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Are You Asking the Right Questions to Set Yourself Up for Success?

This post is based on a topic covered in one of our Friday Flashback newsletters. Friday Flashback is a weekly newsletter from Kaeser & Blair Chief Revenue Officer, Liza Sachs. Each edition contains valuable insights and updates for the promotional products industry.

Sourcing promotional products for a client’s project can feel overwhelming. But fear not! At Kaeser & Blair we are prepared to support our dealers through every step of the process, and asking questions is critical to providing an exceptional customer experience. By asking the right questions upfront, you can ensure a smooth and successful experience for both you and your client. Here are some key questions to consider:

Understanding the Target Audience:

  • Who is the Audience – How Do We Target This Demographic?

Knowing your target audience is crucial. Understanding their demographics, interests, and pain points allows you to source the promotional products that resonate with them most. This ensures your client’s marketing efforts reach the right people and generate positive results.

Budget and Functionality:

What is the Budget?

What will be useful to this audience that they would want to keep?

Budget plays a significant role in the sourcing process. Knowing your client’s budget helps you identify high-quality items that offer the best value.

Furthermore, consider what the audience will find genuinely useful and want to keep.  This increases the likelihood of them engaging with the item and remembering the brand message.

Event Logistics and Timing:

  • What is the event or location where these items will be distributed?
  • Is there a specific season that is appropriate to promote for the event or client?
  • Are you planning ahead? Ensure timing is setting you up for success – make sure to know your client’s marketing calendar in advance.

Understanding the event or location where the item will be distributed helps choose something practical and impactful. Similarly, considering the season ensures the item is relevant and useful to the audience.

Finally, planning is key. Aligning with your client’s marketing calendar allows you to source items well in advance, avoiding any last-minute delays.

Branding and Supplier Considerations:

  • How are we using the logo? Is it appropriate to add a personalization or maybe a quote to the item to make it memorable?
  • Are you aligning with the brands? What are the corporate values and messaging?
  • What supplier are you using? We must use trusted sources as we are putting our reputation behind our supplier partners.

Branding plays a vital role. Consider how the client’s logo will be incorporated and if personalization could enhance the item’s memorability. Additionally, ensure the chosen item aligns with the client’s brand values and messaging.

Most importantly, partner with reputable suppliers.  By working with trusted sources, you safeguard your reputation and ensure the quality of the sourced items.

By asking these key questions and considering all aspects of the project, you can set yourself up for success in the client promotional product sourcing process. Remember, the right questions lead to informed decisions and ultimately a happy client!