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How to Make Extra Income While Working Full Time

How to Make Extra Income (While Working Full Time)

Maybe you have your eye on a new car or are anxious to book that dream vacation. Or perhaps you are ready to live debt-free once and for all. You could really use a way to earn extra money to make these dreams happen! There’s just one problem: you already have a full-time job. How are you going to earn make extra income while still working full time?

Deciding to take on two jobs isn’t easy, but it can be done—and the financial rewards can be well-worth your extra time. The key is to find the right fit between your main job and your part-time one. Here are a few tips experts recommend when looking for ways to make earn a little extra while still holding down a regular 9–5.

Start a Part-Time Business Working From Home

Who wants to hop in the car after a long day and head straight to another job? If you’re looking to earn some extra cash, find something you can do at home. By working from home, you eliminate extra expenses associated with on-site work, such as gas money, babysitters, uniform costs, and so on. That means more money in your pocket, which means being that much closer to realizing your goals. Selling promotional products as an independent Business Owner with Kaeser & Blair is a home-based business. You work remotely on your schedule.

Psst… Did you know our Business Owners who work from home part-time can make anywhere from $7,000 – $20,000 per year? That’s right! You could be driving that new car to the airport to catch that dream vacation flight in no time!

Make Sure Your Side Gig Offers Maximum Flexibility

The idea is to make scheduling around your full-time job as effortless as possible, while still earning the extra income you need. As a Business Owner, you’re in control. You decide when to work and how much work you want to do. There are no binding contracts, no sales minimums, or quotas to meet. It’s up to you how much time you want to dedicate to this part-time business and how profitable you want to be. We bring you the tools and resources you need to be successful. You bring your hustle and drive to succeed!

Find Something You Love Doing Anyway

Sure—you may not think of yourself as someone who “loves” sales, but what about helping the local businesses in your community? Companies use promotional products to market their products or services. They utilize them in their offices, as giveaways, employee incentive programs, fundraising, public awareness campaigns, trade shows, and more. The uses for promotional products are virtually limitless! You could be the person helping your neighborhood’s small businesses and entrepreneurs thrive—and that’s beneficial for everyone!

Don’t Forget Work-Life Balance

Taking a side job doesn’t mean you have to work around the clock. It’s important to take time for self-care and mental wellbeing. Spend time with your family, plan a date night with your spouse, or just kick up your feet and focus on you! Don’t run the risk of burnout.. Taking time away from both jobs means you’ll be recharged and ready to reach your financial goals.

Keep the End Goal in Sight

Remember the new car? The bucket-list trip? The zero-debt aspiration? When the going gets tough, keep the big picture in mind. You’re working to earn money on the side so you can accomplish something that will make your life better. Focus on one end goal at a time—and remember the “end” part. Give yourself time to reach one objective before focusing on the next one. Maybe even make a vision board to stick on your fridge or keep on your phone. This fun project will help you keep your goal top-of-mind! Keeping a positive mental attitude means you have a greater chance of realizing your dreams.

Becoming an independent business owner with Kaeser & Blair is a great way to earn extra income while still keeping your full-time job. Read our Success Stories or learn more about how to get started with our Business Owner Program.