Accounting & Back Office Support

Kaeser & Blair recognizes the unique complexities and operational realities in today’s business climate. We want our independent business owners to focus on being valued resources to their customers and clients without the added responsibility or expense of maintaining accounting and back office support staff.

The Kaeser & Blair Accounting and Credit Departments are in place to support you and your business. Ensuring the smooth operation of not only Kaeser & Blair’s operations, but that of your business too. We handle everything from credit approval and credit card processing to vendor relations, invoicing your customers, paying vendors, and collections. We’re even able to assume the liability on past due accounts and all collection processes are handled professionally, courteously, and ethically.

Kaeser & Blair processes in excess of 140,000+ invoices annually and is in the top 1% of the industry for timely payments. We’re proud of our sterling 5A1 Credit Rating and want to put our untarnished financial reputation to work for you.

The Accounting and Credit Department’s main purpose is to protect Kaeser & Blair’s business owners and our investments. Providing these services allows our dealers to spend more time with customers and less time worrying about the financial burdens of running a business.

Dealer Profit