Young Professionals

The Kaeser & Blair Business Owner opportunity is the perfect part-time or full-time career choice for today’s young professionals. Our unlimited earning opportunity and strong family minded community are competitive and consistently working to achieve the success. This $19.4 billion dollar industry is innovative and exciting.

Andres Betancur

Andres Betancur shares the main reason why he’s transitioning away from his job as a teacher and focusing more on promotional product sales. One word: freedom.

“When I started, I thought of the Death of a Traveling Salesman with Dustin Hoffman. I was like, “Oh, man, am I going to be that guy?” But I’m a school teacher. And so I teach school in Texas. And this is great because it’s liberating and I’m going to be able to transition away from a fixed job in a fixed location.

You know, if I have a phone and if I have business cards or if I have my person and I meet anybody on the street, I can be working and it can be productive.

I just like talking to people. You know, I’m pretty self-motivated and so having the freedom to do what I want and talk to who I want, when I want. Being a teacher and this being on the side is kind of interesting. I’m in a situation where I’m connected with booster clubs and with parents and with organizations that want product. It’s easy. I mean, you have lots of— We have access to I think it’s over 700,000 different items. And a lot of places have no idea where to get it, what to do, and so sometimes we just fit a niche. And so by just existing and people knowing what I do, people come to me and I put in a ten minute order and can pull huge gains.

The fact that there is so much freedom, you can feel isolated, you can feel lonely. But Kaeser’s spectacular, period. The service and the support is— I wasn’t ready for it. I would absolutely encourage people to get into it if they’re self-motivated, if— Well, you have to have an entrepreneurial spirit about you. Why? Liberated lifestyle. I feel very successful, really.

Kaeser makes it really, really, really easy. But there are some dangers. Nobody’s writing your check if you’re not working. Earnings are 100% dependent upon input of effort. I mean, it is input of effort equals output of income. It just provides a freedom. It provides a lifestyle freedom. It provides a work freedom that a fixed job in a fixed building doesn’t allow— doesn’t allow for.”

Robbie Kraditor

Although only in his early 20s, Robbie Kraditor knew a valuable business opportunity when he saw it. Here’s why he abandoned plans for law school to become a Kaeser & Blair Business Owner and why it’s been one of the best decisions he’s made.

“It’s a great industry to go into. I don’t think that there’s much that needs to be— I don’t think you have to talk it up that much. It speaks for itself. I’ve made a lot of friends. You network, you go out there and you just be yourself. So the people that I tend to work with are people that I really do call my friends. And I would go out for a drink with them after, you know, we have a meeting and it’s a great relationship. It’s an easy business. It’s a clean business. It’s not hard at all.

Once you get into a groove, once you understand exactly what you’re doing, whether you know, it’s learning how to relate to a client or learning how to—since we’re connected with Kaeser and Blair—deal with Kaeser and Blair and and the protocol that it takes to, you know, go through the steps and the motions of connecting with Kaeser and processing orders. It’s a very easy way to make money.

You should become a Kaeser & Blair dealer because there are so many perks that you get to being with Kaeser and Blair, from the support of the reps, from the money standpoint—the getting paid. From the access to the advertising specialty industry, we get certain benefits to being a Kaeser and Blair dealer, we get special pricing. There’s just— To go at it alone versus going through a company like Kaeser and Blair—specifically Kaeser and Blair—it doesn’t make sense to go in any other direction. It makes sense to be a Kaeser and Blair dealer.

We have an ally in Kaeser where we can go out there and we can place a $30–50,000 order and get paid on that order within 24 to 48 hours. I think that’s tremendous. So I think that alone would convince anyone who is, you know, on the fence or really doesn’t know about the industry, that there’s tremendous opportunity. But now that I’m 23 years old and I’m, you know, now developing my own relationships, it’s a completely different way of handling business. The way that I handle it. I am all for cold calling. I think that that’s a great way to branch out and to meet people. You have 30 seconds pretty much to sell yourself and sell the business. And if you can catch those people within those 30 seconds, then you’re golden.

But I also believe that social media plays a major part in growing a business and developing client relationships. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, those are all great tools that really do help a person to just expand on their business. The thing that I love the most is the client interaction. I really just like being around people. I like dealing with people, new people on a daily basis, whether it’s just talking to them on the phone or the face to face interviews or meetings. That’s my favorite part of it.

I also believe that networking, going to different networking events and parties, those are absolutely a great tool. They’re a great way to expand on your business, to meet new people. Maybe you’re not necessarily going to meet a client, but maybe you’ll meet someone who knows someone else. It’s all about networking. I majored in political science, thinking I was going to be a lawyer, and then when I saw what the current job market was out there, I ran right back to the business because I was guaranteed a job. Ever since I made that decision a year ago, I’ve been having a great time.

I love it. I love being in the industry. I just love the fact that you can come into— This is a family business that we have and I know when I wake up in the morning that there’s no ceiling. I can make as much money as I want to. I can go out there. I can call on as many people as I want to. And it’s really up to me to determine where this business is going to go. If I’m going to, you know, call on this company or that company, it’s all up to me and I like that.”