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Working from Home as a New Dealer

With the unexpected global events in the last 12 months, establishing yourself to work from home as a new Kaeser & Blair Business Owner has never come at a better time.

Congratulations! You have made the remarkable decision to be your own decision maker – your own boss. You are now in complete control of the hours you put in, who you choose to work for and with (vendors and clients), and represent yourself in an industry that is ever-changing, and has enormous potential for profit.

To begin as a new business owner (aka new dealer), we suggest setting up your own system to work from home for your optimum success. Setting up your own system will consist of deciding where you will physically work, what hours you plan to conduct business, and what routes you plan to take to at first educate yourself to the promotional items selling industry, and later what route you are taking to acquire clients you chose to work with.

Making the decision of how much time you plan to devote to working from home as a new dealer is an important one. Once that decision has been made, set limits to allow yourself a balance between private and personal life. Be organized and be ready to be as flexible as you decide to be with your time.

Educating yourself in the promotional items industry can be done easily while working from home. Take time to complete the Kaeser University online program as it will help you become successful. Engage yourself in the social media groups for the industry and specifically, Kaeser & Blair Authorized Dealers. You will find very usable information on what vendors to use and which to stay clear from.

Spend time reading the Success Manual mailed to you as a new dealer. Learning important concepts such as what art files are required, how to use EQP, the timeline of a sale, and so much more is pivotal, and you can do it all in comfort from working from home!

Working from home is a great way to build a successful career. With unmatched dealer support and a clear path to success, many find that they can grow their business from the comfort of their own home. Learn more about how it works and how to get started!