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Top Unexpected 3 Reasons to Sell Promotional Products

You may have been told that selling promotional products can be a profitable and rewarding career. After all, all businesses need promotional products, so why not sell them? However, you might need a little more convincing before you dive into this new and exciting business venture. Here are the top three unexpected reasons to sell promotional products.

You retain clients by building personal relationships.

Once you make a sale, that client will likely come to you the next time they need promotional products. For example, let’s say you just closed a sale on pens for a client to put in their waiting room. If you’ve done a good job, they will likely reorder with you when they need more pens next year. This will give you the opportunity to ensure they are aware of the wide variety of products you offer, as well as the different circumstances when they may be beneficial.

You can cross-sell products easily.

Promotional products are valuable marketing tools that can leave a significant impression on your client’s customers. Depending on the event, you can sell multiple items to ensure this impression is as positive as possible. For example, your client might come to you for an item to promote an upcoming event. Not only can you fill that single product order, but you can also recommend them other products that will complement the one they originally wanted and make a strong first impression on those coming to the event.

You can offer customized catalogs and product selections for a more personal buying experience.

Kaeser & Blair business owners get exclusive access to Zoom Catalogs, a service that allows you to customize the buying experience for your customers by creating branded and customized product selections. This unique service will make the buying process easier for your clients, which in turn makes them want to return to you. You can learn more about Zoom Catalogs when you purchase a Business Owner Package.

Start Selling Promotional Products Today

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