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LinkedIn: Become a Power User

As an authorized dealer for Kaeser & Blair, it’s important to be up-to-date on trends if you want to build a successful career. One way to set yourself above from other promotional products distributors is to take the time to become a power user on LinkedIn. Be the dealer who knows the ins and outs of the social media platform and leverage your expertise to further your sales goals without “selling.”

With a database of over 600 million professionals around the world, LinkedIn is the most important social network for businesspeople. With the correct approach, you could prove yourself the expert who is willing and able to assist clients on their ROI.

Getting Started on LinkedIn

The goal of LinkedIn is to build your professional network, not sell or share personal aspects of your life. When setting up your profile, think about how you want people to perceive you and your business. Display yourself as a professional expert who adds value to the industry and to your clients.

Your profile photo is your first impression, so be sure it reflects professionalism. Keep your profile client-focused, not personal. Stay relevant! Update your profile often, and post weekly. Playing the long game of LinkedIn will further your client base.

Build Your Network

After setting up a strong, client-focused profile, it is time to start building your network. Similar to Facebook, join industry groups where you can provide insight and learn from others. Be an active member to stay current! Tip: do NOT be the “I know everything” person!

Start a membership group and invite others to join. Follow and engage with influencers within the promotional items industry along with vendors. Read their posts, get to know your industry, and you will be closer to being a power user who clients will come to know as their expert in promotional items ROI.

Find the people most likely responsible for purchasing promotional products. These include marketing/pr professionals or office managers. Stay updated on companies you would like to do business with and start a conversation on a relevant topic with them. For example, if a company has an upcoming 50 years in business anniversary approaching, start a conversation with them about a question on how they plan to commemorate with their employees this accomplishment – make suggestions on gifting their teams with different price point options.

Do not take rejection personally. Learn from each interaction – what could you have done differently? Remember to be successful on LinkedIn, you are not playing the short game.

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