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Q&A with Business Owner Robert Scott

If you’re considering working with Kaeser & Blair to grow your promotional products business, check out our interview with Robert Scott. Rob had previously been working with another promo products partner but decided to go with K&B once he saw all of the benefits Kaeser & Blair provides!

Q: What drew you to Kaeser & Blair?

Robert Scott: I had just ended a partnership with another affiliation, and I needed those support services that Kaeser & Blair offers. I did the due-diligence and they really stood out.

Q: Have you seen your profits increase since joining Kaeser & Blair?

Robert Scott: Oh yes! In fact, I am doing much better than with my last partnership. It’s been great.

Q: What is the best thing about working with Kaeser & Blair?

Robert Scott: The support and the resources. All of it combined… it’s powerful to have.

Q: What back-office support do you receive with Kaeser & Blair?

Robert Scott: Oh wow, all kinds! From the financial side to the order entry, the tools they have to track my orders and see how well I am doing, the direction my company is going. The analytics are just fantastic. The customer service support I get is incredible. The research capabilities… it’s a great package.

Q: How Flexible is Kaeser & Blair?

Robert Scott: Oh, it’s extremely flexible. I don’t think I could do anything else. I’ve had office jobs, and the thought of going back gives me nightmares. I just don’t think I could go back. I am just so happy now with what I do.

If you’re interested in getting started with Kaeser & Blair, order the Standard Business Owner Package for only $85. We also have a Free Trial Package if you’re still unsure!