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Maximize Your Business Potential (and Profits) with Kaeser & Blair’s Referral Program

Are you a driven Kaeser & Blair dealer looking to maximize your profits? Explore new avenues of income? Or, solidify your spot as a Kaeser & Blair legend this year?

Allow us to introduce an exciting opportunity that not only benefits your bottom line but also empowers you to expand your network and business ownership. Let’s delve into the purpose, benefits, and workings of the Kaeser & Blair Business Owner Referral Program.

Purpose and Benefits of the Referral Program

The Kaeser & Blair Business Owner Referral Program is designed with a dual purpose:

  1. To provide active business owners with a lucrative opportunity for business owners to earn profits by referring others to the company.
  2. To fuel K&B’s growth by welcoming new dealers.

Tom, a Kaeser and Blair dealer shares his own success with the program, “I was associated with another distributor for years and became part of the Kaeser & Blair family because of their Business Owner Referral Program. It has been a dream come true – I have 17 business owners that generate 29% of my annual income. I would not be making my $100,000+ without these business owners.”

Here’s how you can seize the chance to make even more money

This program allows you to leverage your sales and networking skills, presenting an opportunity for unlimited earning potential. It’s crucial to note that this program is not multilevel network marketing. Instead, it is an incentive for sales achievers to recruit and support other business owners, based solely on the override principle. The override expense is 100% funded by Kaeser & Blair!

Benefits for You:

Enjoy unlimited profit potential without additional personal sales. For instance, by recruiting a competitor’s salesperson with $150,000 in annual sales, you could make about $5,000 in overrides every year.

Increasing Equity in Your Business: Your business ownership becomes more valuable on the market with each additional source of income.

Doubling Your Earnings: The program offers the potential to double your business ownership earnings by recruiting five new referred business owners with a similar sales volume.

How the Referral Program Works

To qualify for the Business Owner Referral Program, ensure you are an active K&B business owner in good standing. When you refer another business owner to K&B, they become part of your network, and you receive overrides of up to 20% of their profits. This model becomes more enticing with more business owners, potentially leading to substantial earnings.

Successful referrals involve integrating the referred business owner seamlessly into the referrer’s network of business owners. Referrers are entitled to an override of up to 20% of the referred business owner’s profits, calculated solely based on their monthly earnings, not their sales volume.

Overrides are calculated using a precise method: 20% of a 50/50 split of the gross margin. This ensures a fair and transparent calculation of earnings.

To illustrate, consider a scenario with three business owners in the network. If their combined profits for a single month reach $1,250, the override would be $250. Looking at this on an annual scale, if the three business owners each earn $10,000 per year, the overrides would amount to $6,000 for the year.

The program’s attractiveness intensifies with the addition of more business owners to the network. For example, successfully referring 20 business owners, with their combined annual earnings reaching $175,000, could result in overrides of an impressive $35,000.

The Business Owner Referral Program not only rewards you for your individual efforts but creates a scalable and lucrative opportunity. The more businesses you bring into the fold, the greater your financial rewards, making it a truly enticing proposition for ambitious entrepreneurs.

Profile of a Prospective Successful Business Owner

Identifying qualities common in successful prospects is essential. When seeking out these people consider the commonalities of other K&B dealers who have found success.

Successful K&B business owners typically fit one of the following profiles:

  • A person whose #1 motivation is to make money; they have a burning desire to succeed and have a great work ethic.
  • Women with school age children who like to network and want flexible work hours so they can work while their kids are in school.
  • Individuals seeking supplemental income to help pay for college tuition.
  • Business professionals with sales experience are more qualified but not necessarily automatic successes.
  • People who have been successful in insurance sales, marketing, any media sales, business services, or advertising generally make good prospects for business owners.
  • A person in a financial situation that will allow them enough time to develop a business ownership.

Remember, experience is a key factor. Consider reaching out to competitors with extensive client lists who could be a valuable addition to your network.

Traditional Ways to Build Your Business Owner Network

Referrals: Utilize cold, cool, personal introduction, and face-to-face introduction referrals for efficient prospecting.

Trade Shows and Exhibitions: Explore booth setups and community career fairs to generate prospects and expand your network.

Networking: Leverage business and personal connections, attend events and organizational gatherings. Tips include showing genuine interest, connecting others, and having a powerful elevator pitch. (Get In Depth Networking Tips here)

Elevator Pitch Examples:

Your elevator pitch is a brief, verbal “commercial” lasting no more than 30 seconds that creates interest, curiosity, and gets the attention of the prospect you are addressing. These first words are critical and will determine if the prospect wants to continue to engage in the conversation.

Before a prospect will invest the time talking with you, they need to understand “what’s in it for me.” It is important to answer that question quickly by focusing on the specific problems or challenges they face.

Share with them how the business owner opportunity can be an effective solution and can offer well-defined outcomes they might experience by working with you.

Recruiting Other Promotional Products Consultants:

Overcome the challenge of maximizing profits with Kaeser & Blair’s Referral Program, offering a unique opportunity for increased income and net worth.

For example, you might say  “A big challenge facing promotional products consultants today is maximizing their profits while working 40 hours per week. Kaeser & Blair’s one-of-a-kind Business Owner Referral Program enables you to multiply your own sales efforts through others to significantly increase your income and net worth. The 20% overrides you receive on your referred business owner sales really add up. It’s easy to make an additional $30,000 to $50,000 with the business owners you recruit. It’s all about working smarter, not harder.”

Or, text: Hey, ever felt the challenge of maximizing profits in promo product consulting? Kaeser & Blair’s Referral Program is a game-changer. Multiply your sales through others, pocket a 20% override, and easily add $30,000 to $50,000. It’s about working smarter, not harder. Ready to boost your game?

Recruiting Business Owners without a Job:

Showcase the ease of starting a business with Kaeser & Blair, emphasizing a low startup cost, no inventory, and the potential for substantial earnings.

For example, you might say, “Finding a great job today can be really tough – along with having a boss you like! As you may know, I am a promotional products consultant and I own my own business. I started my business for only $85. Kaeser & Blair provided me with a business owner success kit along with samples, selling materials, and a fail-proof business plan. There is no inventory to buy, no delivery of products, plus they pay you when you place an order with them. The best part – if you have a good work ethic you can easily make $30,000 to $50,000 working 25 hours per week, or over $100,000 if you work full time.”

Or, text: Hey there! Job hunting’s a struggle, right? I get it. I’m a promo products consultant, running my own gig thanks to Kaeser & Blair. It kicked off with just $85, and they hooked me up with a success kit, samples, and a solid business plan. No inventory headaches, no product deliveries – and they pay you on order placement. Best part? Pull in $30,000 to $50,000 in 25 hours weekly or over $100,000 full-time. Interested? Let’s chat!

Ready to open doors to financial growth with Kaeser & Blair?

The Kaeser & Blair Business Owner Referral Program opens doors to financial growth and business expansion. It’s not just a program; it’s a pathway to unlocking your business’s full potential. Seize the opportunity today and embark on a journey of unlimited possibilities!