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Sustainable Promotional Products

8 Best Sustainable Promo Products

Eco-friendliness should be a priority all year round, but especially so during Earth Day month. In honor of this special occasion, why not show our commitment to the planet through thoughtful gift selections that make an impact? As a promotional products business owner, you can provide customers with eco-friendly options to clients without sacrificing quality and practicality. From reusable items made from quality material to solar power chargers using renewable energy—there’s something for every earth advocate in our selection of sustainable promotional items.

Ready to go greener? Let’s explore eight of the best sustainable promotional products.

Reusable Water Bottles

Reusable water bottles are a great sustainable promotional product because they can be used over and over again, which reduces waste. By choosing a reusable water bottle, you can help do your part to reduce environmental pollution. Not only does this conserve oil in production, but it also creates less of an impact on the environment by reducing our carbon footprint and avoiding plastic buildup in landfills. It’s not just beneficial for us—it helps keep marine life safe too! They are also a great way to promote your brand as they can be used throughout the day and will keep your logo in front of your customers.

Consider: 24 OZ Slim Fit Water Bottle with EZ-Grip Lid from Garyline

Reusable Coffee Cups

Who doesn’t love multiple cups of coffee a day? Reusable coffee cups are a great way to reduce the use of disposable coffee cups, which can be harmful to the environment. There are a variety of different types of reusable coffee mugs on the market, so you can find one that fits your brand’s image.

Consider: Circular® 12 OZ Cup from Aakron Line

Reusable Shopping Bags

Shopping smarter is in style! With reusable shopping bags, you can promote both your brand and a sustainable lifestyle. From running errands to lunch with friends, reusable bags are sure to keep your logo front-and-center all day long – without the waste or guilt of single use options.

Consider: Out of the Ocean® Pocket Tote from Gemline

Reusable Straws

Did you know that by carrying around a reusable straw, not only are you being responsible and helping the planet—you’re also making sure single-use plastic straws don’t end up polluting our oceans and landfills! Single-use plastics can linger for hundreds of years. It’s time to make the switch towards eco-friendly solutions like reusables.

Consider: Stainless Steel Reusable Straw Set from AZX Sport

Recycled Notebooks

These notebooks are not only are they made from upcycled materials, but these custom imprinted notebooks will keep your logo top of mind when they go into meetings, write down their grocery list, and more. By sustainably reusing cardboard and paper, we can help to keep the planet’s landfills free from wasteful trash. Why not make an eco-friendly resolution by selecting recycled notebooks – you’ll be surprised just how much of a difference it will make and it’s a great way to boost brand awareness in an eco-friendly manner.

Consider: Recycled Notepad with Pen from The Magnet Group

Recycled Pens

Keep your eco-friendly brand image on point with sustainable promotional products! Choose from an array of recycled pens to help promote recycling and avoid throwing away a lot of pens. So go green and make sure to choose the perfect pen for your customers–all while staying true to sustainability goals.

Consider: Recycled BioDegradable Clicker Pen from Alpi International

Solar-powered Chargers

Make a sustainable impression with your brand by gifting customers something they can use anytime, anywhere – solar-powered chargers! These eco-friendly accessories reduce pollution and rely on renewable energy sources and will make a lasting impression on your customers when they are in need of a charge on the go!

Consider: Solar Pad 4000 from LogoIncluded

LED Flashlights

These flashlights are cooler, more energy efficient, and more popular than flashlights with incandescent bulbs. They also last longer and are more durable, with parts hardly requiring replacement. Flashlights are also a great way to promote your brand because you never know when a reliable flashlight will come in handy!

Consider: MINI Maglite® AAA LED Flashlight from Compass

With Earth Day just around the corner, now is the perfect time to reflect on how our everyday choices impact our carbon footprint and leave lasting impacts on the planet—and sustainability is a great place to start. By giving your clients options for reusable, recycled, or renewable promotional products, you can do your part in helping reduce waste and pollution.