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Denik has a unique business model that allows artists and consumers to come together in support of global education. By pairing any with, by any artist, with one of the custom Denik notebooks, schools across the world receive funding. Six schools are directly involved in the program, and countless other initiatives are also being funded. The educational experience of thousands of students in Mali, Guatemala, Laos, Ghana, Nicaragua, Senegal and the USA is being enhanced. Denik makes the World a better place by offering incredible notebooks and supporting artists and children’s education.


The Denik brand began when the founder, Tyler, was told that his drawings would look great on a notebook. He took the opportunity to build a brand around creative, cause-based notebooks with the co-founder, Jake. They gathered a team of college students at Utah State University and began selling notebooks with artists’ creations on the cover. With each item sold, a portion of the proceeds was set aside to fund the building of a school in Mali, Africa. Since 2011, the mission has spread to artists, customers, corporations, and partners worldwide. Today, Denik has successfully funded six schools. Denik is serving customers like Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters, and Target in over 16,000 retail locations. Denik also produces custom notebooks for brands like Nike, Disney, Google, TikTok, Uber, and LinkedIn.

Are you looking for a notebook that has no ghosting or bleeding? Do you want something with crisp white, ultra thick 100gsm pages where you can draw or journal with ease even with gel pens and paint? Denik’s custom notebooks allow you to choose the design and style with ease.

Denik prides themselves on the quality of their notebooks. They introduced their 200% Lifeproof Guarantee. If a customer’s order arrives damaged or does not stand up to daily use within the first three months, or the notebook did not arrive as one imagined, Denik will reprint the notebook, no questions asked. If one is still not satisfied, Denik will give you your money back.

Product Categories

  • Pocket Notebooks
  • Classic Layflats
  • Medium Layflats
  • Large Layflats
  • Medium Spirals
  • Large Spirals
  • Hardcover Notebooks
  • Art Prints
  • Artist Series
  • Foil Collection
  • Solids & Speckles
  • Kraft Edition
  • Sets & Bundles

Decoration Methods

Denik’s custom options give you the freedom to choose the exact features you want. Get the look and feel you’ve always wanted, so you can gift to clients, giveaway to your following, or even sell in your own online store. Their custom notebook builder allows you to upload your unique artwork and create a notebook design that truly represents you.

If you are not interested in customizing your own notebook, artists have created their own collections for you to choose from:

  • Floral & Botanical
  • Illustration
  • Pop Art
  • Surface Patterns
  • Watercolor
  • Abstract
  • Hand Lettering & Typography
  • Photography & Photorealism
  • Retro
  • Surrealism

Order Requirements

The unique thing about Denik is that you can create custom notebooks without a minimum purchase limit. Visit the website to view the cost of their notebooks.


Denik is a custom notebook and lifestyle product company that uses a portion of its sales to build schools and support artists around the World. Denik has hundred six schools in Laos, Guatemala, Ghana, Nicaragua, and Mali. Denik strives to display that art can change the world. When you purchase a notebook from Denik, they will support artists and fund education initiatives. Denik is truly making the World a better place.

Kaeser & Blair is proud to partner with Denik as one of our trusted suppliers. We are excited to continue working with them to bring our clients exceptional notebooks that also help fund education. If you are interested in learning more about our suppliers and want to stay in the know about the promotional product industry, be sure to sign up for our newsletter.