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How to Self-promote Your Business

Creative Ways to Self-promote Your Own Business with Promotional Products

Selling promotional products is a competitive career, but taking thoughtful, creative, and proactive steps to stand out is definitely worth the work. Take the time to understand the industry, keep up with the trends, know your clients well, be aware of your competition, and invest in yourself by learning how to self-promote your business. Believe in yourself enough to know that you have come up with a sensible plan with a high return on investment for your self-promotions.

When self-promotions are done correctly, they will showcase how awesome your marketing abilities are and that you are the industry leader to work with. If you demonstrate that you know how to market yourself with well-thought plans with high ROI, your clients will see you are a solid choice to partner with. Self-promotions will lead to gaining new clients.

They also inspire current clients to try something new and maybe go further with their budget. Friendly reminder: do not be pushy about budgets! Let them come to the realization that spending a little more on something with great innovation will bring them high ROI.

Go Beyond a Business Card

Business self-promotion covers many areas. Think of your business card. You can choose to go with a typical paper rectangular card with your contact information, but you’re in the promo biz! Take it a step further by using promotional products to share your contact information.

Yes, you need to have a traditional card for vendors you meet. But if you are trying to attract a client, a boring traditional card that gets the job done is not enough. A salesperson in the branded items business should have something more. Here are creative suggestions for how to self-promote your business with promotional products.

Microfiber Cloth

Consider a 6×6 microfiber cloth. It folds into the traditional business card size in a clear bag but it’s an item everyone can use. It cleans phones, glasses, vehicle touchscreens, and more. Add a QR code for folks to scan and your contact goes directly into their phones. Spending more money on your business card option will help you stand out in the competitive market.

Small Magnetic Calendar or Kitchen Cutter

Inexpensive items that can be a “leave behind” are a great way to self-promote your business. Small, simple branded items like these check many boxes clients desire in promotional products. They have a long shelf life and are something everyone can use. Bonus points if you can come up with a clever tagline for your business that reflects the item.

Writing Instruments

Another popular type of leave behind is writing instruments—always a solid self-promo when done right. We all need a pen from time to time!  But it’s important to keep in mind that this item is a representation of you as a promotional products expert. Meaning, if you decide to go with a super low economy pen, be prepared for an underwhelming response.

If you want to make an impression, check out the Sharpie S-Gel pen. You will have your logo branded on a pen a client does not share with others. It becomes a coveted pen they do not want to lose! Vendors like RiteLine offer great self-promo deals on writing instruments throughout the year, so be sure to keep up with the industry and know when the best offers are available.

Self-promotion Packages

Starline is one of the vendors that offer large packages of a variety of their products. This is a great option that can serve as an enticing gift or sample when a client is considering what to purchase. You can give them options of what item they would like to have from you.

Make a Statement: Higher-end Items

There are clients you want to land because their business means high-earning potential. It’s time to go big with your self-promo product. A memorable effort will bring you a better chance at that high ROI you are working for. A non-tipping can cooler, portable Bluetooth speaker, or premium cotton backpack branded with your own company logo are all great options.

Drop-shipped Personalized Sample

Another grand gesture that will take more investment and time to organize is using drop-shipping for a higher-end personalized gift. Origaudio offers this option and is known for its interesting products and great customer service—even their packaging is cool! The receiver of one of their many high-end options is going to be impressed with the gift and seeing their name and/or company logo included. Be sure to include a note with your contact information, of course!

Learning how to self-promote your business will deliver a positive impact on your selling efforts. Decisions need to be planned out for each type of self-promo item you choose to go with. Will you hand deliver the item or mail it directly to them? (Consider the cost and time with both.) Will you give the item to the client at the meeting or at a later time?

Find the value in each option and make a strategic plan that best fits your needs and abilities. Remember that your self-promotion efforts are a reflection of you as a promotional products expert. Stand out in a crowd of a competitive market!