Kaeser & Blair Home Business Opportunities

Many companies claim to have simple ways to make money from home, but it’s not always as easy as it sounds. These claims can make it difficult to find legitimate home business opportunities. If everyone says they can help you make money from home, how can you tell which company to trust?

That’s where Kaeser & Blair comes in. We don’t make baseless claims for our own financial gain. Our track record more than speaks for itself. So how does Kaeser & Blair distinguish itself as one of the most legitimate home business opportunities?

Generous Profit Potential

A primary feature that makes the Kaeser & Blair Business Owner Program one of the best home business opportunities is the industry-leading profits and income potential. If you take advantage of one of K&B’s home business opportunities, you can earn up to 65% of the gross sales margin.

This makes it possible for you to work part-time and earn up to $20,000 annually or work full-time and earn up to $185,000 annually. It’s a flexible business opportunity where you can work as much or as little as you want while reaping the benefits.

Industry-Leading Support and Service

Kaeser & Blair’s industry-leading support is also an unmatched leader in home business opportunities. In fact, with access to an arsenal of resources, being your own boss and working from home has never been easier.

If you decided to take advantage of one of K&B’s home business opportunities, all you would have to do is make a sale and place an order. After that, Kaeser & Blair will take over from there. In fact, we handle all billing, collections, taxes, credit issues and product liability. Our goal is to help you focus on making money. With Kaeser & Blair, you can turn this opportunity into a career.

When you become a Kaeser & Blair business owner, you can rest assured that you are participating in a legitimate home business opportunity.

History and Reputation

Kaeser & Blair has had a stable history since 1894. We have remained a rock-solid family-owned business to this day. With more than a century of reliability and integrity, Kaeser & Blair has forged lasting relationships with promotional products vendors (like Bic, Carhartt, Post-it, and more) and has properly earned its title as an industry leader. The A+ Better Business Bureau accreditation listing gives K&B business owners peace of mind. With this rating, our business owners know that they are participating in a real home business opportunity.

Home Business Success Stories

Hear from some of our most successful business owners on how Kaeser & Blair helps them run a successful home business.

Sally Anderson - Unmatched Back Office Support

One of the things our business owners love most about working with Kaeser & Blair is the backend support we provide. The Kaeser & Blair Accounting and Credit Departments are in place to support you and your business. This ensures the smooth operation of not only Kaeser & Blair’s business, but that of your business too.

We handle everything from credit approval and credit card processing to vendor relations, invoicing your customers, paying vendors, and collections. We’re even able to assume the liability on past due accounts. All collection processes are handled professionally, courteously, and ethically.

Hear from Sally Anderson, one of our most successful Business Owners, on why she loves working with Kaeser & Blair so much!

“The best thing is the back office support. There is no way in this world I could invoice customers, and figure out sales tax, and set up accounts with new vendors – I’m not good at that stuff. I know I am not good at keeping up with money and finances; I like to make money- spend money, but I don’t want to balance everything.

So, the back office support and knowing that if something does go wrong, they’ll help me fix it, and I am not accountable for some huge order that could go wrong. And, they’ve been in business for 125 years, so they have a name in this industry, whereas little Sally Anderson from Georgia doesn’t have that name but as a part of Kaeser & Blair I definitely get those perks of going with Kaeser.”

Denise May - Immediate Profits

Prior to joining Kaeser & Blair, Denise May worked in the promotional advertising industry for over 20 years. When the owner of the company she previously worked for retired, she decided she was not yet ready to move on from her career. She made the switch to Kaeser & Blair and has never looked back.

“They’ve got my back. They do my paperwork; they do my invoicing. They do the receivables; they have all the computer programming. I have no overhead. 

The profits are bigger than they were at the other company I was with before. 

I work from my home office now. We go on vacation; I take my computer. I can go on vacation and I can still work with Kaeser. It’s perfect.

“Before, I didn’t see the financial benefits that I have with Kaeser. They pay immediately. At my previous company, I only got paid thirty days after my customer paid. When I took an order, it could be three months before I saw the commission. 

With Kaeser, it’s immediate.”

Stephanie Walter - Clients Everywhere You Go

A big downfall of a lot of direct selling businesses is having to ask your friends and family to purchase your products. With Kaeser & Blair, you never have to pressure your network to buy your products. Promotional products are a business necessity, not just a luxury item. Hear from 2019 sales leader Stephanie Walter on how she makes sales everywhere she goes.

“I’m a networker, so I find my clients anywhere I go. One of my first clients was a place that I had to have my tooth pulled, and that oral surgeon is still my client 19 years later.

You go to the doctor and you ask them where they get their pens – you know, I always have my cards with me, and I leave it for them with a Best Buys or Windjammer. A bunch of my friends from college are clients because I post on Facebook what I do.”

Barney Howard - A Sales-Focused Home Business

Whether you’re brand new to the promotional products industry, or an experienced promo expert, Kaeser & Blair offers a sales-focused home business opportunity. Barney Howard has been working in the industry for years, but before transferring to Kaeser & Blair, had trouble with the accounting side of his business. With K&B, he is able to focus on what he’s best at: selling!

“We had grown our business to a pretty good size, and we were running over half a million dollars a month in accounts receivable. In this business, no one pays their bills in 30 days, so it was a constant hassle for me to chase the money. It had gotten in the way of my personal sales. 

One Monday morning I came in, and as usual, our computers were all screwed up. We paid a lot of money each month for IT people to come in and fix them. I called Kaeser (after reviewing other companies like them), and they were the best fit.

The first week we sent in a quarter of a million dollars’ worth of orders. We transferred everything to them at that point. Within two years we were able to transfer our offices to our own homes, and we never looked back.”

Start your home business today by requesting our Free Trial Package. Or, skip the trial and move straight to the Standard Business Owner Package.

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