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promotion vs giveaway

Giveaways vs. Promotions: What’s the Difference?

Industry-specific terms can be confusing for both clients and new promotional products dealers. When your client contacts you, there’s a good chance you’ll ask them what they need the products for. In fact, in order to serve them entirely, you must understand what they are actually looking for and what they’ll use the products for.

Your client may say they are using the product for a new promotion, but when you more fully understand the campaign, you may realize they are actually doing a giveaway. Dealers must understand the huge difference between the two because even though they both have to do with branded items, the desired result from the end user is different.

What is a giveaway?

A branded giveaway is an item that is simply given to the public with nothing needed in return. The benefit is brand recognition. For example, a frisbee given out at a school football game might have the school logo along with a sponsor’s logo.

What is a promotion?

A promotion is a calculated plan with the desired outcome. A successful promotion will accomplish objectives set out by a client. It can act as a motivator to get the end user to take a specific action, or it can serve as a form of recognition to thank the end user for something they have done.

What do I do with this information?

To determine what quotes on branded items you should provide to your client, begin asking questions to help funnel their information so you can come up with products that make sense and have the desired outcome. Determine if they are looking for a giveaway or a promotion, then ask them the following questions:

  • What is the objective this branded item should have?
  • Who is the end user of the branded item?
  • When and where will the end user receive the item?

Once these questions are addressed, a strategic campaign can be planned and the client can review the quotes you offer as solutions.

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