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Welcome to the newest Kaeser & Blair supplier spotlight. In this spotlight, we showcase some of the exceptional vendors who contribute to our mission of offering you the finest promotional products.

Allow us to introduce LoveHandle, an innovator in the promotional products sector for more than 15 years. LoveHandle offers a sleek and efficient phone grip that’s customized with your brand logo, phone number, or call to action.

The brilliance resides in the simplicity: a sleek strap made of elastic or silicone, placed over a plastic base, and secured to your phone using a layer of adhesive. You simply slip a few fingers between the strap and the base, and your phone is secured. You can now hold your smartphone effortlessly. This innovative design is perfect for those of us trying to juggle just one last thing.


LoveHandle is a family-run company, right out of Rosharon, Texas. Father and son duo, Mike and Dave Watts started with a vision of sharing functional smart device accessories. Together they build, inspect, and package every product that leaves their facility.

LoveHandle has continued to innovate and expand its product line, offering three custom items:

  • LoveHandle: The classic and dependable choice. Slim, comfortable, simple strap. Great for smartphones of all sizes.
  • LoveHandle XL: When you need that extra grip. Tablets and handheld game systems are obvious candidates, but LoveHandles can be used on cameras, vaporizers, remote controls, water bottles, or anywhere else you’d like a comfortable grip. You can even attach a LoveHandle to desk, wall, or door to hang any number of things on the elastic — the possibilities are limited only by your imagination!
  • LoveHandle Pro: For those who crave versatility with a built-in kickstand. They packed in the most requested features from LoveHandle fans to include a sturdy kickstand (portrait & landscape), strong internal magnets & swappable straps such as thunder sticks, hand clappers, apparel, flags & banners, blankets, and more. The company has also worked with a variety of high-profile clients, including the NFL, NBA, MLB, and many others.

A well-respected name in the promotional products industry, LoveHandle is known for its innovation, commitment to quality and customer service. Their unique and innovative phone grips with custom branding help clients stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Why We Are Obsessed

The LoveHandle is a phone accessory that has secured its spot on many phone cases. Here’s why we can’t get enough of it:

Promotional gift

Small businesses have the opportunity to personalize and tailor the LoveHandle product with their own unique branding elements, such as their company logo, phone number, or address. This customization feature allows small businesses to significantly enhance their brand recognition and awareness among their target audience. By incorporating their branding elements onto the LoveHandle, businesses can effectively promote their products or services and reinforce their brand identity.

Perfect for Life on the Go

Whether running errands, taking my furry friend for a walk, hitting the gym, or simply juggling multiple tasks, LoveHandle is there. It ensures the user always has a secure grip on their phone, reducing the risk of drops and mishaps.

Pocket Friendly

So sleek it’s virtually invisible, unlike other phone grips, the LoveHandle doesn’t add a lot of bulk to the phone and can be easily stored in the user’s pocket, laptop case, tote bags or anywhere else.

Magnetic Car Mount

They won’t cause any permanent damage or data loss to devices, and they also won’t have an effect on the phone’s battery life. For those looking for an easy way to mount their phone in the car, LoveHandle mounts are the safest and most durable option!

Wireless Charging Adapter

LoveHandle’s wireless charging adaptors allow users to charge their device anywhere, anytime, without worrying about plug-ins. It’s universal. Charge Apple and Android devices on the same charging pad without any issues.

 Swappable Straps

With interchangeable straps, users can easily change the look of their LoveHandle to suit the occasion, style, or mood.

Simple Order and Processing

You can process the entire order online, picking your style choice and uploading your artwork hassle free. LoveHandle will make a test print and send you a photo for final approval within 24 hours. Current Production time is 7-10 days after art approval (up to 10k).

Email with any questions or inquiries

Ready to get started? Register for a free account and browse through LoveHandle’s website and check out all of the products that they have available at Or, contact for additional information and pricing.

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