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Most Popular Promotional Items of 2021

What Were the Most Popular Promotional Items of 2021?

With another year under our belts, the experts at Kaeser & Blair took a look at some of the most popular promo items of 2021. Check out our top list of promotional products from the last year below. Did you sell any of these this year?

Branded Masks

Considering the events of the last two years, this promo item doesn’t surprise anyone. The likely won’t disappear completely any time soon, so many companies have jumped on the trend of branding masks for their employees or customers.

Eco-Friendly Products

Shopping sustainably is important. When products are made from recycled materials or are able to be recycled easily after use, they are more likely to be sold to a younger audience. These can include reusable water bottles, notebooks made from recycled material, and bamboo utensils.


Year after year, outerwear continues to sell well. After all, they tend to have a very high retention rate. If you were given a nice fleece jacket or cozy sweatshirt, you would likely keep it. In fact, according to, “promotional outerwear is kept by consumers for an average of 16 months.”


Much like outerwear, people keep high-quality t-shirts for months. The shirts that get the highest retention rate are those with unique designs that showcase the client’s creativity and individuality.

Work from Home Products

Much like branded masks, branded products that help you work from home more effectively are more likely to be kept for a longer period of time. These products can include anything from desk organizers to computer cables.

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