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How Promotional Products Help Your Business

Have you ever had someone ask you how promotional products could help their business? If you work in the promotional products industry, you might think the answer is obvious. However, the person you’re pitching may be hesitant to spend money on something they aren’t sure will help their business. 

If you’re having trouble explaining how promotional products help businesses, we’ve put together our top four reasons below. Use these when your client asks about the benefits of promotional products! 


Top 4 Reasons Promotional Products Help Businesses 

High ROI

Marketing can be expensive. Promotional products make repeated impressions every time they are used, reducing their cost-per-impression to fractions of a cent. People who receive promotional products often keep them around for months, especially if the product is useful to them on a regular basis. Therefore, products like pens and notebooks are so popular – they are an inexpensive investment that the user will likely keep due to their usefulness. 


Brand Recognition

A high-quality promotional product is memorable. You’re more likely to remember the company that gave you a high-quality, comfortable t-shirt over a company that gave you a low-quality pen. Even if the potential customer doesn’t need your product or service at the time they receive the t-shirt, they are more likely to seek you out first when the do. Why? Because they have associated your company with the comfortable item they regularly wear. You’ve heard of companies giving away “merch” or “swag” – these are promotional products. 


Informational Items 

How many times have you been given a business card and immediately tucked it into your bag or wallet, only to find it months later? While business cards are definitely useful, they don’t stand out. You can put the same information – your business’ name, contact information, and logo – on a useful item like a pen or notepad that is more likely to be consistently used. 


Tailored Targeting 

Where will you be giving out your promotional items? Will it be at a trade show, a school, or the reception desk at your office? Depending on the event, you can choose an item that will cater to the people who you will be targeting. For example, a reusable grocery bag can be used to target younger generations that are looking to decrease their use of plastic. 


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