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How to Spot a Business Owner Prospect

How to Spot a Business Owner Prospect (and What to Say to Them)

You’d love to take advantage of the K&B Business Owner Referral Program, but have no idea how to get started*. Who should you approach? And what on earth do you say to them once you have their attention?

Appearances can be deceiving, and there are always exceptions, but here are the qualities and characteristics most commonly present in a top prospect—and ideas for topics you can discuss with them.

Your Competitors

The best quality to look for is experience. Is there a competitor that has an extensive list of clients and always seems to be neck and neck with you in the race? He or she could be your greatest source of revenue, plus you’ll be giving them the opportunity to turn their work into greater profits with Kaeser & Blair. A simple call and a cup of coffee can get you started.

True Entrepreneurs

Successful Business Owners are true entrepreneurs. Their number one motivation is to make money; they have a burning desire to succeed and have a great work ethic. About 60% of K&B’s Business Owners producing $500K in annual sales are women. Plus, there are many husband and wife teams.

Moms with School-age Children

A promotional products consultant is a great part-time career for women with school age children, who like to network and want flexible work hours so they can work while their kids are in school. Many times they are seeking supplemental income to help pay for college tuition. K&B has many successful women working 15–20 hours per week making $30K–$50K per year or more.

Sales and Marketing Professionals

Business professionals with sales experience are more qualified but not necessarily automatic successes. People who have been successful in insurance sales, marketing and media sales, business services, or advertising generally make good prospects for Business Owners.

People with Stable Finances

Generally a good prospect would be in a financial situation that will allow them enough time to develop a business ownership. An individual who has difficulty coming up with the deposit will probably not be a very good Business Owner prospect.

What to Discuss with a Potential Recruit About the K&B Business Owner Program

  • Keep your presentation realistic and truthful. You’re successful in this business. Tell them how it works for you and why you think they have what it takes.
  • Don’t forget to briefly tell them about the history, success, service and support provided by Kaeser & Blair.
  • Assure them this is not multi-level marketing. They really are in control of their income and the ability to make money is limited only by their effort and the hours in the day!
  • Don’t ask for an answer right away. Allow them to consider the opportunity and visit our website for more information. Schedule a time in the near future for a follow-up call or to set up another meeting. They should not feel rushed or pressured, and should be allowed to ask all the questions they need to make an informed decision.
  • Don’t forget you can always call one of experienced division managers with each over 20 years in the industry. They can help sell your prospects on the benefits of the K&B opportunity.

If the first meeting goes well, you will want to provide your prospect with one of our informational packets that includes a prospectus, Best Buys catalog, and application. When you order these from us, we send them to you with your account number pre-printed on the application. It is helpful to carry one with you when calling on a potential recruit. We can even send one directly to a recruit.

Simply request an information package on We will record their information as your referral in our database. However, when your recruits register to become a K&B Business Owner, it is important they do so by referencing your account number on their application for you to receive overrides.

*Please note: Broadcast advertising, as well as any regional or national recruiting, are not allowed. The K&B Business Owner Referral Program is a local/personal recruiting opportunity that is most effective when you work face-to-face with your prospect. Any activity that confuses the public between recruiting efforts of an authorized K&B Business Owner and that of the Corporation, is strictly forbidden. The incorporation of any form of the Kaeser & Blair name into a domain name or website address is prohibited. Please review the official policies regarding the use of the Kaeser & Blair name and trademarks that can be found in the K&B Success Manual and on Kaeser Central.