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Kaeser & Blair Dealer Support

How K&B Helped Me Place My First Order

I was extremely nervous when I began my journey of selling promotional products. I kept thinking to myself, “How am I going to make my first sale? How am I going to know what to do once I have confirmed my first sale? Since I don’t have a boss or manager, is there someone who can help me place my first order?” Fortunately, Kaeser & Blair’s support was right behind me the entire time, ready to guide me through the entire process.

The Kaeser & Blair support team is a great tool that even the seasoned veteran dealers use. They may not use it as much as I do as a new business owner, but they are there for anyone who may need their assistance, including support in finding specific products. Kaeser & Blair’s support was able to help me make educated and accurate suggestions to my clients which helped me move towards my first sale. They were able to get me quick options and accurate pricing and shipping times on any items I needed. Once my client and I settled on the product details, it was time to begin my first order!

I have to admit, entering my first order came with some anxiety. Not because of the difficulties, but because it was my first client order, and no one wants to mess that up. So, I reached out to Kaeser & Blair’s support. Their support team was able to walk me through the process and make sure everything was accurate, from product details to client information, they were there for me. They alleviated my anxiety, and I was able to send my order off with no worries at all that something was incorrect.

My experience with their support team has been nothing but positive. Whether I pick up the phone to give them a call, or simply send them an email, Kaeser & Blair support always responds. They have given me a tremendous amount of help and they will be there for you as well.