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Promotional Products for Pet Lovers

7 Promotional Products for Pet Lovers

Dog, cat, reptile, bird, or guinea pig—we just can’t get enough of our furry (or scaly or feathered) friends. These days, our pets are no longer restricted to the house and walk around the neighborhood on a leash. Restaurants, hotels, and more are presenting opportunities to bring fur babies along. Since more and more businesses are welcoming pets, why not use them to promote your business? Read on for a list of seven promotional products for pet lovers.

Start by Researching Pet-loving Businesses

Start researching all the potential clients in your area who focus on pets as part of their business: groomers, humane societies, and veterinarian offices. They always need cool branded items with their logo displayed to use as giveaways.


Next, think about all the places you see people bring their dogs. Pet parents love to parade their fur babies around, not left alone at home. Breweries are exploding with popularity today. Beyond the craft beer and fun atmosphere, many breweries feature outdoor sitting areas that welcome doggos. Why not give a brewery client product ideas that feature their logo, letting the neighborhood know where they can enjoy an evening out with their pups.

Hotels, banks, and more

The availability of pet-friendly hotels, banks, and stores are all around. Check with your local chamber of commerce office for upcoming dates on local pet-friendly events such as food festivals and races. Also keep in mind May is National Pet Month. Help your client plan ahead so they have branded items ready.

1. Bandana

Turn your four-legged pal into the cutest walking billboard around! Caro-Line bandanas are always a crowd-pleaser, and an easy branded item to hand out.

2. Pet Bag Dispenser

Tekweld offers a low price point pet product that has a big ROI—the Pet Bag Dispenser. This handy product clips onto a leash for convenient storage of those much-needed bags.

3. Coarse Weave Pet Collar

AZX SPORT’s Coarse Weave Pet Collar features heavy duty clips, buckles, and a butt-welded D-ring for tags. Your client’s logo is woven directly into the fabric.

4. Retractable Pet Leash

Koozie Group features a 16’ Retractable Pet Leash for furry friends on the smaller side (up to 44 pounds). Notice the large imprint area with full color options. It really has a nice impact.

5. Car Seat Protector

Intertekline specializes in car shades and accessories. Pet owners will appreciate a rear car seat protector featuring a unique self storing design which mounts to the headrest. It keeps the back seat clean while transporting your favorite pets. Your clients can screen print their logo right in the middle.

6. Travel Water Container

WOWLine has a Travel Water Container that any on-the-go pet parent needs—a highly sought after promotional product that is also good for the environment. This reusable water bottle with an inventive design folds in for storage and out when your pet needs a drink. Thanks to being fairly inexpensive, your client can’t go wrong with this branded item.

7. Rope Toy

Playtime is the best time! Have fun with your good boy (or girl) and keep them occupied. Jornik’s Fido Flier Dog Rope Toy is a fun way to promote your client’s business.

It has never been a better time to be a pet parent, or a business owner who allows them. Take advantage of how much your clients’ customers love to dote on their furry pals with promotional products for pet lovers.