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Woman sitting in front of laptop with arms raised in celebration for earning large profit margin by selling promotional products

How to Earn 100% (or More!) Gross Profit Margins

How to Earn 100% (or More!) Gross Profit Margins

A 100% profit margin? Yes, it’s possible—but only with Kaeser & Blair. We provide the most generous earnings program, bonus incentives, and unmatched referral program in the industry. You provide the dedication and sales savvy. Promotional products sellers just like you are earning over 100% gross margins right now. How? By becoming Kaeser & Blair Business Owners and taking full advantage of our best-in-the-industry programs.

Generous Earnings Program

You are the driving force behind your successful promotional products business. Your profits should reflect that! Earn industry-leading profits and get paid faster. Kaeser & Blair offers Business Owners an unprecedented upfront and straightforward profit program —up to 65% of gross margins. There are no extra fees or charges, regardless of payment method or how quickly the customer’s payment is received.

Bonus Program

Being in sales means you probably enjoy a little healthy competition. Why not put it to work for you (and your gross profit)? At Kaeser & Blair, you have the potential to earn bonuses totaling up to 2% of sales. These are awarded annually based on an increase in earnings or total volume, based on total earnings amount. You also have the opportunity to participate in fun, short-term sales contests and incentives offered periodically throughout the year.

Dealer Referral Program

Our referral program is without equal in the promotional products business. Earn profits based on the business volume submitted by other salespeople you have referred to Kaeser & Blair. This is paid completely out of our share of the order profits! On average, referring five new dealers who do about the same sales volume as you will double your business earnings. If you add that to our profit earnings and bonus programs, you can quickly see how 100% or more gross profits are well within your reach!

Free to You: Business Technology and Tools

At Kaeser & Blair, the things you need to run your business do NOT come out of your profits. We have the best technology and tools in the industry, and they’re available to our Business Owners at no charge. How about complete access to e-reports that offer everything from earnings payment notifications to shipping and billing notices? Or an online dashboard to manage orders in process and order entry right at your fingertips? 

Our flexible system was designed for and by Kaeser & Blair Business Owners—successful sellers just like you who know what they need from a user-friendly order entry system. It even includes special process options for multiple vendor orders. Of course, all this great backend support is worthless without giving Business Owners access to marketing tools. We’ve formed strategic industry partnerships with ASI, SAGE, and Zoom so you have the support you need to promote your business.

Why settle for 22%—or even 50%—in profit margins when you could be earning over 100%? Thanks to Kaeser & Blair’s earnings programs and free business tools you can! Compare our programs to your current distributor’s and do the math for yourself. Switch to Kaeser & Blair today and start earning higher margins from factory pricing and industry-leading bonuses.