Top 5 Tips for Promotional Products Distributors

1. Find your niche.

What are your natural talents and who can benefit the most from them? Find the people who really need your services. If you’re already familiar with a specific industry, target those businesses and impress them with your knowledge of their needs! Once you determine what you’re good at, you can tailor your client base and workflow to play to your strengths.
For example, if your previous work experience involves working in a school setting, you can approach your local grade schools and inquire about events they have coming up where they may require products with their logo. Your potential client will already have more trust in you as opposed to another distributor because you are familiar with their industry. There’s nothing more valuable than understanding your client’s unique needs and coming up with custom solutions!

2. Communicate regularly and effectively.

There is nothing more frustrating to a client than not getting answers to questions they have. If your client asks you what the status is on their order, you should be able to get them an answer quickly. Conversely, if something goes wrong with an order and the deadline won’t be met, it’s your responsibility to communicate that to your client. Timely, accurate communication is key. You may be able to provide an unbeatable array of products, but if you lack the proper communication skills to keep your client in the loop in their order, they will likely not work with you again.

3. Focus on solving a problem, not selling a product.

Promotional products provide a unique and effective way to solve marketing problems. Whether your client wants to incentivize people to come in on a specific day or draw attention to an exciting addition to their business, promo products can make these happen!
Let’s say your client has won an award and wants to promote their five-star rating. You could cover the basics like pens and mugs by creating a special five-star line, but you could go even farther by gifting employees a special pin or other wearable items. The mugs and pens used by the client’s customers provide repeated exposure to the message that they won the award. The wearable item does the same thing but also helps the employees themselves feel that their effort is being recognize

4. Make yourself an expert through experience.

Your customer should never feel like they can get the same information you provide them from a simple Google search. While there is plenty of information out there on promotional products, there is something you have that will always be more valuable than any information search engines can provide: experience. Get as much experience as possible, especially early on in your career. That way, you’ll be able to go to a prospective client and say – with confidence – that you have experience in circumstances similar to theirs and you know what to do to help them.

5. Ask for referrals.

Referrals are some of the most powerful and effective ways to get new business. Once you’ve had a successful experience with someone, ask if they know anyone else who could also benefit from your services. Though it may feel awkward at first, referrals are an essential part of growing your business.

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