Kathleen McManes



Director of Dealer Support

Kathleen started in the industry in 1985, and with Kaeser & Blair in 1989. Kathleen started as a customer service rep, and now oversees all of dealer support and order processing. Kathleen’s knowledge of the industry and our order entry system is second to none. As part of the leadership team, she is using this knowledge and experience to provide you top notch service, by managing her support team.

But more than just making sure your business is supported and your orders are processed, Kathleen has done or DOES just about anything around here. And if she doesn’t know how to do something, she definitely knows who to ask!

When she has free time, Kathleen enjoys auto racing (any kind), and she is a Member of the American Coaster Enthusiasts Club. That means she looks for the biggest, fastest, and newest roller coasters to ride. On the calmer side, she enjoys gardening, photography, auctions, curling and crafts.

Kathleen has 4 fantastic sons, 7 cool grandsons, two great-grandsons, and a dog who greets her at the door every evening ready to play.