly resolved.  It just saves me a lot more time.”

It was great to catch up with these new dealers, learn more about them and hear their stories of success.  Most of these new dealers will be attending the Dealer Convention in September, so if you see them introduce yourself and congratulate them.   Since May, these new Dealers have collectively submitted well in excess of $75,000.00 in orders and are well on their way towards building successful Kaeser & Blair Dealerships.  

Dealer Support & Service

By Kathleen McManes on 2012-07-31 in News

People are always asking what makes our independent promotional product and advertising specialty dealers so capable.  The answer is simple, we provide them with the resources, capabilities and support personnel to make them the stand out. 

Our dealers know that the best product selection and pricing is only part of the equation when it comes to servicing their customers.  That’s why Kaeser & Blair goes out of our way to help service our family of dealers.  Every Kaeser & Blair dealer has a team of professionals dedicated to helping them answer questions, conduct research and assist with orders.  We’ve supported dealers, their customers and suppliers for more than 100+ years. 

This experience gives our dealers an advantage in the marketplace, that helps them to provide a higher level of customer service and capability.  Because our dealers and their support teams work so closely together, many times our dealers are able to “pre-think” and plan around issues that could pose a headache or hassle to less experienced organizations.

We know that the better support services we provide to our dealers has a direct impact on the success of their business.  It’s our responsibility to do all that we can to support every dealer in our family.  We’re constantly training, researching and improving our processes for the betterment of our dealers and their customers.  We’re very proud of our dealers accomplishments and the role we play in supporting the growth of their independent promotional products and advertising specialty businesses.

Let Our Capital Work for You

By Scott Graber on 2012-07-24 in News

Capital is the lifeblood of any business and access to capital continues to be a significant challenge for many entrepreneurs and small businesses. Kaeser & Blair knows small companies need capital to invest, expand and create jobs. And the economy needs a healthy small business community to bolster and sustain its recovery. 

Kaeser & Blair is helping to unleash the power of small business.  We’re doing this by helping our independent family of promotional product and advertising specialty dealers use our capital and clout to help them grow their K&B Dealerships. 

As a Kaeser & Blair dealer you never have to worry about capital and funding, because we handle it for you.  Our AAA credit rating is among the highest in the industry.  Our payment history with suppliers is so established that many industry suppliers fill our dealers orders first, because they know how quickly they are going to get paid.

We know the best way to support our family of independent dealers and their small businesses is to let them focus their efforts on providing industry leading customer service to their clients, while supplying innovative promotional products and advertising specialties.  We know that our financial backing provides our dealers a level assurance and confidence that helps them to focus on what’s important - their customers. 

The Kaeser & Blair Difference

By Kurt Kaeser on 2012-07-17 in Kurt's Blog

The greatest thing about Kaeser & Blair’s independent dealership opportunity is that it enables you to put yourself in control and provides you with the opportunity to invest your time and efforts towards growing - you.

With today’s high unemployment and disruption in every market and industry, Kaeser & Blair’s dealership opportunity provides the security you need to accelerate yourself in a new career in today’s competitive world. 

Promotional products and advertising specialties are used by every business and in every industry.  This simple fact enables our dealers to be nimble and adjust to the ever changing market conditions in real time.  Kaeser & Blair dealers and the products and services they provide are not dependent upon any particular industry or market segment.  If the auto industry is down, our dealers can sell to the tech industry.  If the tech industry is down, they can sell into the travel industry.  If the travel industry is down they can sell into healthcare.  You see the point.

Kaeser & Blair dealers are entrepreneurs who run their own business and have made the decision to invest in themselves, develop their own professional networks and have leveraged their risk by joining our family of dealers in this $19 billion dollar promotional product and advertising industry.

We provide a significant competitive advantage to our dealers because of our size, volume and industry leading reputation.  We help our dealers strengthen their professional networks by providing leading tools, education, and insight.  Our family of dealers provide not only the value and benefit of experience, but bring a spirit of community and camaraderie.

We’re passionate about helping people to realize the career that they’ve been dreaming of.  Our opportunity takes hard work and effort on your part, but we’re here to help you.  I encourage you to contact us today and let us show you how to be in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

Lead Follow Up

By Kurt Kaeser on 2012-07-10 in Kurt's Blog

Getting leads isn’t an easy task and when you’ve put forth the effort to generate new leads, you don’t want to risk losing a single one.

Following up with leads is one of the single most important tasks you can do to ensure the health of your Kaeser & Blair dealership.  While this may seem obvious, many Dealers fail to properly follow up with their leads.  Make a plan for following up with leads and stick with it.   If you have trouble reaching or connecting with a potential lead, be creative and resourceful.  Use the telephone, email and even a handwritten note if necessary.  Try varying the times of day when you try to reach the lead.

If you have other people in your dealership, make sure everyone uses the same follow up methods.  Put a process in place to ensure that nothing gets missed and that you have standardized methods for identifying leads as qualified or unqualified.  Consider using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool or calendar reminders to help you make certain no leads get missed. 

It’s also important that you keep track of how many leads you are generating a month and where they are coming from.  How did they hear about you? What email did they respond to? Where did you meet them? Who referred them to you?

It’s also crucial to establish if the leads that you are bringing in are qualified. Does the lead have a need for what you are selling?  Do they have the money?  You want to make sure that leads are qualified because you want to make sure they’re worth your time.  Put together a list of 3 or 4 items or questions that you want to measure each lead against to “qualify” them.  This will really help you to make the best use of your time and efforts as you operate your promotional products and advertising specialty business.

The Difference Between Sales and Marketing

By Bob Lewellen on 2012-06-26 in Bob's Blog

A lot of people consider sales and marketing to be the same thing.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  Recognizing the difference between sales and marketing is key to your success as a Kaeser & Blair Dealer. 

Marketing is what you do to make clients come to you, while sales is about you reaching out to people and closing a sale.  They are both important.  Marketing is a longer term commitment and creates a valuable pipeline for months and years to come.  Sales is what’s going to help you pay the rent next week.  Ideally, strong promotional product businesses need a mix of both to keep your cash flow balanced. 

If you’re not balanced here's a few tips for success.

If you’re less focused on sales, you have to have strong marketing.  Reaching out to friends, family and clients for referrals and business is difficult for some of us.  So if you’re not going to have a strong sales focus, you’re going to want to use marketing to stay “top of mind” through activities like e-newsletters, video blogs, and advertisements that demonstrate your expertise.  Getting involved in professional associations and charitable organizations isn’t a bad idea either.  They are good opportunities to interact with potential buyers. 

Business development is an essential duty and requirement when running your promotional products and advertising specialities dealership.  Some say it’s the essential duty.  Marketing can help, but it won’t completely replace the need for sales calls.   This can be a difficult proposition for those of us who are shy or uncomfortable with anything “salesy.”  You have to rewire your brain and become comfortable with the sales process.  Remember, strong sales are built upon good relationships.  Focus yourself on helping a person or business solve a problem rather than focusing on product and price.  Put your fears aside and let your passion and knowledge work to solve your customers problems or needs.  This will help the process to be less “salesy”.

Finally, don’t be afraid to look for help.  There are numerous online resources, books, and professionals that can help you to achieve just the right balance between sales and marketing.

Beat Your Competitors

By Kurt Kaeser on 2012-06-19 in News

You know your competition is lurking around every corner.  Many new promotional product and advertising specialties dealers often hesitate to contact potential new customers because they believe their target is already serviced.

Smart Kaeser & Blair Dealers know they can make it in a crowded field.  The key to this success is in how you define your business and the products and services you offer. 

Remember that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.  Certainly innovation is needed, but you don’t have to be disruptive in order to realize success.  Look to your target customers and try to find a void you can fill.  Then figure out the best way to fill that void with the products and services you offer.  Your products and services might be similar to the competition but they aren’t the key to everything.  Make sure you are great at the basics and then put your focus and energy towards being exceptional at what will make you stand out.

Create a one-of-a-kind culture that defies peoples expectations for what a promotional products provider and advertising specialties provider should be.  Use friendliness, approachability and personality to help you to stay as close to your customers as possible and don’t let price be the deciding factor.  Define your Dealership by what makes you unique.

Don’t lose motivation over a competitive landscape.  This simply means that customer demand exists.  There’s always room for businesses that provide a higher level of service.  Don’t let the crowd stand in your way, use it to stand out.

6 Tips for Starting Your KB Dealership

By Kurt Kaeser on 2012-06-12 in Kurt's Blog

1. Make a Plan

We know that many new Kaeser & Blair dealers are so eager to begin their new promotional products and advertising specialties business, that they’re tempted to get started without putting together a plan.

Taking the time to write out a simple business plan, forecast and marketing strategy will greatly benefit you as you begin to grow your new dealership.  The training and support offered through Kaeser & Blair can be of great assistance in helping you get started.

2. Do Things Differently

The great thing about being your own boss is that you get to do things the way you want.  While previous experiences certainly provide value and insight into how you approach things.  Don’t be afraid to do things differently than you’ve done in previous life experiences.  Understand that market landscapes, customer needs, and service expectations are constantly changing.  Your Kaeser & Blair Independent Dealership needs to be prepared to meet the needs of a market that is continually in flux.  Go ahead think outside the box.  The dynamic nature of promotional product is what makes industry fun and exciting!

3. Selling to Friends & Acquaintances

Friends and acquaintances are potentially great resources for new business and sales.  Successful Dealers form bonds and make fast friends with many of the people they interact with everyday.  Generally this is a positive trait and can make running your Kaeser & Blair Dealership more enjoyable and fulfilling.  But it can also potentially cause some difficult situations when running a business.  What will you do if there is a problem, how will you handle it, and what impact could this have on your friendship?  So think twice before committing to a business transaction with friends.  Being prepared and addressing the issue up front will go a long way towards preventing any issues in the future.

4.  Don’t Discount

Kaeser Dealers know that putting more profit in their pocket is important to their successful dealership.  Being eager to win new business, many Dealers are tempted to heavily discount their prices in order to win business.  While acquiring new customers and clients is essential to success, attracting new business at unsustainable pricing is a recipe for failure.  Remember, it’s always harder to raise prices in the future.  Focus on providing more value and service to your customers while promoting a responsible price.   It’s you, not necessarily your price that makes the difference.

5. Stick To Your Plan

In the excitement of running your new Dealership it’s easy to get wrapped up in every new opportunity, but be careful and don’t lose focus.  Stick to your plan.  Moving forward is important and constantly switching directions can keep you from meeting your goals and objectives.  Carefully evaluate each opportunity and make sure that it fits into your vision and goals for your Dealership.

6. Rejection Happens
Be prepared and understand that rejection and failure will happen.  Your new promotional products business will have highs and lows.  It’s easy to get stressed and discouraged, but you can’t let rejection prevent you from realizing success.  Use rejection and failure as a learning opportunity.  Take what you learn from these experiences and discover what works.  With a little experience and practice, you’ll soon learn that you’ll have more success than rejection.  It just takes time and practice.  Also, don’t forget that as a Kaeser & Blair independent promotional products dealer that you have access to Kaeser University and some of the best sales training tools and courses available in the industry.

Handwritten Notes

By Kurt Kaeser on 2012-05-29 in News

In an age where it seems we have a social media tool or social network for everything, I wanted to remind people of one of the most important social media tools I know: The Handwritten Note.

Handwritten postcards or notes work. 

It may seem old school but in an age where technology is constantly seeping into every corner of our lives, a handwritten note or card is a surprising powerful “extra-touch” that will get your Kaeser and Blair independent promotional products dealership noticed and can bring you the perception of being more personable than larger competitors. 

Using handwritten notes as a prelude or follow up to sales activities can help your promotional products and advertising specialties dealership establish new business and win new accounts.  It can also provide that “extra-touch” that lets your customers and potential customers know they’re important.  Plus, it’s nice to get mail these days.

So the next time you call on that important prospect, consider following it up with a personally written note or card.  It might just be all that’s needed to give you the winning edge.

Be Aware and Celebrate National Pet Month

By Kurt Kaeser on 2012-05-25 in Kurt's Blog

While the month of May is nearly over, a friend made mention the other day that May is National Pet Month and that their company has been recognizing and celebrating pet ownership.  Animals in the workplace, especially dogs, is a growing phenomenon and this trend offers a number of selling opportunities for Kaeser & Blair’s independent promotional product and advertising specialty dealers.

Pet ownership is huge and pet owners don’t mind spending money on their animals.  Nearly two-thirds of American households have pets and those owners spent more than $50 billion feeding and caring for their animals last year .

A good place to reach this crowd is within companies and organizations that embrace pets in the workplace.  Also veterinary offices, which, like doctor offices for people, offer plenty of opportunities for promotional products and advertising specialities.  

So remember every Spring to be on the lookout for companies that are pet friendly and don’t forget about the opportunities and products that can be pitched to those companies and veterinarians.

K&B Memorial Day Fun

By Kurt Kaeser on 2012-05-09 in News

Are you getting that urge to jump in the pool or perhaps go to the beach? Well, Memorial Day is just around the corner, which is the unofficial kickoff to summer fun. You’ll start to see amusement parks open and smell BBQ all around. Kaeser & Blair is joining the summer fun by providing some amazing summer promotional products that any organization could use. Many companies purchase summer promotional products for their company picnics and other summer events. At Kaeser & Blair, we’ve got you covered. We have promotional products ranging from coolers to koozies to beach umbrellas.

Having a wide variety of summer products reiterates our passion for providing quality products year round, for all occasions. The following are our top K&B promotional product picks for this memorial day.

1. Beach Umbrella
2. Cooler
3. Custom Coolie
4. Bander Gripper Bottle
5. Zipper Jacket

Kaeser & Blair hopes you have a wonderful Memorial Day on May, 28th.  Enjoy summer while it lasts!

K&B Value

By Bob Lewellen on 2012-05-02 in News

One benefit that you can expect from Kaeser & Blair is value. We not only provide our dealers with the best rates in the industry, but we give their customers quality products at great prices. We provide our customers with value by endless options and selections. Our dealers get value through our amazing rates and weekly specials. Lastly, we offer the value of experience. Let’s discuss these ways further on how Kaeser & Blair provides value to both Dealers and customers.

K&B Dealer customers experience value with our huge inventory of promotional products. With our wide variety of promotional products and advertising specialities, every organization can find products at Kaeser & Blair that fits their industry. We provide value by having customizable options that fit a particular industry. For example, if you own a doctor’s office and you’re looking for some pens why not try our selection of pens shaped like bones. This adds a specialized, personal touch. We have some amazing basic pens, but if you’re looking for something a bit more special-we have it.

K&B Dealers receive the best rates the industry, therefore providing additional value to their business and customers. Also, our dealers have access to weekly specials to where we provide discounted rates on some amazing products. No matter if you’re a customer or dealer at Kaeser & Blair you’ll always receive the best value.

Lastly, with Kaeser & Blair you’ll get the value of experience. K&B has over 118 years of experience and is currently rated as one of the top distributors in the industry. We are highly awarded and recognized as a Promotional Product Industry Leader. When working with Kaeser & Blair, you know you are always working with experienced professionals.

Kaeser & Blair Goes Green

By Gregg Emmer on 2012-04-23 in News

Happy Earth Day everyone (well one day late)! What have you done to help our precious planet? Plant a tree? Recycle? Well, at Kaeser & Blair we provide our dealers with a wide array of Earth friendly promotional products and advertising specialties. We have everything from hats made from recycled material to water bottles. I thought it would be a great idea to pick three of our Earth Day appropriate products and share with you the benefits of these particular products.
1. LED lights- We have many products in our “KB Best Buys” catalog that have LED lighting built in. Our dealers have everything you could imagine: LED work lights, keychain lights and mini flashlights. There are many benefits to LED lights. LED lights last 10 times longer than compact fluorescents, use less energy and are more durable!

2. Reusable Grocery Shopping Totes- One of the easiest ways to make a positive environmental impact is to use reusable tote bags instead of paper or plastic bags. One plastic shopping bag can take anywhere from 15 to 1,000 years to decompose. Plastic shopping bags are also harmful to animals. By using reusable grocery bags you can save trees, animals and the environment. Kaeser & Blair has a wide variety of totes to choose from.
3. Reusable Water Bottles- Reusable water bottles are not just for athletic teams and clubs, but for every organization. When you use a reusable water bottles you are helping the environment by reducing waste. On average, the United States sells 28 billion bottles of water with 85 percent ending up into a landfill. You’ll also save money by using your KB reusable water bottle by not needing to buy bottled water again. To check out our reusable water bottle selection check the “drinkware” tab in our Best Buys catalog.

Live in the Moment…Prepare for the Future

By Kurt Kaeser on 2012-04-17 in News

Live in the Moment…Prepare for the Future

It’s that time of year again; when we prepare for our annual Kaeser & Blair Convention. This year’s Kaeser & Blair convention will take place on September 14-15. The Kaeser & Blair Annual Dealer Convention is a multi-day event that is truly the highlight of the dealer sales year. It's a valuable opportunity to see emerging products, meet the manufacturers and suppliers, trade success stories with other dealers, and learn new practices and techniques to help your dealership earn more! We like to refer to our convention as a “family reunion” because it allows our dealers from across the nation come together as a family, learn more about the industry, and meet promotional product and advertising specialties industry leaders.
Kaeser & Blair gives to its dealers multiple educational opportunities that can help their dealership grow. Additionally, the Convention is Kaeser & Blair's opportunity to recognize our dealers’ hard work through appreciation banquets, social hours, financial bonuses and the Awards Gala.
This year’s theme is “living for the moment, preparing for the future,” because we believe our dealers should socialize, have fun and enjoy each other’s company while taking in knowledge from the trade show that could benefit their future.
For more information about our Kaeser & Blair Convention please visit http://kaeserconvention.com/

Kaeser & Blair Wins Tristate Success Award

By Kurt Kaeser on 2012-04-10 in News

We are excited to announce that Kaeser & Blair will be receiving a Tristate Success Award on April 24th from Cincy Magazine. This is an extraordinary honor and we are so proud  of  K&B Family and the successes of K&B Dealers!!
The Tristate Success Awards were founded on the premise that the Tristate's strength as a thriving business center is built on the growth and success of its businesses.  These awards honor the most successful and consistent public, private and emerging companies in the eight-county, three-state region we call the Tristate (Greater Cincinnati Area).  The event also serves as a forum to discuss the issues and objectives our region shares.
Congratulations to all our Dealers. Kaeser & Blair would never have received this honor if it wasn’t for their hard work and dedication.

Kaeser & Blair: Instant Earnings

By Kurt Kaeser on 2012-04-03 in Kurt's Blog

One of the many benefits of working with Kaeser & Blair, one of the top leaders in the promotional products and advertising specialties industry, is that we provide our dealers with security. We provide security by ensuring that our dealers always receive their order earnings promptly and regularly. Kaeser & Blair dealers do not have to constantly wait for their next paycheck, once our dealers make a sale; their earnings are paid by ACH direct deposit into their bank accounts daily.   No other distributor in the industry pays faster!

We frequently hear from our dealers that our “upfront earnings” is one of their favorite things about Kaeser & Blair. By providing our dealers with a stress-free environment it makes their jobs truly enjoyable. Kaeser & Blair also has the highest paying earnings in the industry!

It's true, top producing Kaeser & Blair dealers earn 65% of the gross margin on sales. Click here to listen to Dennis talk about years of service with a competitor and only being able to reach a 50/50 split. Moving to Kaeser & Blair earned him an immediate bump to 65% of earnings.

Politicians Spend Big Bucks On Promotional Products

By Kurt Kaeser on 2012-03-27 in News

I came across an article that said President Obama spent $750k in February on promotional products alone. He ordered branded cosmetics, iPhone cases, basketball jerseys, koozies, martini glasses and tote bags. ASI estimates that $350 million will be spent on promotional products this election year

Although politics are not our game, promotional products are! According to a New York Times article, American businesses spend $20 billion a year giving away promotional products with company logos. The promotional products and advertising specialties business is a thriving industry with plenty of opportunity to grow. Promotional products have been proven to be more memorable and favorable amongst audiences. 

Kaeser & Blair has a wide variety of promotional products and advertising specialties that can be customized to meet our dealers’ needs. Please feel free to check out our Kaeser & Blair Best Buys catalog by clicking here.

Best Buys F.Y.I

By Gregg Emmer on 2012-03-20 in News

No one beats Kaeser & Blair’s wide selection of promotional advertising products. We have everything from pens to pizza cutters to umbrellas to lip balm! Having such a wide range of products allows our dealers to reach more markets with different needs. Whether your customer owns a pizza restaurant or works at a hospital, Kaeser & Blair has the appropriate promotional products and advertising specialities for their individual organization. You have no limits! When you become a Kaeser & Blair dealer we provide you with amazing tools such as our Best Buys Catalog.

The Best Buys catalog is an annual publication packed with exclusive products and pricing. Unlike other vendor catalogs, the Best Buys catalog has been discounted drastically with pricing available only to Kaeser & Blair dealers. The Best Buys will give you all the leverage, the price advantage and the market domination you will ever need to out price, out perform and out maneuver your most formidable competitors.

Check it out for yourself! Click here to view our Best Buys catalog for 2012.

Industry Outlook

By Bob Lewellen on 2012-03-13 in News

Can you believe it’s already March?  As we move forward through 2012, I thought it would be a great idea to take a step back and look at 2011.  I’m going to share with you some of the statistics from last year, which could be a good indicator of this year’s sales.
According to the Advertising Specialty Institute, the promotional products and advertising specialties business increased 6.5 percent in 2011 and is now an $18 billion dollar industry.  Not to mention promotional products are considered the most respected and effective form of advertising.
A 2011 study by the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) indicates 70.41 percent of distributors reported that they saw an increase in sales, while 27 percent saw a decrease and 2.59 percent saw no change.  We’re happy to see so many Kaeser & Blair dealers increase their orders.
Since Kaeser & Blair is a leader in the promotional products and advertising specialties business, it comes to no so surprise that sales have increased over 2011.  We’ve had a great year in 2011 but look forward to an even more prosperous 2012.

Kaeser & Blair: A Family Tradition

By Kurt Kaeser on 2012-03-06 in News

Kaeser & Blair prides itself on creating a “family environment” for our network of independently owned promotional product and advertising specialty dealers.  The word “family” may not be the first word that comes to mind when you think promotional products and advertising specialties business, but the “word” family always comes first with Kaeser & Blair.

Our dealers are not seen as numbers.   Kaeser & Blair not only cares about our dealers’ business but we care about them as a people. We are genuinely invested into our dealers personal lives. 

 “What’s unique about Kaeser is a family. You can’t be treated any better. “ Ray, one of our experienced dealers said. “We’re all family.”

For more than 90 years, a member of the Kaeser family has owned and operated the business and done everything in their power to make sure Kaeser & Blair dealers are treated like family.  
We want our dealers to love who they work for and take pride in what they are selling. When you work as a family, the support is always there.
“It’s truly a family. And to be able to work in an environment where it’s nurturing and everyone genuinely loving...” Joan, one of our experienced dealers said. “I always say at every Kaeser Convention I’m coming back to a family reunion.”

Kaeser & Blair Fits Your Lifestyle, Fits Your Time

By Kurt Kaeser on 2012-02-28 in Kurt's Blog

We all know how quickly life changes. We know that in today’s reality, we are all  going to have different career needs at different points in our lives. Some people will have full-time careers but need part-time earning opportunities. Or someone may be looking to start a new career or needs to flex between full-time and part-time.  No matter what your needs are, Kaeser & Blair has the right opportunity for you in the promotional products and advertising specialties business.


Kaeser & Blair’s dealership opportunities are flexible and can accommodate what you need.  This is one aspect that differentiates Kaeser & Blair from its competitors. Kaeser & Blair understands that you have a life and we want you to be control. That’s why our dealerships are independently owned.


Although you are in control of your own advertising specialties and promotional products business, we will be there to support you every step of the way. When you sign-up to be a part-time or full-time dealer, Kaeser and Blair will be ship you your own Dealer Success Kit. The Dealer Success Kit is a collection of training, selling materials and promotional product samples that represent the best selling and most popular promotional products around.


Whether you’re a part-time dealer or a full-time dealer, you will receive:

-Total ownership of your accounts

-Earnings paid daily

-EQP pricing from more than 200 suppliers

-24/7 information on accounts, orders and earnings

-Pre & post sale support


If you’re ready to jump into a full-time or part-time career, Kaeser & Blair has made it easy. Kaeser & Blair provides its dealers with the support and security needed to launch a full-time career.

The Power of Promotional Products

By Kurt Kaeser on 2012-02-20 in News

Promotional Product Advertising is the most accepted and most appreciated form of advertising.   Consider that a promotional product is really the delivery of an advertising message on a useful item.

Think about it.   When was the last time you heard a consumer thank an advertiser for their commercial on TV?  Normally the consumer does not like the interruptions to their enjoyment of a broadcast.  Or, have you ever heard a consumer thank an advertiser for the commercial played on the radio?  Normally, they are annoyed that their music has been distracted.  Have you ever heard a consumer thank an advertiser for the advertisement in the newspaper that broke up the article they were reading?  Or how about the billboard on the highway that blocked a nice view?  Or the pop up advertising on a web site that distracted from the site being viewed?  Or the stack of “junk” mail advertising flyers in the mailbox? How do you feel when you are the consumer receiving these advertising messages?

Now imagine an advertiser handing an imprinted pen to a potential customer.

Or maybe a business distributing a free t-shirt at a sporting event or a bank gifting an imprinted coffee mug to their customer.  Imagine the
reaction of a consumer being handed a “swag” bag of goodies for visiting a trade show booth.     

These consumers will say “Thank You.” They will appreciate and accept the advertising message with gratitude. And will most likely keep and use the item long after receiving it.

Don’t take our word for it, check out the Industry research.

In a recent PPAI study they found that 83% of consumers surveyed liked receiving a promotional product with an advertising message.   And in a recent ASI survey they found that more than 8 out of 10 (84%) of
respondents remembered the name of the advertisers on the promotional prouducts they had received over the last year.

Wow, those are impressive numbers and most definitely proves the power and effectiveness of Promotional Product Advertising !!

The Bell tolls for IE6

By Scott Baker on 2012-01-04 in News

It's 2012! Time to KILL OFF old software! And the first victim of 2012 is: Internet Explorer 6! Internet Explorer 6, or IE6, was released in August of 2001.

That's right, it's over 10 years old!

If you are still using it, you need to upgrade. Why? The biggest reason is as of the first of the year, Kaeser is dropping it's support of IE6 for all it's related web sites. Further, the bulk of the websites on the internet no longer support IE6. Many great things have happened to web tech over the past decade and IE 6 simply no longer stacks up. 

So what should you do? The simple path would be to upgrade to the latest version of Internet Explorer, which is now version 9. But not so fast, Windows XP users, you need Vista or Win7 to get IE9! But why stick with IE when there are better browsers out there?

YES! The two better browsers are Firefox and Chrome!  Both are faster and more secure.  Firefox has been around longer, but Chrome is developed by Google.  Both are free.  We recommend either.  And there is nothing stopping you from installing all three and finding out which version suits your work style the best.  

2014 Convention Updates

By Bob Lewellen on 0000-00-00 in Convention

The Kaeser and Blair 2014 Convention will focus on how to increase our business by….

“Bridging the Generations in 2014”

The buyers we face in the marketplace represent four distinct generations.  Each buys differently, has different driving values, shops differently and wants to be approached differently.  We will focus on how to identify, develop rapport and approach each of these generations.

To lead our efforts in this direction we have drafted an industry professional and veteran who is well respected for his knowledge of our industry and individual successes.

PAUL KIEWIET, began his career as a distributor and formed a sales promotion agency, of which he was CEO.  He helped such firms as Kellogg’s, Whirlpool, Coca-Cola, Elmers Glue and Krylon promote their products and business.  In addition he managed licenses for NASCAR and the U.S. Olympic Committee.  He has won 8 international awards for creativity and results, a major writing award and was inducted into the Michigan Promotional Professionals Hall of Fame. And with all of that he served as Chairman of the Board of the Promotional Products Association International.

For the past several years he has been speaking, writing, teaching and helping others achieve their potential.  He has conducted many training sessions at various industry shows and events.

Paul will conduct a half-day workshop on “How to Sell to Every Generation of Buyer”  He will explore their differences and suggest ways we can turn them from potential buyers….to customers.  This is a subject important to everyone from our seasoned veterans to persons just entering the industry.

This is a CAN’T MISS opportunity to grow professionally and increase your business.


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