FASTSIGNS Dealer Membership Program

We are thrilled to announce this exclusive, revenue-generating opportunity for FASTSIGNS franchisees with Kaeser & Blair, a top 40 promotional products distributor, at no cost to your business.


What Is the Opportunity?

Your FASTSIGNS franchise will be able to offer promotional products to your clients through the Kaeser & Blair Dealer Program.

How Does It Work?

You already have clients. Often those clients are already buying promotional products (koozies, pens, coasters, bags, the list goes on) from other sources. You can position your franchise to be the one-stop-shop for signage and promotional products.

For example, you provide trade show signage. With the Kaeser & Blair Dealer Program, you can now provide the swag or branded products they give out as additional service for your clients, while earning additional revenue for your business.

What Do I Get?

ASI® is the industry leader that equips promo professionals with the tools to succeed in the promotional products industry. The FASTSIGNS Dealer Membership program gives you access to Kaeser & Blair’s ASI Account – you DO NOT need to purchase your own. Learn more about additional benefits and opportunities through ASI here.

With most products, the higher the quantity, the lower the price per piece. However, due to Kaeser & Blair’s long standing history and relationship with thousands of manufacturers, we can offer special negotiated lower supplier costs on thousands of items, no matter the quantity you are ordering. This is what we call EQP and we are able to pass those savings along to FASTSIGNS franchisees.

When you sign up, Kaeser & Blair will assign you a dedicated support representative to help answer any questions and get you set up for success. This dedicated support representative is usually only offered for high-volume dealers, and now we are making this benefit available to all FASTSIGNS franchisees. 

When you need a sample product, just contact your Dedicated Support Representative, and they will take care of placing your order at a discounted rate.

Kaeser & Blair will provide you with a marketing catalog of our best-selling products and a digital version branded for FASTSIGNS to share with your clients.


How Much Does It Cost?

Nothing. Kaeser & Blair has partnered with FASTSIGNS corporate to offer this exclusive opportunity to franchisees. There is also no need to stock any additional inventory.


Who Is Kaeser & Blair?

We’re a rock-solid, family-owned-and-operated business that’s been in continuous operation since 1894. We believe in people, and we treat everyone like family.

We’ve earned an unmatched reputation with suppliers, vendors, and competitors that we’re proud of. Our honest, straightforward and proven approach has helped thousands realize and achieve the career and earnings in promotional products sales that they deserve.


How Do I Get Started?

Fill out the form below. We will send you the Starter Kit, which includes our Dealer Reference Manual, 5-7 product samples, and a dedicated support representative to help you get started. It’s everything you need to start placing orders and earning revenue!

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