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Your Path to Legend Status: How Pop-Up Events Can Propel Your Promotional Product Business to Greatness

This post is based on a topic covered in one of our Friday Flashback newsletters. Friday Flashback is a weekly newsletter from Kaeser & Blair Director of Sales Liza Sachs. Each edition contains valuable insights and updates for the promotional products industry.

Imagine standing proudly as a “Legend”, holding a dazzling crystal trophy and a hefty $10,000 in cash bonus. It’s not just a dream; it’s an achievable goal. In this blog, we’ll delve into the world of Legend status, what it takes to get there, and how strategically planned pop-up events can become your secret weapon in reaching these remarkable heights.

The Road to Legend Status:

So, what exactly is “Legend” status? Every year, from September 1st to August 31st, Kaeser and Blair launches the prestigious Legend Reward Program. This program recognizes dealers who have ascended to the pinnacle of professionalism and success by achieving sales of at least $500,000 or more.

Becoming a Legend:

Becoming a Legend is a journey marked by strategy and tenacity. While reaching the $500,000 sales goal is paramount, there are various strategies to achieve it, including: setting earnings goals, asking for referrals, increasing profit margins, and participating in the sub-dealer program. However, creativity and ingenuity continue to play a significant role in the sales market, so think outside the box.

Connecting on a Personal Level: Pop-Up Events

Have you ever wondered why, despite your well-crafted emails, enticing product samples, and once in a lifetime offers, some potential customers remain hesitant to commit? It may be due to a lack of personal interaction. The solution? Build deeper, more meaningful client relationships through the magic of pop-up events.

Tips for Hosting a Successful Pop-Up Event:

1. Define Your Ideal Audience:

Success in the promotional product industry hinges on understanding your target audience and the nature of your offerings. Client types to consider are:

  • Local Businesses
  • Event Planners
  • Corporate Clients
  • Schools And Universities
  • Sports Organizations
  • Community Organizations

Any of these groups could be an ideal choice for a pop-up event. However, it’s important to remember, you must tailor your marketing and promotional efforts to each specific group. Try to offer personalized solutions whenever possible and highlight how you can provide a benefit to their particular needs and objectives.

2. Understand Your Client:

Preparation is key. Get to know your client’s organization, key departments, decision-makers, and influencers. Beyond this, consider the challenges your client may be experiencing. What are their pain points? What are their goals? Tailor your offer to solve these issues for your client and watch your sales soar.

3. Embrace Sponsorship:

Elevate your presence by sponsoring your client’s events.  Seek out opportunities to sponsor upcoming events your clients may be hosting or attending. It not only builds rapport, but it is also a powerful marketing tool to reach a broader audience. When you sponsor an event, you are often rewarded by being exposed to their audience. Your brand logo will be prominently displayed throughout the event, and you will be featured in any event marketing advertisements, posters, and social media campaigns.

4. Stay in Tune with Your Marketing Calendar:

By aligning your offers with your client’s marketing calendar, you can provide timely solutions. Water bottles for the company hike, or custom tote bags just in time for the corporate picnic show clients you are genuinely invested in their success. You can also leverage seasonality to promote the right products at precisely the right time i.e., Christmas ornaments in December, beach balls in July, etc. No matter which route you take, a well-structured calendar empowers your marketing efforts and enhances your competitive edge.

5. Tailor Your Display to Their Needs:

Focus on showcasing your value rather than just your logo. In other words, choose branded merchandise that tells a compelling story, creating an emotional connection with your clients. Moreover, ​​use subtle techniques to share a product that not only acts as a brand calling card, but functional enough that the client will use it for years to come.

6. Forge Partnerships with Local Supplier Reps:

Collaborate with local suppliers to benefit from their accessibility and deeper insights into products. They can facilitate quick communication, foster trust, and enhance community engagement, all while ensuring you make informed decisions.

7. Present Customized Samples:

Offer promotional product samples adorned with your logo or messaging. Select products that align seamlessly with your client’s goals. Providing tangible items helps build relationships and leaves a lasting impression, making you their first choice.

Incorporate these strategies into your promotional product business, and you’ll be well on your way to legendary status. Remember to stay agile, adapt to your client’s evolving needs, and continuously seek creative ways to enhance your client relationships. Your path to Legend status starts here. Will you seize the opportunity?