Best Direct Sales Companies

The Best Direct Sales Company to Join 

If you’re interested in direct sales, you’ve probably looked into some of the best direct sales companies to join. While there are a lot of great options out there, no one compares to Kaeser & Blair. With some of the best profit potential and support in the industry, you won’t find a better direct sales company to join. 

What makes Kaeser & Blair the best? 

Higher Profit Potential 

When looking for direct sales companies to join, one of the first things you should consider is the profit potential. How much money can you make? Does the company you’re considering place a cap on your income? What percentage of business owners actually make any money? 

At Kaeser & Blair, we have a long list of suppliers who offer EQP (or similar) pricing. Our reputation gives us the opportunity to purchase products from vendors and suppliers at a discount, which we then pass onto our business owners. You can strongly compete on price for a sale or to secure higher profits for yourself.

Unmatched Support Tools 

Many direct sales businesses will tell you there are there for you, and then don’t do anything to help you get your business off the ground. When considering direct sales companies to join, make sure you research the support tools they offer. If you call their customer support line, are they able to answer all your questions? Can they walk you through placing orders, working through client issues, and help you if something goes wrong with an order? 

Kaeser & Blair’s Business Owner Support is constantly available to help your business and will proactively work with you to support your business needs. They can provide product and industry insight, product suggestions, and assistance with manufacturers and orders. 

A Legacy of Success

Consider how long the business has been around. Have they been helping entrepreneurs such as yourself grow their businesses for a long time? Do they have a multitude of reviews from happy business owners? Or, did they appear in the last few years and have very few – if any – reviews? 

Kaeser & Blair has been in business since 1894 and has helped thousands of people find success. There’s no better direct sales company to join! 

Get Started with Kaeser & Blair 

If you’ve decided that Kaeser & Blair is the best direct sales business to join, you can purchase a reasonably-priced kit here. We have two different options for you to choose from starting at just $85. If you’re not ready to make the commitment, that’s okay! We also have a Free Trial Kit. 

If you want a little more information before you take the plunge, we’re happy to talk to you! Contact us today for more information.