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Why is Working from Home More Productive?

Working from home is the dream of many Americans. Many actually find themselves more productive working on their own terms and on their own schedule. Is there a reason for this? According to the Harvard Business Review, most people are able to focus far more when working from home.

Believe it or not, traditional offices can be incredibly distracting. If you’re someone who needs a quiet place to concentrate, you wouldn’t be very productive if the person across the cubicle wall is on the phone all day. When working from home, you’re able to more easily control the distractions around you.

In addition to controlling distractions, working from home also allows you to control your schedule. For example, if you’re an early bird who finds you are your most productive in the morning, you’re able to get up early and get your work done sooner.

Working remotely also has employees working more hours than in a standard office. Often, people who work from home take shorter breaks and can get things done even on sick days.

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