Sales and Marketing Tips

Whether you’ve just started your sales career or have been at it for years, learning ways to be successful at it are always helpful. When done correctly, sales and marketing can make all the difference for your business. Not a salesperson at heart? Fear not! You can teach yourself what to do and best practices to follow. Learn how to make the most of your sales career with these sales and marketing tips.

Tips for Improving Your Sales and Marketing

Sell the benefit, not features.

Don’t zoom right into why your products or services are better than the competition. Instead, focus your sales message on how they can make your customer’s life better. Leave comparison (why your prices and/or quality is better) to the marketing side of things. Successful selling is about taking a client-first approach. During sales meetings, the features can be highlighted but the benefits should shine.

Be a good listener.

You may be an expert on your product or service, but your customers are experts in their own businesses. They know their customers best. While you may have an idea of what products would be ideal, take some time to really listen. Try to think like their target audience and do a little research. Come up with product recommendations based on your findings.

Think outside the box.

The internet is an unlimited resource for marketing your business. There’s social media and websites, of course. But explore other opportunities such as influencers, guest blogging or podcasting, online video marketing, crowdsourcing, thought leadership, loyalty programs, brand partnerships, and much more!

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