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The Power of Proactive Planning

Maximize Success with Promotional Products

We get it. You hear us say “be proactive” all the time. Plan ahead, uncover hidden promotional opportunities, and encourage early ordering from your clients. But here’s the thing: it’s that crucial!

Why? Because exceeding client expectations requires time. Time to get creative, source the perfect products, and ensure everything arrives on schedule. Proactive planning is the secret sauce to delivering impactful promotional campaigns that leave a lasting impression.

Here’s how you can embrace the proactive approach and strengthen your client relationships:

Forecasting for Success: Key Dates for Promotional Products (May – December)

Beyond just reacting to client requests, a proactive approach involves anticipating their needs. Consider these upcoming dates as potential promotional product opportunities:

Employee Appreciation (Show Your Team You Care):

  • May: National Employee Health & Fitness Month
    • Ideas: Fitness trackers, branded sports equipment, healthy snacks
  • June: Global Wellness Day (2nd Wednesday)
    • Ideas: Branded water bottles, wellness kits, stress balls
  • September: National Boss’s Day (October 16th, consider September) & National Customer Service Week (1st Full Week of October)
    • Ideas: Personalized gifts for managers, custom mugs for customer service team

Team Building & Fun (Boost Morale and Collaboration):

  • June: National Picnic Day (18th of June)
    • Ideas: Custom frisbees, branded beach towels, portable speakers
  • July: National Ice Cream Day (21st of July)
    • Ideas: Branded ice cream bowls, coupons for local ice cream shops
  • August: National Tell a Joke Day (16th) & National Watermelon Day (3rd)
    • Ideas: Funny t-shirts, branded sunglasses, watermelon carving competition with a prize

Brand Building & Holidays (Celebrate Milestones and Spread Cheer):

  • June: National Flag Day (14th)
    • Ideas: Patriotic-themed apparel, custom flags for office display (consider company culture and location)
  • July: Fourth of July (4th)
    • Ideas: Branded coolers, festive headbands, fireworks safety kits
  • December: Holiday Season
    • Ideas: Branded ornaments, custom gift wrapping paper, holiday gift sets

Proactive Planning Pays Off:

Remember, this is just a starting point! There are awareness months dedicated to a wide range of causes throughout the year. Here are some resources to help you find the information you need:



By proactively planning and discussing these possibilities with your clients, you can help them create truly impactful promotional campaigns. You’ll not only save them time and stress, but also build stronger, more collaborative relationships.

Ready to unlock the power of proactive planning?

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