Your Part Time Work from Home Solution

Are you looking to make some extra cash but don’t have the time to pick up a full-time career? Kaeser & Blair may be the perfect solution for you! We can help you start your own part time work from home job selling top of the line promotional products that will check off all your boxes.

Finding a suitable part time job can be tricky, but with Kaeser & Blair, it doesn’t have to be. We offer the flexibilityprofit potential, and support you deserve while allowing you to run an independent promotional products business your own unique way.

Kaeser & Blair is a well-known and respected promotional products company distributor that has been in continuous operation for over 120 years. Within that time, we have gained a full understanding of the industry and what it takes to be successful in running a part time business, even if that means from the comfort of your own home.

Generous Profit Potential

Don’t settle for a job that doesn’t allow you the flexibility and profit potential you are looking for. Working from home part time with Kaeser & Blair, you have the potential to earn anywhere from $7,000-$20,0000 per year, with no commission caps, no quotas to meet, and no overhead costs. All of this comes without sacrificing any extra time that you don’t have—it’s YOUR business on YOUR terms.

Low Start-up cost and Risk-free

Unlike other part time work from home, Kaeser & Blair is easy to start and maintain. Simply purchase one of our two Business Owner packages, and you will be given tools to help you toward success.

The most popular option, the Standard Business Owner Package, is only $85. Once you make your first $1,500 in sales, that $85 is returned to you as a way of saying congratulations! If you decide this opportunity just isn’t for you, return the package in the first 30 days and we’ll refund you the full cost of the package.

Still not sure if you want to take advantage of our part time work from home? Kaeser & Blair also offers a Free Trial Launch Kit. With it, you can compare our opportunity to others before fully committing—with no risk to you!

Flexible Hours

As a part-time Business Owner, you can work whenever you want—and wherever you want for that matter. This opportunity allows you to be in charge of absolutely everything about your business. There’s no need to worry about needing a day off when your kids are sick, or even a whole week off for a vacation. You are your own boss and you make the rules!

History and Reputation

Kaeser & Blair boasts a proud, stable history since 1894. We have remained a rock-solid family-owned business to this day. With more than a century of reliability and integrity, our company has forged lasting relationships with top promotional products vendors (including Bic, Carhartt, Post-it, and more) and has properly earned its title as an industry leader.

Why Promotional Products?

The promotional products industry is one of the fastest-growing in the nation, reaching 24.7 billion in sales in 2018. Almost every company uses promotional products as part of their advertising. In fact, if you look around, you’ll probably find at least one promotional product near you. The demand for promotional products isn’t a passing fad; the industry is only expected to continue growing as time goes on.

Is Part Time Work at Home Right for You?

Working from your couch or kitchen table sounds like the perfect solution. After all, you get to spend time with loved ones while still earning money. However, it’s not the right fit for everyone. How do you know if it’s right for you? Here are five questions to consider.

1. How much extra time do I have per week?

If you’re working full-time hours each week, consider how you feel after you get home. Is doing more work after you get home or on the weekends reasonable for you? Do you have other commitments that leave your spare time limited?

2. How much business experience do I have?

Consider how much experience you have in specific fields and try to find part time work from home within that type of business or make sure there is training readily available. At Kaeser & Blair, we have an assortment of online support tools to help people succeed!

3. Do I get distracted easily?

Believe it or not, it’s easy to get distracted when working from home. The best way to fix this is to set up a designated workspace so you won’t be tempted to watch TV and work at the same time. However, if you still find yourself getting distracted, perhaps part time work from home isn’t the right choice for you.

4. How organized can I be?

It’s easy to let things get cluttered and out of control when doing part time work from home. Keep in mind that even though you’re working from home, you shouldn’t let your professionalism slide. As long as you stay organized within your designated workspace, things will run smoothly.

5. Am I just looking for quick money?

Part time work from home does not amount to quick, easy money. Building up your business takes time and effort, even if it’s just part time on the weekends. Set business goals and stick to them rather than taking the easy way out for a quick buck.

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