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Instagram Marketing Tips

Instagram Marketing Tips

With over 800 million monthly users, Instagram is a social media platform that puts all of the focus on high-quality photos and short videos. Out of all popular social media platforms for business owners (like Facebook and LinkedIn), Instagram is the best platform to put your products front and center.

If you’re considering utilizing Instagram to expand your promotional products business, check out some of the tips we’ve put together below.

Create A Business Profile

Start by creating a business profile. These differ from a typical account in that you can access free analytics tools, called Insights, in order to better understand your audience. You can see age ranges, locations, and your follower growth, just to name a few.

Post High-Quality Pictures

Instagram is a great way to advertise your promotional products because it focuses on visually appealing photos. Users don’t expect for you to have professional-quality photos, but you can get pretty close with the right lighting and your phone’s camera. Do not post blurry, dark, or otherwise unattractive photos.

Don’t Be Too “Salesy”

If every single post on your account sounds too much like an ad, you will quickly lose followers. No one wants to be spammed with “buy my promotional products” posts every day. Instead, try mixing up the theme of your posts. Try giving teasers of upcoming promotions, a behind-the-scenes look at your day as a business owner, or promotional products trivia. Not every post should end with, “buy my products!”

Generate Interact with Your Audience

Much like Facebook, Instagram allows you to like and respond to people who comment on your posts. However, generating those comments to interact with can be difficult. One of the best ways to do this is to ask your followers to comment in response to your post. Ask a question for them to answer – i.e., “What’s the best promotional product you’ve ever gotten?”

Use Instagram Stories

Once you’ve gotten the hang of posting, try utilizing the story feature to show your followers exciting content that you may not want to post on your main page. Stories are only up for 24 hours, and they are often not as “high-quality” or “on-brand” as regular posts. You can use Instagram Stories to show your followers behind-the-scenes events, short videos, or other content that doesn’t quite fit on your main page.

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