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Working Proactively with Clients on Projects

Working Proactively with Clients on Projects

This post is based on a topic covered in one of our Friday Flashback newsletters. Friday Flashback is a weekly newsletter from Kaeser & Blair Director of Sales Liza Sachs. Each edition contains valuable insights and updates for the promotional products industry. 

Our mission is to support your growth and enhance the value you bring to your clients. Prospecting and expanding your customer base are crucial aspects of achieving this goal. By working proactively with your clients, you can make a significant impact on their promotional endeavors. As the expert in this field, your expertise adds immense value to your clients. Here are some essential tips to consider when assisting your customers in selecting their branded merchandise.

Identify the Audience

Understanding the target audience is crucial to recommending the most suitable products or programs for the event. By doing so, you can select branded merchandise that resonates with the end users and captures their interest.

Be the Expert, Stay Aware of the Budget, and Choose Best Quality Available for your Client’s Price Point

The impression customers have of the client is directly linked to the quality of the merchandise they offer. It is crucial for the client to be perceived positively in this aspect. Distributing items that are prone to breaking or being discarded lowers the overall cost-effectiveness of the promotional campaign.

To ensure a lasting impact, it is essential to provide durable and valuable merchandise that recipients will use and appreciate. This approach guarantees continued brand promotion over time, creating a positive association between the brand and its high-quality offerings.

Always be Aware and Prepared to Present Items that are Considered Useful

While it’s important to be aware of market trends, the merchandise’s practicality should never be overlooked. Select items that recipients will use regularly, as this significantly lowers the cost per impression while increasing the value to the target audience. When the product becomes an integral part of their routine, it fosters a strong sense of goodwill and keeps your brand at the forefront of their minds.

Remember, as you embark on your project, you are the expert in branded merchandise, and your choices add significant value to your clients’ promotional efforts. By focusing on the audience, quality, and utility, you’ll be well on your way to a successful and impactful campaign.

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– Liza

Liza Sachs is a 25+ year veteran of the promotional products industry and heads up our Sales and Supplier Relationships for the organization as Director of Sales. Liza has experience on both the distributor and supplier sides, which gives her the unique vision to assist our dealers to expand their sales.