Common Promotional Products Questions 

If you’re new to the promotional products industry, you may have a lot of questions about the basics. At Kaeser & Blair, we’re passionate about educating our business owners about industry-specific terms, top sales tips, and other important information. Learn more below! 

Promotional Products FAQ 

What are promotional products? 

Items with a company’s logo or message meant to advertise their brand or services are considered promotional products, sometimes called advertising specialties. Most commonly, these include writing utensils (like pens), mugs, t-shirts, notebooks, and other useful items. However, they can also include awards, business gifts, and other high-quality items. Most people keep and use their promotional products, so they are an incredibly effective form of advertising. 

How do businesses use promotional products? 

This depends entirely on the product and the business. Some businesses use promotional products as a stand-alone marketing effort. For example, a dentist may have a cup of branded pens on their front desk for patients to take and use to fill out forms. Some businesses may use their promotional products in an integrated marketing effort, such as giving away a product with an informational pamphlet about their services. They could also use them in employee incentive programs, fundraising, public awareness campaigns, trade shows, and more. The uses for promotional products are virtually limitless! 

What is the difference between a supplier and a distributor? 

A supplier is the company that manufactures the promotional products. They may also be referred to as manufacturers or vendors, but the industry-specific term is “supplier.” 

A distributor is the person who has direct contact with the company in need of promotional products. They help the business develop ideas for the use of promo products in their marketing. The distributor is the one that places the order for the products. This is what Kaeser & Blair business owners do. 

What type of promotional product is the most popular? 

The most popular type of promotional product is wearables such as t-shirts, with writing instruments coming in a close second. The purpose of promotional products is to be useful so the person receiving it will hold onto it for longer, so it makes sense that the most common promo items would be something someone can use on a daily basis. In fact, if you look around right now, we bet you can find a promotional product in your home or office! 

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